Dr. Motion Compression Socks Review January 2019

Dr. Motion Compression Socks Review 2019

Updated January 1, 2019

Dr. Motion have built a reputation by injecting a sense of fun and style into the often staid compression sock market. Their range of highly functional compression socks come in a range of colors and designs to add style to your lower leg supports. In this article, we review the best of the Dr. Motion range. We then compare three leading competitor brands.

The Best of Dr. Motion

Knee High Women’s Sock

The Dr. Motion Knee High women’s sock is a low /mild compression over the calf full length sock. The highest compression level is centered around the ankle, but travels right up to the base of the knee. This fast tracks the supply of blood, which brings oxygen and nutrients while wicking away lactic acid. The non-binding comfort band construction of this sock ensures that it stays in place, without bunching up or slipping down.

The Dr. Motion Knee High for women features a smooth, seamless toe to provide a comfortable, abrasion free fit. This sock also conforms easily to the leg and is very well ventilated. It has moisture wicking properties that keep it from becoming too hot. The sock also has built-in odor and bacteria control. The compression range of this sock is 8-15 mmHg. It is constructed from 87% microfiber nylon and 13% elastan.


  • Non-binding comfort band
  • Seamless toe design
  • Moisture wicking


  • Compression level may be too low for some
Women’s Graduated Compression

The Dr. Motion Graduated Compression sock for women comes in a six pack to provide you with a great deal of variety and cost savings. These socks come in a great range of patterns and colors. They provide you with 8-15 mmHg of graduated compression. The socks are made from an extremely soft blend of microfiber nylon blend made up of 14% acrylic, 24% cotton, 35% nylon and 27% spandex.

The Dr. Motion Graduated Compression sock for women is very reflexive and lightweight. This makes it a breathable and airy sock that won’t become too hot or induce sweat build-up. It has built-in moisture wicking abilities, as well as anti odor and anti static treatments. These socks are provided in a range of sizes from 9-11.


  • Reflexive and lightweight
  • Excellent value
  • Cool patterns and colors


  • Compression level may be too low

Dr. Motion Alternatives

In this section we take a close look at three alternatives to the Dr. Motion range: the Pro Compression: Marathon, the Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock and the Blitzu Performance Compression sock.

Pro Compression: Marathon

The Pro:Compression Marathon sock gives you more compression than you get with anything in the Dr. Motion range, at 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression. This gives it an enhanced ability to bring relief to lower leg pain by bringing in more nutrients and oxygen, while removing lactic acid. The sock is made from a blend of 92% nylon and 8% lycra spandex. It is extremely lightweight and provides great ventilation to keep your legs cool and dry.

The Pro:Compression Marathon sock has moisture wicking ability, while also having anti bacterial and anti odor properties. It also features a non binding top band which keeps the sock from slipping down or bunching up throughout the day. Enhanced foot padding gives you protection on every heel strike.​


  • 20-30 mmHg graduated compression
  • Extra foot padding
  • Top band


  • A little tight in the toe box
Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression Socks

The Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock provides you with a number of enhanced features that bring added protection to your feet. Extra padding around the heel and arch give protection against foot strike. Extra padding is also provided around the calf area. The unique 3-dimensional design of the Mojo Elite allows it to conform perfectly to your feet and legs. This makes it a very comfortable sock to wear, which is also well ventilated.

The Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock features unique flex zones that provide a gentle massage to the leg to complement the graduated compression provided. It also has a compression band which provides extra support for the achilles tendon.


  • Ventilation panel
  • Enhanced foot padding
  • 4 flex zones


  • May not be warm enough for some

Zensah are a leading supplier of compression wear for athletes and sportspeople. Our Zensah Compression Sock Review 2019 article takes the best of Zensah and puts it up against 3 competing market leaders. Check it out now.

Blitzu Performance Compression Socks

The Blitzu Performance Compression sock is an excellent choice for athletes and sportspeople. It gives you a complete 360-range of motion thanks to its unique fabric design. This sock has a unique construction, which features a kinesiology wrapping tape design. It also delivers a good level of graduated compression. This combination gives you a high level of protection and support for foot, ankle and lower leg pain.

The Blitzu Performance Compression sock is a very lightweight and responsive sock. It is easy to get on and off and is very well ventilated and breathable. Moisture wicking along with anti bacterial and anti odor properties enhance the comfort level of this sock.


  • Kinesiology tape design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 360-degree range of motion


  • Sizing chart inaccurate

Pro Compression are a California based manufacturer who specialize in athletic and sports training compression socks. See how they compare with the market leaders in our Pro Compression Socks Review 2019 feature article.


Dr Motion compression socks introduce a funky, original range of colors and designs to the market. The best of their range is the Dr. Motion Knee High women’s sock, with its non-binding comfort band, seamless toe design and moisture wicking properties. We were also impressed with the Dr. Motion Graduated Compression sock for women, which provides you with a reflexive and lightweight option that comes in a range of cool patterns and colors and provides you with excellent value.

When it comes to alternatives to the Dr. Motion range, we highly recommend the Pro: Compression Marathon sock, which provides you with 20-30 mmHg graduated compression, extra foot padding and a top band to keep it in place. The Mojo Elite Winter Endurance Compression sock provides you with enhanced foot padding along with 4 flex zones and an enhanced ventilation panel.

Rounding out our 3 favorite Dr. Motion alternatives is the Blitzu Performance Compression sock, with its Kinesiology tape design,extremely comfortable and 360-degree range of motion.​

Knee High Women’s Sock

Our #1. Recommendation

Knee High Women’s Sock

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Dr. Motion Compression Socks Review 2019
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