10 Benefits of the Bulgarian Squat

updated January 1, 2019


bulgarian split squat

Below are ten Bulgarian squat benefits or reasons to add the squat into your exercise routine:

squat flexibility and balance

source: http://www.wholeliving.com/

#1 – The Bulgarian Squat, which Features an Elevated Rear Leg, Enhances Hip flexibility and Balance

Just as yoga is used to stretch muscles in the buttocks and legs, the addition of an elevated rear leg in the Bulgarian squat results in better hip flexion and balance. By adding this squat into your bodybuilding regimen you not only will become stronger, but you will also be able to maneuver your body so it moves through the various motions of other bodybuilding movements with added ease. Advanced training involves the use of single leg work in order to develop leverage and balance.

split squat sports

source http://www.bodybuilding.com

#2 – The Bulgarian Squat Position Enables You to Develop the Same Form That is Used in Other Athletics and Sports

Many sports and workout routines require that the exerciser place one leg extended in front of the other. The Bulgarian split squat makes it possible for you to easily participate in such activities as baseball, soccer, gymnastics, and football with less chance for injury.

source http://www.bodybuilding.com

#3 – Load Can be Increased Without the Need to Compress the Back

While other kinds of squats cause you to compress your spine during the movement, the Bulgarian split squat is an exception to the rule. This is one of the benefits of the Bulgarian split squat that is recognized by people with sore backs.

source http://bodybuilding.com

#4 – The Bulgarian Split Leg Squat Enables You to Build our Grip

Something that is lacking in other kinds of squats, this is another one of the lauded benefits of the Bulgarian split squat technique.

source: http://martamontenegro.com/

#5 – The Squat Get you Strong and Bigger – Fast!

Because the Bulgarian split squat enables your body to get into an anabolic state or muscle-building state faster, more testosterone is released, thereby causing the muscles to build mass faster – one of the Bulgarian split squat benefits that are hard to ignore.

source: http://t-nation.com

#6 – The Squat is a Fat Burner

Building muscles is the quickest way to burn fat. The body can burn up to 70 calories daily for each extra pound of muscle that is developed. Therefore, a small gain, such as 10 pounds, can cause the body to burn as much as 700 calories each day.

source: http://pinterest.com

#7 – The Chance for Injury is Reduced

Because the squat increases flexibility, the potential for injury is significantly reduced.

#8 – You Develop Better Abs.

The squat tones the whole body, including the backside and stomach. The full-body exercise is a better choice to make than crunches for developing six-pack abs.

#9 – The Exercise Helps You Run Faster

Stronger legs produced by the squat will give you an edge when it comes to running or jogging.

source: http://myfitnesspal.com

#10 – The Bulgarian Split Leg Squat is Safe

Anyone who practices the squat and uses the proper form will not suffer from knee or back pain.

The best part about the Bulgarian split squat is that you don’t really need a power rack unless you’re doing very heavy weight. If you are doing heavy you can read about our power rack reviews here.


Also known as the rear foot elevated split squat, the Bulgarian split squat does not strongly resemble either the front or back squat routines. However, this form of a squat exercise certainly strengthens the legs and makes them bigger. When the squat is done correctly, one of the Bulgarian squat benefits includes relieving compression on the spine.

bulgarian split squat