Mueller Ankle Brace Review 2019

Updated January 1, 2019

Mueller Sports Medicine have been at the cutting edge of athletic support products for more than 50 years. Over that time period they have established a reputation as market leaders and innovators who work closely with athletes to devise the best solutions to their needs. Mueller excel in the area of ankle support, with braces, wraps, sleeves and supports for every need.

In this article we go in depth on the best that Mueller have to offer and then compare them to other market leaders.

The Best of the Mueller Range

Mueller offer an extensive range of ankle support and protection products. Many of them incorporate Mueller’s cutting edge technology, including the Omniforce support system, graduated compression socks and One ankle brace. From their total range of 26 unique products, we have selected the 4 top selling items to review. In the following section, we’ll compare them with alternative products from leading competitors.

Mueller ATF2 Ankle Brace

The Mueller ATF2 is a compact lace up brace that actually self adjusts to deliver maximum support to the anterior talofibular ligament. This is a major protection against rolled ankle, which is a common injury suffered by runners. It affords max protection without impeding your ability to run, jump skip or move laterally.

Mueller ATF2 is a very lightweight, breathable Mueller ankle brace that has built in moisture wicking ability, so it won’t build up with sweat, slide around or produce a foul odor. It provides a single layer of fabric over the ankle, making it less cumbersome and more comfortable. It also features a pair of rigid plastic stays on either side of the ankle, which act as guide bars to support lateral movement patterns.

The ATF2 is both latex free and bi-directional. That means that you can wear your brace on either foot. Reinforced eye-lits ensure durability of the lacing system.


  • Self adjusts
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Latex free
  • Bi-directional


  • Difficult to get on and off
Mueller HG80 Rigid Ankle Brace

The Mueller HG80 ankle brace is made from Mueller’s own HydraCinn high performance fabric. It does a superior job of wicking moisture away from your ankle, avoiding irritation, sweat build up and slippage. A built in anti-microbial barrier eliminates odor problems, keeping the area safe and bacteria free. The materials in this product are both latex and neoprene free. Stirrup straps are provided to allow you to get the maximum level of support.

Mueller HG80 ankle brace allows you to be in control of the level of tension that is applied to the ankle. It has a dynamic criss-cross figure 8 strap design that delivers the tension you need while also providing the freedom of movement your sport or workout demands. Your purchase includes a handy carry bag.

Interior cushioning aircast air cells provide you with a comfort level that is miles ahead of the competition. The back entry easy on design makes it a simple and quick process to get the support on and off.


  • HydraCinn high performance fabric
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Interior cushioning aircast air cells
  • Figure 8 strapping design


  • A little tricky to lace up
Mueller XLP Adjustable

The Mueller XLP Adjustable brace is a lightweight low profile support that features an elastic rear panel to deliver superior range of movement. The ankle bone is covered with a single layer of fabric, providing more comfort and flexibility. Rigid plastic stays on either side of the ankle act as guide wires, keeping the ankle properly aligned and enhancing your proprioception.

Mueller XLP Adjustable brace features an anti microbial treatment to keep your foot safe while also eliminating any nasty odors that may build up. It is completely latex free. You get Level 3 protection with this brace, which is the highest level available. This makes it ideal for people who are dealing with moderate to severe injuries and still wanting to continue playing basketball, football, netball, tennis and racquetball.


  • Lightweight polyester
  • Rigid plastic stay
  • Latex free


  • Sizing is a little small
Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch

The Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch support sleeve is a full length cover that stretches from the base of the toes to the mid calf area. This provides a great deal of protection to the entire foot area. It is made from a breathable nylon fabric, making it extremely lightweight and stretchable.

Mueller Sport Care 4-Way Stretch features built in moisture wicking ability, keeping the irritation of both sweat and odor at bay. You will also have no problems with the sleeve bunching up or sliding around as you wear it. You get 360 degree compression, which increases the blood flow. This will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area in order to fast track the healing process.

The product is made from a nylon / spandex material which is completely latex free. You’ll immediately notice the difference when you wear 4 way stretch support because it won’t pinch your skin the way that many competing products do.


  • Full length ankle sleeve
  • 360 degree compression
  • Nylon / spandex material


  • A little too tight around the ball of the foot.

Mueller Alternatives

To allow you to make a truly informed purchasing decision, we provide you with 3 Mueller alternatives in this section.

DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro

The DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro is made from the most technically advanced fabric on the market - 800D ballistic nylon. This makes it more flexible, responsive and mobile while also providing you with a superior level of protection and support. It features a lightweight low profile that allows it to easily sit under your shoe. The lacing system has reinforced eye-lits to make it more durable.

The elastic strap on the Stabilizing Pro Ankle is fully circumferential, so you can be assured that it will be totally secure. This delivers a greater level of tibial support. Medial lateral stays that sit on either side of the ankle are removable so you can choose whether or not you need extra lateral support. It improves your proprioception, along with your tibial stability.

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  • 800D Ballistic Nylon
  • Lightweight, low profile
  • Fully circumferential elastic strap


  • Straps need to be more secure
McDavid 195

The McDavid 195 ankle brace features a Figure 6 strapping system to give you an extremely secure, compressive fit. It will give you support on par with wrapping tape without having to actually apply the tape. This support is low profile and lightweight. It has a built-in moisture wicking system that ensures that you won’t be irritated by sweat build up and bunching. You are able to control the tension level with a top strap.

McDavid 195 is a lace up brace. The eye-lits are reinforced for extra durability. The brace is made from a single layer of polyester. This makes it far more flexible and comfortable than multi piece competitors. It has padded lining along with reinforced closures.

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  • Single layer of polyester fabric
  • Compression comfort top strap
  • Breathable tongue


  • A little bulky
ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer brace features a full figure 8 strapping system, providing you with the most secure strapping possible. It has a contoured tongue which delivers a very good fit and superior level of comfort. The ballistic nylon construction gives you a high level of durability, flexibility and support. This lace up support features a secure velcro elastic cuff closure, which provides extra compression and support to back up the lace up system.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer has a bi-lateral design which means that it can be used on either foot. Finger loops are provided at the end of the straps to make it easier to secure the brace. It is made in the USA under strict quality control conditions.

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  • Figure 8 strapping system
  • Ballistic nylon construction
  • Finger loops


  • May overstretch over time


The Mueller stable of ankle support and protection products is an impressive line-up. It features technology that is not seen in the competition. Their most popular seller is the Mueller ATF2, which features built-in self adjustment, is lightweight and breathable and completely latex free. Another very popular product is the Mueller HG80 rigid support, with its HydraCinn high performance fabric, anti microbial barrier protection and a figure 8 strapping design.

The third most popular Mueller ankle support, which is a lightweight polyester model with rigid plastic stays that is super comfortable.

When it comes to alternatives to the Mueller range, our standout is the DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro, which delivers a superior level of fabric design to anything in the Mueller range with its 800D ballistic nylon. It also features a fully circumferential elastic strap. The McDavid 195 delivers a more streamlined fit than any Mueller product with its single layer of polyester fabric.

Finally, the ASO Ankle Stabilizer is on par with the Mueller HG80 with its figure 8 strapping system and ballistic nylon fabric.

Mueller ATF2 Ankle Brace

Our #1. Recommendation

​Mueller ATF2 Ankle Brace

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