2XU Compression Socks Review 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

Launched in Australia in 2005, 2XU has become a favorite sock of choice for many professional athletes and sports players. 2XU stands for ‘two times you’ and their tagline is human performance multiplied. 2XU products are developed in consultation with leading universities and sports scientists around the world.

In this article, we hone in on the best products in the 2XU line-up. We then compare them with leading competing brands.

The Best of 2XU

Women’s Compression Sock

The 2XU Women’s Compression Sock is a very responsive sock that is ideal for sports people,especially those involved in running, triathlon and fitness training. It features zoned breathability panels that enhance the ventilation of this socso that it is very airy and has a high moisture wicking ability. As a result the sock delivers an unprecedented level of dryness and comfort. The linkedtoe cage design gives you a greater level of padding and support.

The 2XU Women’s Compression Sock provides you with graduated compression, with the higher level surroundingyour ankles and heels. It is made from a unique PWX compression fabric that delivers enhanced support and power to the shin calf, ankle, heel and foot arch. It has anti-bacterial properties, along with UPF50+ sun protection. The high filament yarn makes this a very dry and cool sock.


  • Zoned breathability panels
  • Graduated compression
  • UPF50+ sun protection


  • Sizing chart is inaccurate
 Men’s Compression Socks

The 2XU Men’s Hyoptik compression sock is a high compression full length sock that is made from Invista lycra to provide a very high level of flexibility, stretchability and compression. The graduated compression fast tracks the blood supply to yourlower legs to provide a faster recovery. This is a great active recovery sock that is ideal for wearing during and after you play sport, run or work out in the gym.

The 2XU Men’s Hyoptik compression sock has a linked toe cage along with extra padding through the heel to provide you with a higher level of support and comfort. It also features three reflective strips to enhance visibility at night. Moisture management technology is built into this sock. It also provides you with SPF50+ sunprotection. A 12 month warranty is provided with purchase of this product.


  • High compression
  • Linked toe cage
  • Moisture management technology


  • Expensive
Men's Compression Sock

The 2XU Men's Compression Performance Run Socks features zone breathability panels for maximum airflow and breathability. The PWX compression fabric has extra thickness to protect the shin, calf, achilles, ankle and the arch of the foot. This sock also features a linked toe cage and light padding for extra comfort. The high filament yarn of this sock will ensure sustained dryness while wicking away sweat from the skin.

The seamless gradient zoned compression panels increase blood flow while also ensuring maximum muscle containment to increase your power and enhance your recovery time. You will experience reduced fatigue in your lower legs through less muscle oscillation. Finally, the seamless construction of the sock ensures that you experience maximum comfort while you are replenishing your lower legs.


  • Breathability zones
  • Padded zones
  • Graded zoned compression panels


  • May stretch out of shape
Women's Compression Socks

The 2XU Women’s Recovery compression sock makes use of proprietary padded zones to provide extra support to the arches and Achilles tendon. This is an extremely durable sock that is also incredibly lightweight. The vented toe panel makes this a very breathable sock with superior moisture wicking capability. It is constructed from medically engineered circular knit construction, which has built-in anti bacterial properties as well as providing SPF50 sun protection.

The 2XU Women’s Recovery compression sock makes use of a graduated compression to deliver enhanced blood circulation with an emphasis on the ankle area. The foot-bed has been ergonomically designed to provide anatomical contouring. Vented panels on the top of the foot provide an extra level of protection and comfort. This sock will keep your feet dry while protecting them from foot impact. It is ideal for exercise recovery as well as for workers who spend a lot of time on their feet.


  • Proprietary padded zones
  • Vented toe panels
  • Graduated compression


  • Calf compression lessens over time

2XU Alternatives

Compression Socks

The Mojo Recovery and Performance sock is a graduated compression sock, with a range between 20-30mmHg. It features a unique zone construction to provide an enhanced ergonomic fit. Extra padding is strategically positioned around the sock to provide the extra support just where you need it. A seamless toe design makes for an enhanced feel against your shoe’s toe box, preventing abrasions and friction.

Mojo Recovery and Performance sock is a smart choice for exercisers, allowing for speedier recovery by quickly removing lactic acid and replacing it with nutrients and oxygen. It is a part of the Mojo Elite series, which provides enhanced support and protection for athletes and recreational sports people. It comes in a range of colors and provides a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Graduated compression
  • Removes lactic acid
  • Contours to the foot


  • Top band is too tight
Patented Graduated Compression Socks

The Vitalsox VT1211 full length compression sock is made from a unique Drystat fabric material. Drystat is amazingly responsive, combining a high degree of flexibility with superior thermostatic control. The result is a sock that is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. It also incorporates anti static and anti odor properties, so you will never have to deal with smelly socks.Extra padding support in the arch and heel give you more protection from foot strike.

The Vitalsox VT1211 full length compression sock is made in Italy and manufactured under stringent factory conditions. The graduated compression does a great job of providing relief from over use foot pain, making this a good choice for workers who are on their feet all day long.


  • Extra arch and heel support
  • Made in Italy
  • Drystat fabric


  • Socks a little too long

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 Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Sock

The ZaTech Plantar Fasciitis ankle sock is a low profile graduated compression sock that places emphasis around the ankle area. This is a great sock for people suffering from plantar fasciitis injury. It features breathable mesh zones which offers a high level of ventilation, along with superior moisture wicking capabilities. An 85% polyamide, 15% spandex material blend makes this a very flexible, responsive sock that is extremely comfortable.

The ZaTech Plantar Fasciitis ankle sock features a seamless toe to provide a smooth and natural feel against your shoe. This is a very responsive sock that works with any type of footwear. It is a smart choice for those recovering from ankle injury as well as sportspeople and athletes who want to recover faster from their training session.


  • Targeted compression
  • Breathable mesh zones
  • Seamless toe enclosure


  • Too much elasticity

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2XU Compression socks are an Australian brand that has made a great splash on the compression sock market. The best of their range is the 2XU Women’s Compression Sock, with its zoned breathability panels, graduated compression and UPF50+ sun protection. Our second favorite 2XU compression sock is the 2XU Men’s Hyoptic, delivering a high level of graduated compression, a lined toe cage and superior thermostatic control.

Rounding our top 3 is the 2XU Men's Performance Compression Run Sock, with its extra compression panels, an anatomically designed foot-bed and a vented toe panel .

When it comes to 2XU compression alternatives, we prefer the Mojo Recovery and Performance sock, which delivers a high level of graduated compression, and anatomically contours to the foot-bed. We were also impressed with the Vitalsox VT1211, featuring extra arch and heel support and a Drystat fabric. Finally, the ZaTech Plantar Fasciitis ankle sock provides you with targeted compression, breathable mesh zones, and a seamless toe enclosure.

2XU Women’s Compression Sock

Our #1. Recommendation

2XU Women’s Compression Sock

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