Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Brace Review January 2019

Pro-tec Ankle Brace Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

From a single product in 1991, Pro-tec Athletics have developed into a highly respected player in the joint support and protection market. The company was started by a pro volleyball player and their commitment to providing the best supports for recreational and professional sportspeople hasn’t wavered in the last quarter century. In this article, we focus in on the best of the Pro-tec range. We then compare them to 2 leading competitor brands.

The Best of Protec

Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap

The Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap features a Figure 8 strapping system to provide a very secure fit for the heel and ankle. This provides stability for the ankle joint from twists and turns. It has a lightweight, neoprene sleeve that is extremely responsive to movement. It is also very breathable, providing a moisture wicking environment that prevents sweat build up and related slippage and bunching up.

Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap has a slimline profile, allowing it to work well with any shoe. The Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap delivers warmth and compression while also providing an impressive freedom of movement when you are on the playing field. The concentrated compression fast tracks nutrients and oxygen to the ankle, providing for speedier healing and rehab. The neoprene sleeve is supported by white elastic straps around the ankle to provide extra tension and support.


  • Figure 8 strapping system
  • Very breathable
  • White elastic strapping


  • Sizing is not quite true

The Pro-tec Athletics Gel Force Ankle Sleeve is a lightweight, neoprene sleeve which has been fitted with gel packs. These provide an incredible level of comfort and support for your injured ankle. It also does a terrific job of absorbing the dynamic tension of every ground strike. The 4 Way Stretch material delivers a superior level of flexibility, making this a great choice when you’re just getting back into your sport after an injury.

The Pro-tec Athletics Gel Force Ankle Sleeve provides you with a good level of compression to speed up blood circulation and, therefore, increase nutrient supply. It’s light neoprene fabric is very airy and breathable. This makes sure that the brace provides air circulation to prevent over-heating. It also eliminates odor issues.


  • Lightweight neoprene sleeve
  • Comfort gel packs
  • 4 Way Stretch material


  • Sizing is incorrect

Pro-tec Alternatives

In this section we take a close look at two Pro-tec alternatives; the Ossur Form Fit, and the Mueller XLP Adjustable.

Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace

The Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace makes use of a Figure 8 strapping system to provide a high level of support that is comparable to that offered by the Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap. This is supported by a tight lace up system. The combination of the two provides for tighter compression than anything in the Pro-tec range. This brace is a mixture between an ankle stirrup and a soft ankle support.

The Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace is an easy to apply, lightweight brace that is very breathable. It has good moisture wicking properties and prevents bunching and sweat slippage. This brace is designed for people with moderate ankle sprains and strains.


  • Breathable material
  • Fast lacing system
  • Figure 8 strapping system


  • Sizing is a little small

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Mueller XLP Adjustable

The Mueller XLP Adjustable brace provides an adjustable support system that puts you in control of the level of tension provided. It has rigid side support inserts that keep your ankles aligned as you move forward, thus preventing eversion and rollover. A single fabric layer covering the ankle delivers greater flexibility and freedom of movement. This brace has also been treated with an anti microbial spray, preventing odor and bacteria issues.

The Mueller XLP Adjustable brace provides you with Level 3 ankle protection, suitable for people who are suffering from moderate to severe ankle injury. This is a completely latex free brace and is bi-directional so you can use it on either foot.


  • Lightweight polyester
  • Rigid plastic stay
  • Latex free


  • Sizing is a little small

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Our favorite Pro-tec ankle brace is the Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap, which provides you with a Figure 8 strapping system with extra elastic strapping support. The Pro-tec Athletics Gel Force Ankle Sleeve is a lightweight neoprene sleeve that is fitted with comfort gel packs and made from a 4 Way stretch material.

When it comes to Pro-tec alternatives we favor the Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace, which provides a similar level of support to the Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap, but offers extra flexibility. The Mueller XLP Adjustable brace provides rigid side stays to keep your foot aligned and is made from a lightweight polyester material that is latex free.

Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap

Our #1. Recommendation

​Pro-tec Athletics Ankle Wrap

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Pro-tec Ankle Brace Review 2019
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