Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Free standing punching bags are a popular option for home gym users. Their ease of setup means that you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the ceiling or contacting your landlord for permission to hang a chain. Free standing bags also provide a greater striking surface than chain hung bags, making them better for low strike training.

In this article we zoom in on the seven best free standing punching bags on the current market. We also provide you with buyer’s guide to fully equip you for your search.

Top Free Standing Punching Bags

#1. Century Wavemaster XXL

Training Bag

The Century Wavemaster XXL is a freestanding bag that stands at 69 inches in height and has an 18 inch diameter. This makes this bag the one with the largest surface striking area of any free standing punching bag on the current market - a key factor in our ranking it as Number One. This bag is filled with high density foam filler which is excellent at absorbing impact and has very good bounce back. In addition, this material will not sink the way that cloth filler tends to do. The exterior cover of the bag is made from hardy tear resistant vinyl.

You have the option of choosing your Century Wavemaster XXL in either red, black or blue. The black base is very heavy, giving you confidence that it won’t budge.


  • Large striking surface
  • High density foam filler
  • Choice of colors


  • ​Not very portable

#2. Century Wavemaster Original

Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

The original Century Wavemaster is a pared down version of the XXL version, however it still provides you with a decent striking area. Just like the XXL, it is filled with high density foam which is very reflexive and impact absorbing. You get the ability to adjust the height on this unit, ranging from 47 to 68 inches. This makes it customizable to your specific height requirement as well as being adjustable for different family members.

The Century Wavemaster Original also gives you the three color options of red, blue or black. The vinyl cover is strong and durable, but pretty tough on the skin. For this reason, you should wear gloves and footwear when training on this bag. There is not as much padding in this bag as many others on the market, so you really don’t want to be hitting it with a cocked wrist (which you should never do anyway). 

This bag is not as big as others, and is mostly ideal for shorter adults and children. 


  • High density foam
  • Height adjustable
  • Color options


  • ​Noisy

#3. Wavemaster Powerline

Extra Large Punching Bag

The Wavemaster Powerline is very similar to the original Wavemaster. The big difference is that the Powerline features a greater degree of internal padding. This results in a bigger diameter, which is 17.5 inches, compared to just 13 inches for the Original. Just like the original, the Powerline is adjustable, with a range of between 47 and 68 inches. It comes with a durable vinyl cover and high density foam inner padding. This bag is ideal for people with strong kicks and punches. 


  • More internal padding than Original Wavemaster
  • Adjustable height
  • Large diameter


  • ​No transportation wheels

#4. Kid Kick Wavemaster

Durable Punching Bag

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is a free standing punching bag that is specifically designed for use by children. This is a great option for introducing children to martial arts and boxing. This is an adjustable bag with four height settings, ranging from 37 to 52 inches. The weight of the bag is 170 pounds, making it hardy enough to take what the majority of kids can dish out. This bag has a durable, vinyl cover. The low profile rounded base will give you all the stability that you need. The low base is good for low kicks and those kids who are not very tall. This is the best bag for kids that we have come across.


  • Specifically for kids
  • Adjustable from 37-52 inches
  • Low profile rounded base


  • ​A little noisy

#5. Century Bob Body Opponent Training Bag

Body Opponent Training Bag

The Century Bob Body Opponent Training Bag is a unique human upper body form free standing punching bag. It is made from very durable plastisol and filled with a high density urethane foam. You get a male torso and head so that you can pin-point your punches and kicks against a realistic target. The body screws onto a plastic sleeve that fits over the base post.

The benefit of having a human form target is that you are able to focus on the body’s soft spots and pressure points. This unit stands at a max height of 79 inches and weighs in at 270 pounds. The height settings are adjustable so you customize to your requirements. The base can be filled with either sand or water. 


  • Human torso form
  • Height adjustable
  • Very durable


  • ​Base screws liable to become loose

#6. Century Versys Fight Simulator

Versatile punching bag

The Century Versys Fight Simulator has a much smaller base than most other free standing bags. This provides a much increased striking surface, especially when it comes to the lower portion of the bag. This makes it ideal for low kicks as wel as knee and elbow strikes. This bag weighs on at 110 pounds, which is considerably lighter than most other free standing bags. That makes it less able to handle heavy power workouts but ,rather, was designed with a focus on cardio and speed workouts. This bag doubles as a grappling dummy. The lighter weight means it can be tossed and the floor and used for practicing your pounding technique. It is made from thick foam and has an 18.75 inch diameter.


  • Smaller base
  • Increased striking surface
  • Doubles as grappling dummy


  • ​Too light for heavy punching and kicking

#7. Ringside Elite Free Standing MMA Bag

Fitness Workout Training punching bag

The Ringside Elite Free Standing MMA Bag is a taller free standing bag, suitable for taller people. It stands at 6’ 4” in height. The outer layer is made of high quality of synthetic leather that will withstand the punishment of heavy training. The base is very solid and can be filled with up to 270 pounds of water or sand. This ensures that the bag will remain stable during your workout. This is an affordable, versatile bag that can be used for all boxing and MMA training purposes.


  • Ideal for tall users
  • Solid base
  • Well priced


  • ​Difficult to move

Best Brand of Standing Punching Bag: Century

Century have been a leader in the martial arts training supplies market since 1976. Over the last four decades they have established a reputation for quality, durability and range of product. They are also known for their excellent after sales service. The company is owned and operated by martial artists. Century have their own research and development team, who are constantly brainstorming and developing new and innovative products. Century partners with industry leaders to grow the sport of mixed martial arts around the world.

As well as providing the largest range of martial arts products on the planet, Century have a whole host of customization options so that you can place your logo on your training gear.

When it comes to punching bags, Century provide all the variety that you need. Here is a sampling of what they offer:

  • Muay Thai Heavy Bags
  • Pit Heavy Bags
  • Body bags
  • Cage Fitness Bags
  • Cardio Wavemaster Freestanding Bags
  • Creed Chain Hung Heavy Bags
  • Creed Teardrop Heavy Bags
  • Heavy Bag Stands and Platforms
  • Leather Speed Bags

What to look for in a Free Standing Punching Bag?

A free standing punching bag needs to be stable, reflexive and portable. Here are the important requirements to make sure that the bag you buy meets these vital considerations . . .


What to look for in a Free Standing Punching Bag?

The ideal exterior material for a punching bag is leather, but this cost prohibitive for most people. The next best option is synthetic leather or durable vinyl. The least favored material type is canvas which tends to sweat and is the roughest on your hands and feet. Canvas can also tend to punch up and produce soft and heavy spots on the bag, which you do not want.

There are all manner of interior fillings for punching bags, ranging from cloths to cotton and high density foam. High density foam is preferred as it will have the best shock absorbency. You will also want to look for a bag that has a zipper on the top that allows you to add or take away filling to suit your requirements. 

Bag and Base Weight

You need to get a good balance between the weight of the bag and the base. If one of them is too light, the whole thing may fall over, which will be very annoying when you are trying to get a fluidity going in your workout. On the other hand, if it is too heavy, the bag will not provide you with the reflex and bounce back that you need.

Your bag should weigh about half of your body weight. So, if you weigh 180 pounds, you should look for a bag that weighs 90 pounds. 


A great advantage of the free standing punching bag is that is can be moved around. For that reason you should look for a freestanding bag that allows for ease of movement. That means that it should have transport wheels so that you can easily move it out of the way when you are finished with your workout. 


The free standing punching bag that you buy should last for many years to come. Check out online reviews of other users for longevity. 

Easy to Fill

Some bags come pre-filled but others need to be filled when you get them. That means that you will need to put either sand or water into the base before you can use the punching bag. They will have a small opening at some point on the base to accommodate the fill. Check reviews to see how easy this fill process is. 

Adjustable Height

Ideally you will want your free standing punching bag to be adjustable in terms of height. This will allow you to customize it for your specific requirements. Beyond that, it will allow the bag to be used by all of the members of your family. 


You want a bag that carries a multi year warranty. Punching bags come in for a lot of abuse and you don’t want your base or exterior material to give you problems after just a few months.

Benefits of Free Standing Punching Bag

No Set Up

Benefits of Free Standing Punching Bag

A major advantage of the Free standing punching bag is that you do not have to go to the trouble of putting up a chain and hooking up the bag to it. You simply roll it into place, fill the base with sand or water and you’re ready to go. A lot of people do not have access to an overhead beam to hang a bag from. Others are in rented accomodation and are not permitted to make holes in the ceiling. For these situations, the free standing punching bag is the answer. 

Space Efficient

The free standing punching bag has space benefits over the hanging bag, largely because of its ability to be moved. A hanging bag is there for the duration, whereas a free standing one can be used and then stored away. That being said, there is quite a space requirement for this bag. You will need an area of around 6-7 feet to operate effectively.

Multi Purpose 

The free standing punching bag is a longer bag than the traditional chain hung bag. This allows for more versatile training, so that you can train for Muay Thai and other martial arts disciplines as well as traditional boxing training. The free standing punching bag is also a more versatile cardio training tool because you can make better use of your legs. 

Cost Saving

You will save money in the long run if you opt for a free standing punching bag because you will not have to pay for mounting hardware. 


The best free standing punching bag on the current market is the Century Wavemaster XXL, which has a high density foam filler, large striking surface and choice of color options. Our second favorite free standing bag is the Century Wavemaster Original, which is a smaller version of the XXL, with the same high density foam, color options and also provides you with height adjustment. Rounding out our top 3 is the Wavemaster Powerline, with its larger diameter, enhanced internal padding and full adjustability.

Top 3 Standing Punching Bags

​Century Wavemaster XXL

Our #1. Recommendation

Century Wavemaster XXL

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