Nike Compression Socks Review January 2019

Nike Compression Socks Review 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

Nike are one of the largest players in the global sportswear market. They have established a strong presence in the sports footwear niche, with a range of top quality compression products. In this article, we close in on the best of the Nike compression sock range. We than compare 3 other leading brands.

The Best of Nike

Nike Men’s Elite Graduated Compression Socks OTC Running Socks

The Nike Elite Graduated compression sock is a full length over the calf sock which is made from Dri-Fit fabric to deliver an ultra comfortable. It delivers superior moisture wicking capabilities to ensure that your feet are free from sweat build up. The fabric is a blend of 61% Dri-Fit, 29% polyester and 10% spandex to give you a high level of flexibility and range of motion.

The ventilation of Nike Elite Graduated compression sock is enhanced with mesh inserts that are strategically placed around hot spots. The “Y” stitch design contours to fit your foot, while boosting performance and durability. The sock has also been fitted with reflective details so you remain visible at night. Socks are left / right specific.

The graduated compression of the sock ranges from 14-23 mmHg. This makes this a very good sock for people who are new to compression socks. The linked toe seam ensures that you will have no problems with abrasions or blistering.​


  • Dri-Fit Fabric
  • “Y” Stitch design
  • Linked toe seam


  • Lacks stretchability
Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

The Zensah Tech+ Compression sock delivers more compressive ability than anything in the Nike range thanks to the combination of ultra zone ribbing technology and graduated compression. This centers the highest level of compression around the ankles and heel. The sock also features padded comfort zones to provide extra padding through the heel and toe. The mesh design of the sock makes this a very comfortable sock to wear, while also making it very responsive.

The Zensah Tech+ Compression sock is very lightweight and flexible. It also provides you with a high level of breathability. The sock is fitted with anti static and anti odor treatments. A non slip cuff keeps it from bunching up or slipping down.


  • Mesh design
  • Ultra-Zone ribbing
  • Non-slip cuff


  • Sizing chart is inaccurate
Sockwell Men’s Elevation Firm (20-30 mmHg)

The Sockwell Men’s Elevation Firm compression sock has been fitted with Acufit technology, delivering a greater degree of flexibility and airiness. Spandex inserts have been placed in strategic places to make the sight infinitely more comfortable. The sock also gives you an excellent level of mobility. The graduated compression level is between 20-30 mmHg, boosting blood circulation to bring instant relief. It also features a lot of padding around the ankle, heel and mid-foot.

The Sockwell Men’s Elevation Firm compression sock provides a great deal of support for runners, athletes and people who spend a lot of time on their feet. An enhanced heel box provides a great deal of roomy comfort while also delivering a snug fit.


  • Acufit technology
  • Light compression sole
  • Enhanced heel box


  • Socks are a little too high

Medipeds Compression socks focus on products that are designed to promote healthy feet. See how their small but quality range stacks up to the big boys in our Medipeds Compressions Socks Review 2019 article feature.

Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression Socks

The Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock offers a comparable level of graduated compression as the Nike Men’s Elite, along with a some added features. These include a compression and which provides targeted support to the Achilles tendon and the shin. It also has a ventilation panel situated behind the tibia, which delivers an enhanced level of ventilation. Enhanced padding throughout the ankle, heel and sole provide the extra support you need while running.

The Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression is made using a 3-dimensional process that contours well to the foot. It also features flex zones that gently massage your lower legs, while also providing with an enhanced level of comfort. The sock is made only with flat seams in order to keep it free of abrasions and blisters.


  • Ventilation panel
  • Enhanced foot padding
  • 4 flex zones


  • May not be warm enough for some

Zensah are a small but active player in the compression sock market. They manufacture out of Italy, providing support and recovery socks for sports people and athletes. Check out their top products with our Zensah Compression Socks Review 2019 feature article.


Nike are one of the biggest players in the sportswear market. They offer a quality range of compression footwear. Their top performer is the the Nike Elite Graduated compression sock, which provides Dri-Fit Fabric in a “Y” Stitch design and linked toe seam for ultimate comfort and performance.

In terms of Nike alternatives, we recommend the Zensah Tech+ Compression sock, which provides a mesh design for superior ventilation, Ultra-Zone ribbing and Non-slip cuff. The Sockwell Men’s Elevation Firm compression sock provides you with Acufit technology, light compression sole and enhanced heel box

Our third Nike alternative is the Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock, with its 4 flex zones, ventilated panels and enhanced foot padding.​

 Nike Elite Graduated compression sock

Our #1. Recommendation

​ Nike Elite Graduated compression sock

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Nike Compression Socks Review 2019
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