Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0

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Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 Review Facts

The Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 is an evolutionary step forward from the first version of this multi-use apparatus. There are now beefed up 3 x 3-inch beams across the top of the unit to make it even more rigid. The outside of the uprights now has 2 inches on center holes for greater bar placement options.

This unit is a hybrid of the Infinity and Monster series of rigs. This makes it the ideal fit for the person looking for a less beefy version of the Monster that offers more rigidity than the Infinity.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel upright framing

Two-inch center holes on the outside of the uprights

Infinite expansion possibilities

Colorful, bright options

Super versatile, plenty of accessories available

Very safe

Updated 70" single pull-up bar


No plate holders​

Very pricey


Two-inch on center hole spacings on the outside of the upright bars allow you to add on attachment units as well as providing more bar options. The rig does not come with plate holders as standard, which is a bit of a disappointment. The spotter's arms or any other safety rig is also not included in the pack, so you will have to buy those as well. They will cost you an extra hundred or so dollars for four. When you purchase a rig from Rogue you become eligible for free delivery. One very interesting feature is the choice of colors you have. Usually, Rogue products only come in their standard black color thanks to the black powder coat, but here you get a choice of a myriad of vibrant colors to liven up your gym! They still have the coating, a different type though, but it's as protective as the powder one. A pair of monster lite j-cups comes with your order, and they are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear damage. Six pull-up stations decorate the frame, while two single pull-up bars give you the chance to work on your upper body strength.


The Monster Lite Rig features Rogue’s toughest steel framing, with 3 x 3-inch square 11 gauge tubing and ⅝ inch hardware. The key difference between this unit and the more hardcore Monster is that the hardware (bolts, etc) on the Monster Lite are ⅝ inch, whereas those on the Monster are 1 inch. This makes the Monster more solid and secure when compared to other Rogue's rigs, and unless you’re going to be throwing around ridiculous amounts of weight though, that difference should not be a safety factor. The j-cups are steel as well, with protective plastic shells that keep your frames safe from chipping, and the knurling your barbells intact. Every little piece of hardware is coated with the black-powder, or with colorful, glossy coats and shiny zinc coats.


Rogue is known for creating super hardy products, and the Monster Lite Rig is just like that. The 11gauge steel hardware will support up to 1000 pounds, giving you the chance to work with as much weight as you want. The j-cups are mighty too, supporting all of the weight from the barbells you decide to hang on them. The hardware is protected by a variety of coats, either jet black coats or vibrant colorful ones. These coats are equally durable, keeping away cuts and abrasion, and rust and corrosion as well. The monster lite rig comes with a lifetime warranty, and even if something does manage to break or stop working, you are given peace of mind with the chance to replace those parts whenever you feel like it.


Speaking of durability, one thing we feel we should definitely talk about more is that coating. As most Rogue items, the Monster Lite Rig 2.0 has that lovely jet black powder-coat. This coat guards it against all kinds of trouble, rust and corrosion included. But the fun doesn't stop here, as Rogue gives you the chance to choose a color that suits your personal preferences the most! The shiny vibrant frames are guarded with a glossy coat reminiscent of satin. You will likely see every mark and weld on the steel if you choose this coat though, but that's a natural part of welding and it shouldn't scare you into thinking there's something wrong with your item. These coats keep your rig safe from water and sweat, but you will still have to wipe the unit down every time you're done using it, making sure to remove every last droplet of sweat from the coating! Sweat is quite corrosive, more so than water is, and it can cause a great deal of trouble to your rig if you just leave it like that. Chalk is also problematic, since the main function if it is to soak up the moisture from your hands, but it will do the opposite when left on the frame, attracting moisture in and potentially damaging your precious rig!


The Monster lite rig is truly a monster. The sheer size of this unit is enough to scare some people off, but it's easy to adjust your home to it once you realize that this rig is the only thing you will need to have a fully functional home gym! The rig is 6' wide and 9' tall and 4'+6' long, and that's just the M-10! The M-14, M-20, and M-20 all grow exponentially in length, as more and more parts are added onto the basic frame. This gives you a lot of room to exercise in, and plenty of options to expand your fitness equipment collection, but it really does take up a lot of room! It can fit neatly into your garage if the ceilings are high enough, and the spacious walk-in room is a fair trade-off for the length of the rig!


As we said, the Monster Lite Rig 2.0 is gigantic, even the smallest one, and thus it absolutely has to be bolted to the floor. When bolted to the floor this will provide you with a great deal of rigidity and strength. But deciding to go against this recommendation and just having it stand there freely is a poor decision, as you will likely end up with a unit that has damaged your floors, the machines that were on it, and God forbid you! You absolutely have to bolt down the lite rig to the floor, as the size and weight of it are not enough to keep it stable.


If you want to remain safe when using this rig, please remember that you absolutely have to bolt it down to the ground! This will keep it stable and prevent it from toppling down on your head. One more thing you can do to make the Monster Lite Rig even safer is going for the spotter's arms, Matador arms, or the pin and pipe set. Let's say that you like working out alone, without anyone there to bother you as you tackle down weights that keep increasing. This can be problematic, as anyone can misjudge their strength and end up being pinned down by heavyweights with no one there to rescue them from the situation! The addition of any of these systems is there to prevent situations such as these from happening in the first place, and they are not too pricey either, so we recommend you get these accessories if you care for your safety!


The one thing that the Monster Lite Rig 2.0 definitely isn't is portable. As we mentioned many times before, you must bolt the rig down to the floor, and once you do that there's no moving it around anymore! Truth be told, the rig is really heavy and large, so even if you didn't bolt it, moving it around would still be problematic. If you absolutely must move it someplace else, you will need to take it apart and remove the bolts from the ground, and then take it part by part to where you want it to be. So really make sure that you have enough room for this rig, and that you are definitely decided on where you want it to be because once it sticks to that floor there's no going back!


Monster Lite Rig 2.0 can be customized to your space and user requirements. It will instantly create multiple bench press and squat stations as well as pull up platforms. As with the other models in the Rogue rig range, it is available in four sizes (10’, 14’, 20’ and 24’). These allow from between 2 and 6 squat racks and between 6 and 14 pull up bars. The unit can be continually expanded by 4-foot x 6-foot section to provide you with an infinite number of possibilities.


The Monster Lite Rig 2.0 is super-expandable and highly-versatile, boasting durability and high-quality like flags. This is why you shouldn't expect the rig to be cheap, or anywhere near cheap for the matter of fact. The Monster Lite Rig 2.0 is very pricey, going up to around two thousand dollars, and that's without any accessory counted in the price! This is really a lot of money, and it can considerably chip your budget. The rig is for serious users who are absolutely sure they want a long-lasting excellent rig so they will be willing to give this kind of money for it. There are affordable versions of this product, but you will likely have to sacrifice a lot if you end up going for those!

The Final Word

The Rogue Monster Lite Rig is a hardcore rig and rack system that provides you with some heavy-hitting gym functionality. It is a bridging unit between Rogue’s most popular rig, the Infinity, and it’s the beefiest model, the Monster 2.0. Advanced trainers who are looking to set up a hardcore unit for multiple users will find that the Monster Lite Rig more than meets their needs.

For those who are looking for a single user entry-level into the power rack market, the Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack is a good option. If your needs are for a pared-down version of the Monster Lite, consider the CFF 14’ Rig and Rack system or the Infinity System.