Rogue RML-3W Foldback Wall Mount Rack

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Rogue RML-3W Foldback Wall Mount Rack Review Facts

We all know that Rogue Fitness has become the masters when it comes to solid, dependable and rugged home use power racks. But what about when it comes to foldable wall mount racks? Rogue’s challenge in designing the RML-3W Foldback was to come up with a foldable wall mount rack that didn’t compromise on integrity the way that most other foldable do.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Rogue RML-3W Foldback to see how successful they were.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very solid

Hinge and pin foldback design

Lifetime warranty

Highly adjustable

Very safe hinge-and-pin system

Durable, powder-coated finish

UHMW Plastic Caps to protect the floor


Difficult to install


The RML-3W wall mount was proudly made in the USA, in Rogue's state of the art facilities. It is made out of 3x3" 11-gauge steel, laser-cut and precisely welded. These precision welds are then carefully inspected, weld by weld, to ensure there are zero errors. This promises both durability and safety! Every other attachable piece for this foldable mount is also made out of steel, making this unit very sturdy. The j-cups have specialized protective plastic inserts, that guard both the mount and the weights you decide to place on them. Every piece is then individually coated by Rogue's signature black powder zinc coat, which prevents moisture from affecting the structure of the steel.


The RML-3W is a very sturdy unit, and it's all thanks to how it was made and what was used to create it. Rogue offer their famous lifetime warranty on this wall mount, giving you total peace of mind.​ The super thick 11-gauge steel will never bend or warp, as it is rated to 1000 pounds, tested over and over again so that the creators are absolutely sure it can withstand an insane amount of weight. You will probably never put over 1000 pounds on the mount, but if you ever get close to that number, there's no need to worry as the rig will not collapse. The unique system used to collapse this mount is rock-steady and it will not break when you're done using the mount and fold it away, no matter how many times you decide to repeat that motion. The black powder coating only makes the mount stronger! Rogue also offers their signature lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind if anything does go wrong.


The RML-3W foldback rack features Rogue’s unique pin and hinge system in order to provide the ultimate in structural integrity on a foldback. This system is somehow tough to install but it's rock solid. When combined with the thick 3 x 3 inch, 11 gauge framing of the RML-3W it provides you with the power you need to squat and bench securely. RML-3W foldback rack is available in either of two depths - 21.5 inches and 41.5 inches. Your unit comes with a quick attach pull up bar and a set of Monster Lite J-cups. This rack uses the Westside hole pattern, allowing you to maximize your bar placement during the bench press. The RML-3W is compatible with other Monster lite rigs, giving you plenty of options to expand the collection of accessories!


The RML-3W is expertly protected with the aforementioned black powder-coat finish. Not only does this give the mount a sleek, urban look, but it also protects it from all kinds of damage, starting with corrosion. Corrosion and rusting are the biggest problems of most steel units, as they ruin their look and damage the construction, making them unsafe. The powder-coat stops all of that from happening, keeping moisture away from the surprisingly fragile steel. Your mount is also safe from abrasions, bumps, and cuts, but you can chip away the coat with barbells or weight plates, so be careful there (although the j-cups pretty much stop that from happening altogether). Also, you must remember to wipe down the unit after you're done using it if moisture got on the surface. This will keep the coat functional for a longer time. Remove any trace of chalk from the mount, if you use it of course, since chalk attracts moisture, and that moisture can become trapped under the chalk, creating a possible hazard for the steel.


​If you are operating in a very constricted space, the 21.5 depth will still allow for squats and deadlifts while also letting you get your car into the garage. The sides of the rack position flush against the wall when you swing them inwards. The 41.5-inch depth is ideal if you are planning on performing gymnastic type movements within the rack. When not in use, this foldback rack will take up just five inches of space from the wall. That means that you can have a world-class Rogue rack in your garage AND be able to park your car. Most Rogue units are pretty huge, and this mount would have been the same if not for the fold-away feature! The mount is 56.1875 inches long, and 90.375 tall when you fold it out, so you will only have to make sure that you have enough room to unfold it. Once you're done using it, that's it - it becomes a flat pancake on your wall!


The RML-3W is not a portable unit, but why should it be? There's no need to roll this mount around since it's going to be stuck to the wall. And the rack is quite compact as well compared to other Rogue units. But if you ever wish to move the rack to somewhere else, you might have some slight issues. You will need to find a solid, thick wall that is able to support all of that weight, plus the installation process is long, although not that difficult, so having to do that all over again might be a bit problematic! You must be absolutely sure about where you want the rack to be because once you bolt it down there's no going back!


You might worry about the safety of the RML-3W, considering it's foldable. Can a unit that can be folded away have joints that are strong enough to support your weight and the weight of the plates? If this wasn't Rogue, the answer would probably be no, but luckily, this is a very secure and stable unit that is sure to withstand all of that weight and moving around! This is all made possible thanks to the hinge-and-pin system. The pins lock down the rack in place and let it function as you regular, run-of-the-mill rack. This means that you can squat and bench and literally jump on the frame without worrying about it collapsing on you!


The RML-3W is both versatile and not. It's versatile because you can place barbells on it, no matter if you're squatting or benching, meaning that you can work on your whole body with ease. You can also buy a stringer, that allows you to change the depth of the rack, so you have enough room to support whatever exercise you decide to try next. But there aren't that many accessories available for this unit - the stringer is the only thing you can choose from the drop-down menu, which is still enough for most people. However, the RML-3W is compatible with other Monster Lite units, so there's a lot to add to the rack! You will just have to order separately, which might be meticulous to some people.


Considering how unique and versatile the RML-3W is, it has a surprisingly low price-point. Rogue fitness usually creates products that are quite pricey, thanks to their high-quality and lifetime warranty, but this mid-range priced wall mount is all of that and pretty affordable! You won't have to save up for ages if you want to buy this mount. This is what made it so popular, and why many users seek out this particular mount. The stringer is not included in the set though, but it only costs a fraction of the total price of the RML-3W, and we highly recommend you get it as well!


The RML-3W is highly adjustable. For starters, you can fold and unfold the unit as you wish, which is what makes it so special in the first place. In addition, you can also change the depth of the mount, giving you the chance to do all kinds of exercises. You do need to purchase the stringer that allows you to do this though, as it is not included in the order itself. Just head on to the drop-down menu and choose what you need, and voila! A perfectly adjustable wall mount.

The Final Word

The Rogue RML-3W Foldback Power Rack has managed to combine Rogue’s trademark toughness with the convenience of a foldable to allow for ultimate space efficiency. The hinge and pin system used here is quick, easy and reliable. In fact, there is no noticeable loss of rigidity between this unit and the Rogue Monster Lite freestanding units. That makes this an excellent investment for those wanting to fold their rack away after use. The mount is a bit difficult to install, and once you lock it down you won't exactly be able to move it around. This is not a problem though since it's practically invisible when you fold it away! It also has an excellent price point, so we do recommend you get it if you're looking for a wall mount that is sturdy and versatile!