Best Volleyball Ankle Braces Reviewed

Updated January 11, 2019

Ankle sprains are the most common recreational sports injury, and the sport that features top of the list is indoor volleyball. That makes it imperative that your ankles are protected with the best support braces available when you’re on the court. Braces may look very similar, but the quality can vary widely. In this article, we focus in on the top braces to protect and support your ankles while playing volleyball.

The Best Volleyball Braces at a Glance

Our top rated volleyball ankle support is the ShockDoctor 849, which delivers adjustable compression, enhanced stability and freedom of motion. We also love the McDavid 195, which provides an extremely secure 6 figure strapping system and single layer of polyester for a secure, streamlined fit.

Our third favorite volleyball ankle guard is the Bracoo breathable, which is extremely lightweight and breathable and offers excellent lateral and medial support.

To make is easier for you to compare the top rated braces, we’ve rated each product on the basis of price and effectiveness and then given an overall rating out of 5. In the next section, we provide in depth reviews of each product.

The Top 9 Volleyball Ankle Braces In Depth

ShockDoctor 849

The Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel is a high performance brace that has been designed to enhance flexibility and range of motion while also providing max protection for the heel and ankle. The non slip silicone footbed guarantees that you’ll get a firm grip every time you come back down from a spike.

The high profile lace up securing system delivers a good level of compression to fast track nutrients and oxygen to feed your cells. Getting the support on and off is quick and easy thanks to the easy on finger tabs. This brace provides you with Maximum Level 3 protection, making it the ideal support to allow you to keep playing while you’re recovering from moderate to major ankle and heel injury.


  • Gel cushioning
  • Non slip silicone footbed
  • Easy pull on finger tabs


  • Difficult to get constant tension when lacing
McDavid 195

The McDavid 195 ankle brace makes use of a Figure 6 strapping system to provide a high level of support to the ankle. While proving very secure, this style of wrap won’t impede your natural movements as you rove around the volleyball court. The low profile and lightweight materials makes this an easy brace to work with. It will fit in with any type of training or competition footwear.

The McDavid 195 provides a top strap that puts you in control of the level of tension and compression applied to the foot. It is extremely breathable with a lightweight, airy tongue, making the brace extremely comfortable. It also has a moisture wicking ability, preventing sweat build up and odor problems.


  • Single layer of polyester fabric
  • Compression comfort top strap
  • Breathable tongue


  • A little bulky
Bracoo Breathable Support

The Bracoo Breathable Neoprene ankle brace is one of the most responsive braces we came across for use on the volleyball court. It is a slimline minimalistically designed brace that features an open heel. This makes it both highly mobile and very breathable. This means that you’ll have no problem with your foot over heating, or the sleeve bunching up or slipping.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene has been anatomically designed to contour to your foot and even allows you to customize it to your own unique foot shape. It has a bi-lateral design which makes it appropriate for both feet and for both men and women. The Bracoo Breathable will both prevent future injury and allow you to continue playing while you are recovering from an injury.


  • Open heel design
  • Very breathable
  • Bi-lateral design


  • May be too tight for larger feet
ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a great choice for use on the volleyball court, both when recovering from previous inury and preventing future injury. The Figure 8 strapping system delivers a great level of support that is comparable to a tape wrapping system, but without the hassle of getting tape on and off. The elastic closure cuff works in with the strapping system to deliver a very secure protection for lower and upper ankle support.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is very lightweight, ballistic and responsive. It has a high level of sweat protection and odor resistance. This is a bi-lateral brace, making it usable on either foot. It will seamlessly work in with your volleyball shoes and is very quick to get on and off.


  • Figure 8 design
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic cuff closure


  • No warranty
BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

The Bioksin Trilok Ankle brace provides a great level of protection, especially if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. It has a very secure Footlok strap which provides enhanced support. At the same time the brace provides a very impressive range of motion, so you can move freely on the volleyball court. The adjustable stirrup strap is fitted with industrial grade velcro so you know it will last the test of time.

The Bioksin Trilok Ankle brace features a pair of individual straps that provide extra protection for the mid and rear foot. The brace is made from the unique Ultima 2 fabric, which is very lightweight and breathable. This is a lace free brace, which makes it a very fast on-off brace. It will fit in with any style of volleyball shoe.


  • Ultima 2 fabric
  • Strong velcro
  • Double strapping


  • A little bulky
Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace

The Aircast Airsport is a smart choice if you are wanting to play on after suffering an ankle injury. It features a number of air cell packs to provide gentle protection for the injured area. A semi rigid shell ensures that you get a high level of stability and support to the heel and medial ankle. It also ensures that the ankle is aligned properly, avoiding over pronation and flat foot issues.

The Aircast Airsport features a high ankle cuff to help avoid high ankle issues. It has a good level of compression to speed up the circulation and speed up oxygen and nutrient supply. The lightweight design makes this is very breathable, lightweight and responsive brace that won’t slip or bunch up when you’re in the middle of a game.


  • Semi rigid shell
  • Velcro cross strap
  • High level of compression


  • Inaccurate size guide
Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace, Rigid Ankle...

The Active Ankle T2 provides a unique bi-lateral hinge system which makes it extremely responsive on the volleyball court. It features a single strap design which is very quick to get on and off, yet still provides you with a high level of tension and compression. It especially delivers a high level of support to the medial/lateral area of the foot. In addition, it is extremely comfortable thanks to its inbuilt comfort padding.

The Active Ankle T2 is made from a very lightweight material which is easy to apply and has anti wicking properties. This prevents sweat build up and over heating. The level of mobility provided is high, allowing you to move with complete freedom on court, still knowing that your ankle is safe.


  • Performance hinge design
  • Built in EVA Padding
  • Allows for complete range of motion


  • A little clunky to wear

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Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch Ankle Suppor

The Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch brace is made from material that is amazingly responsive to your playing needs. The stretch fabric allows for a complete 360 degree range of movement. At the same time, it delivers a good level of protection and stability to the heel and ankle. This sleeve is a little higher than most of the braces we have reviewed. It also has a high level of compression, boosting the oxygen and nutrient supply.

The Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch material is extremely breathable and lightweight. It wicks away moisture, prevents heat and sweat build up and eliminates those all too common odor issues. The construction material is a blend of latex and spandex, and is latex free. This brace is also bi-directional.


  • Full length ankle sleeve
  • 360 degree compression
  • Nylon / spandex material


  • A little too tight around the ball of the foot.

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Adidas Adizero

The Adidas Adizero is a very lightweight, slimline brace with an open heel design. This makes it very flexible and mobile, so you know it won’t impede your natural range of motion on the volleyball court. The enhanced side stabilization prevents side roll-over, along with eversion and over pronation problems. This brace is double stitched for extra durability. The slimline streamlined design means that it fits in easily with your shoes and socks.

The Adizero from Adidas is made from a breathable, neoprene material, which makes it very breathable and airy. Sweat build and slippage will no longer be a problem when you wear the Adizero for your next game. An anti microbial treatment also keeps nasty odors at bay.


  • Very lightweight
  • Open heel design
  • Anti microbial treatment


  • Bottom on sole doesn’t line up correctly

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The best ankle brace for volleyball is the ShockDoctor 849, with its gel cushioning pads, non slip silicone footbed and easy application tabs. Our next best rated volleyball ankle brace is the McDavid 195, featuring a single layer of polyester fabric for a more uniform, natural feel and a compression comfort top strap.

Rounding out our 3 top volleyball ankle supports is the Bracoo Breathable Neoprene, which provides a breathable open air design and can be customized to every foot shape.

ShockDoctor 849

Our #1. Recommendation

ShockDoctor 849

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