Rogue R6 Power Rack

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Rogue R6 Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue R-6 Power Rack is a beefed-up version of the R-4 standard rack. It has had a pair of uprights added for greater integrity as well as half a dozen plate storage pegs. This all adds up to a more versatile, sturdier and more heavy-duty rack than the R-4. Throw in the Westside hole spacing design and band pegs and you have a very impressive rack that will be just as at home in a commercial gym as your garage gym basement.

In this article, we go in-depth on the Rogue R-6 Power Rack.

Editor's Pros & Cons

2 x 3 inch, 11-gauge steel

Extra pair of uprights

6 x plate storage pegs

5/8" diameter laser-cut holes and heavy-duty hardware

Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar and an X-43 Multi-Grip Bar included

Lifetime Warranty


Very bulky

Framing not as thick as Rogue Monster series


The Rogue R-6 is made from 2 inches by 3 inches, 11-gauge square steel on 90-inch uprights. This alone shows you just how amazingly made the R6 power rack is, but Rogue wasn't quite done here! Every weld and cut was inspected carefully to make sure there are absolutely zero errors here. After that, every part is individually coated with Rogues signature black powder coat finish, to give it durability and a sleek look. The j-cups are steel as well, but they come with protective plastic inserts that make them stronger and more durable!


The Rogue R6 is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. The very first thing we feel should mention is the addition of six more places to store your weight plates, to save even more space. This gives you even more ways to use the weights since you will have more to work with. It also has two double plate posts and four single plate posts made to hold Olympic plates. A multi-grip bar and a fat or skinny pull-up bar are included in the package, which makes the R6 function almost like a standalone gym. You can also choose to buy additional weight plates and a bench, and even more, bars to work with. This will up the cost of the rig though, but if you just want to buy a whole gym in one place, then this is what you're looking for!


Whereas the vast majority of racks provide you with four uprights, with this rack you get six uprights, which greatly enhances the structural integrity of the unit. The Westside hole pattern provides you with plenty of bar placement choice. You get maximum space and storage on Rogue R-6. The inside depth is more than six feet, so you get plenty of walk-in space. The six plate storage pegs allow you to keep your gym area safe and clean, while also boosting the rigidity of the rack. The heavy gauge hardware all comes in 5/8 inch diameter, along with laser-cut holes. The rack is also compatible with all of the Rogue Infinity series attachments, including the Matador for doing dips and the vertical bar hanger.


The pin-pipe safeties that come as standard with this unit are very rigid, providing you with a secure safety spotter when you are training on your own. The j-cups have the plastic inserts and covers, making them remarkably strong. The power rack can withstand up to 1000 pounds, which is much more than most of us will lift in our lifetime, so don't ever worry about overloading this one! You do need to bolt down the rig though, simply because of its sheer size and the amount of weight it will hold. Do not forget this vital step unless you want the whole thing falling on you while you're exercising! You can also get the strap safety system with the power rack, making this product one of their safest items yet!


Let's face the facts here - the R6 is a truly massive machine! The complete unit is 90 inches tall, providing you with plenty of room for overhead pressing and pull up work. But this height can be troublesome for a lot of people looking for a proper power rack. It's hard enough to find room for a product which is 70" tall, let alone 90! The rig is 76" long, and 47" wide, which makes it one of the biggest machines Rogue has ever produced. This does give you a lot of room to work inside of it, and around it, but you will truly need to find a big spot for it inside your home. If you do not have a lot of space, you will need to find a smaller item! The power rack also weighs 300 pounds, so not only is it massive, but it's also quite heavy, and you will probably need some helping hands to help you assemble the whole thing together!


Although the R-6 is large, it is incredibly stable. The j-cups and the 11-gauge steel frame give the construction plenty of stability, but the whole thing weighs 300 pounds, and the risk of it falling over is real here! This is why you absolutely have to bolt down the power rack - no exceptions. If you don't, you create a very risky environment to exercise in, and that's the last thing you need. The anchor kit is not included in the package though, so you will need to buy that and all the additional hardware separately. The R6 is already a pretty pricey unit, and although the kit is not that pricey itself, it might put some people off the idea of getting the R6.


The one thing every Rogue product has is excellent durability, and the R6 is no different than that. The 11-gauge steel is extremely hardy, and it will withstand everything you throw at it. The J-cups and safety pins, no matter how small, are made out of that very same precision-cut steel, and they can withstand massive amounts of weight without bending or breaking. The addition of the plastic inserts make the j-cups even harder, so don't ever worry about them breaking down. The signature black powder coat finish seals the steel and prevents moisture from going in, protecting the rig from corrosion and abrasions. And lastly, the R6 has that Rogue lifetime warranty, so even if something does wrong, you can always get the replacement!

Moisture Resistance

The R6 will definitely resist all kind of weather out there, including your corrosive sweat. And we have that black-powder finish to thank for keeping the R6, alongside with every other Rogue product ever, safe and sound. The coating repels water and sweat particles away from the steel, minimizing the risk of corrosion and rust. This lengthens the life of your rig and makes it safer to use. You will still need to wipe down the R6 to remove every water particle, and if you use chalk, do not forget to wipe that down either, as it invites moisture in! You can probably put the R6 outdoors without worrying too much about the effects of the rain and the fluctuating temperatures on it, but it's still better to put it inside if you have the room.


Rogue does really create some marvelous machines but they are usually very costly. You can find some affordable rigs, but they will lack most of the features other products have. The R6 is a pricey unit, but it's quite understandable why. It does come equipped with plenty of storage, with excellent safety and a lifetime warranty, after all! But if you want some of the accessories which are shown on the pictures, like the bench or the plates, you will need to order them alongside the R6, as they are not included in the package. This makes the R6 even pricier, and it can really chip your budget unless you save up for it!


The Rogue brand is one of the most widely-recognized fitness brands out there, and it's all for a good reason. They really do create some of the best fitness equipment out there, and they have the following to prove it. The Rogue brand was brought into life in 2007, in the United States Of America. The reason why Rogue was created is that one very smart man was trying to find equipment for his Crossfit gym. After failing to find everything he needed in one spot, he decided it's time to create a website and a store which will provide people with everything they need. So, the Rogue brand was created. But he realized that is not enough, so he started creating his own gym equipment. And he got it down really well, showing products with great quality and excellent features!

The Final Word

The Rogue R-6 Power Rack is the ideal rack for those who want more functionality and robustness than you’d get with the R-4. The cost is that it will take up more floor space, but the pay-off is an amazingly sturdy rack that will deliver all the power that you could ask for in a home gym rack. It has a lifetime warranty that will protect it from damage, and the black-powder coat makes it even harder. The R6 is a really pricey machine though, and if you're looking for a budget power rack, you may need to search further!