ASO Ankle Brace Review 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

ASO ankle stabilizers are the number one choice of sports medicine professionals the world over. ASO stands for Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis and offers a superior method of support than strapping or wrapping with tape. That’s why it’s been chosen by over 250 universities and pro teams throughout the USA.

In this article, we go in depth on the four premiere sellers in the ASO range, and then compare them with the best of the rest on the market.

The Best of the ASO Range

ASO began with just a single innovative ankle brace. They have now extended their range to cater for every market segment. In this section, we review their four most popular products:

In the following section, we compare three popular ASO alternatives; ACE Deluxe Ankle Brace, Active Ankle T2 Brace and the Shock Doctor 851 Ankle Brace.

#1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle abilizer is the original ASO product. It features nylon stabilizing straps which place a restriction on inversion or eversion ankle motion, movements which often lead to injury, especially when running. The ballistic nylon boot construction makes this an extremely durable, yet lightweight brace. This greatly increases the longevity over other construction materials such as neoprene. The brace is a bilateral design, so can be used on either the left or right foot.

The non stretch stabilizing straps of the ASO Ankle stabilizer simulate the basketweave technique used to apply athletic tape, providing the rigidity of tape, without the hassle. The heel is effectively locked in place to enhance plantar protection. A unique aspect of the ASO is that you are able to retighten the straps at any time without having to take off the shoe. Furthermore, the low profile design makes it suitable for all types of footwear.


  • Non stretch stabilizing straps
  • Ballistic nylon construction
  • Low profile design


  • No refund policy

#2. ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO EVO Stabilizer has all of the extra support features of the original ASP stabilizer but adds an inner stirrup strap and an ankle cuff. This provides even greater protection against inversion and eversion ankle injuries when running. The dynamic cuff boosts the stability and support you need when you are recovering from an ankle injury. It also allows you to continue training without discomfort. In addition, the inner stirrup strap affords maximum protection against heel displacement injuries.

The ballistic nylon design of ASO EVO Stabilizer support gives you a superior level of strength and rigidity, ensuring that it will last for years. The plastic cuff provides you with high ankle injury protection and can be easily adjusted without having to take off your shoe. This product is bidirectional so will fit either foot. It is made in the USA under strict manufacturing conditions, so you can be assured of the quality.


  • Inner stirrup strap
  • Dynamic cuff
  • High ankle support


  • A little bulky

#3. ASO Speed Lacer

Speed Lacer

The ASO Speed Lacer deliver all of the benefits that users expect from an ASO product with the additional factor of speed of application and release. The speed lace closure allows you to get the support and off in a matter of seconds. It features very secure stabilizing straps which are wrapped in a Figure 8 pattern, simulating wrapping tape.

The straps on the ASO Speed Lacer are enforced with a plastic cuff enclosure to provide the extra rigidity that ensures a tight fit to improve compression and increase oxygen and blood flow to the affected area. The breathable construction materials means that the boot will stay airy and moisture will be wicked away. You’ll also have no problems with odor or bacteria build up.

The low profile design makes it suitable for all shoes types. Strong velcro closures support the lacing and cuff systems.


  • Very fast on /off application
  • Breathable materials
  • Plastic cuff enclosure


  • Sizing chart is unreliable

#4. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

high quality Ankle Stabilizer

The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer is designed to allow some movement of the ankle but it has a special lace up design that prevents excessive rolling, thus reducing the risk of an inversion or eversion. This is one the most popular ankle stabilizers in the world and is especially popular with people who are trying to get back into normal activity but who want to take reasonable steps to prevent re-injury. It features velcro-style velcro straps that can easily be re-tightened even if you’re wearing a athletic shoe.These figure 8 straps support the ankle in a neutral position in order to prevent an eversion or inversion ankle injury.

The Med Spec ASO Ankle stabilizer is an ideal alternative for people who are used to ting their ankles. The brace comes with medial and lateral stays to enhance the overall level of support that you get with this brace. Removable plastic stays enhance protection against a repeated ankle sprain. This brace is made in the USA under strict manufacturing conditions.


  • Stabilizing Straps
  • Elastic cuff closure
  • Low profile
  • Bilateral design
  • Ballistic nylon boot


  • Difficult to put on

Alternatives to ASO

In this section, we offer three alternatives to the ASO range; ACE Deluxe Ankle Brace, Active Ankle Brace and the Ultra Ankle Brace. We’ll highlight their strengths and compare them to the best of ASO.

ACE Ankle Deluxe

slimline Ankle Stabilizer

The ACE Ankle Deluxe stabilizer is a more slimline, simple unit than any of the ASO models we reviewed. It features a slip on sleeve with open heel. Just like the ASO Ankle stabilizer orthosis with inserts, it provides side stays to ensure that the ankle remains properly aligned as you go about your daily activities. This brace fits comfortably into any shoe. The open heel design makes it more breathable than anything in the ASO line.

The ACE Ankle Deluxe stabilizer features adjustable closures that allow you to control the level of support and compression that is applied to the ankle. The lightweight, breathable material prevents moisture build up and sweat slippage.

ACE Ankle supports are among the most well known and respected on the market. Find out how good they really are with our ACE Ankle Brace Review 2019 feature article.


  • Open heel design
  • Easy on / off
  • Adjustable closures


  • Too loose on small ankles

Active Ankle T2

Active Ankle Ankle Brace

The Active Ankle T2 brace provides a quick fitting single strap design that is augmented with a performance hinge system. This provides almost unlimited range of movement while providing the rigidity that you need to support an injury. The T2 has built in EVA padding which contours to the ankle to provide a very comfortable fit. The lightweight design makes this strap ideal for use with most shoe types.

The Active Ankle T2’s anatomical bilateral hinge does a great job of minimizing the effects of strains and sprains, as it allows for a complete range of motion while still delivering maximum support. This is an ideal support if you are a player of sports like basketball, volleyball, football, soccer and softball.

The Futuro brand of ankle supports are a favorite among athletes. Find out why with our Futuro Ankle Brace Review 2019 feature article, which compares their 4 top sellers with the best of the competition.


  • Performance hinge design
  • Built in EVA Padding
  • Allows for complete range of motion


  • A little clunky to wear

Shock Doctor 851

Ultra Wrap Ankle Brace

The Shock Doctor 851 is a very solid ankle support that features a unique silicone gripper pattern on the sole to deliver better gripping ability than any of the ASO braces. This brace combines velcro strapping with a lace up system. The strap wrapping system is adjustable, allowing you to control the level of compression applied to the area. It features an anatomical footbed with an open heel design.

The Shock Doctor 851 provides you with the rigidity and stability you need without having to tape the ankle. The pre curved tongue and ergonomic design ensure a very comfortable fit. Low profile lacing loops help you to get the brace on and off more quickly. This brace is made for people with moderate to severe ankle injury.

For a complete overview of the premium ankle braces on the 2019 market, don’t go past our Best Ankle Braces Review 2019 mega feature article.


  • Low profile
  • Odor elimination technology
  • Performance Level 3 protection


  • Seams not reinforced


ASO ankle braces are well respected for the superior level of support they afford. The premium product in their range is the Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer, which provides non stretch stabilizing straps for a very secure fit on a low profile design. The ASO EVO Stabilizer adds the extra element of an inner stirrup strap and dynamic cuff for high ankle support. The AVO Speed Lacer provides an enhanced lace up system for faster on / off ability.

When it comes to alternatives to the AVO range, we really like the ACE Ankle Deluxe, which provides a slimline design for easy on / off and features side stabilizer stays. The Active Ankle T2 Brace provides a performance hinge design and built in EVA Padding.

Finally, the Shock Doctor 851 features a silicone gripper pattern sole, odor elimination technology and Performance Level 3 protection.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Our #1. Recommendation

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

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