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updated January 1, 2019

In recent times, functional exercise has become very popular. One of the most popular functional moves involves throwing a heavy ball, called a wall ball, against a wall and then catching it again. This deceptively simple exercise works your back, legs, shoulder and arms, while giving a great cardio workout. In this article we review the best wall balls on the market.

A Quick Look at The Top Wall Balls

The best wall ball is the Rogue MK-D, which provides a tough, ideally bouncing ball that is great for CrossFit. We were also impressed with the One Fit Wonder V3, with it’s cool camo design and strong PVC outer. A great low price option is the CAP range which gives you a great range for your home gym at a great price.

To allow you to compare the top wall balls, we’ve rated each of the Top 10 on the basis of price and durability. We’ve also given each one an overall rating out of 5. In the following section, we’ll go in-depth on each product.

The Top Rated Wall Balls In-Depth

#1. Rogue MK-D Ball

Rogue MK-D Ball

The Rogue MK-D is a high quality wall that ensure it will perform time after time. The matt black heavy duty shell is built to takes a ton of abuse and is made from a heavy duty rubber material. Rogue offer a 14 pound right through to a 150 pound version that are both 14 inches in diameter. This is great as it allows you to increase your throwing intensity without having to alter technique.

You’ll get just the right level of bounce up to your knee level with the Rogue range of wall balls, which are made in USA to Rogue’s exacting standards. Rogue MK-D are the balls that are used in the CrossFit Games, so you know you’re getting the best crossfit wall ball.


  • Heavy duty shell
  • 14 pounds to 150 pounds
  • Made in USA


  • Expensive

#2. One Fit Wonder V3

one fit wonder medicine ball

The One Fit Wonder V3 is very solidly packed, meaning that you won’t have to contend with the wobbling issues that come with many inferior models. The high strength outer core is made of heavy duty pvc to withstand the harshest of treatment. The double stitch lacing keeps the unit compact and tight, no matter how many reps you’ve done. These 14 inch diameter balls range in weight from 6 to 30 pounds.

The One Fit Wonder V3 comes in a cool camo design. Variations in the label stitching allow you to easily determine the weight. It has very good gripping ability and low bounce, to ensure that it won’t over rebound on you. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Camo design
  • Durable PVC outer
  • Double stitch lacing


  • Expensive

#3. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

The CAP Barbell range of medicine/wall balls provide 2 pound increments between 2 and 12 pounds. Each ball is color coded for ease of selection. These units have been built to rebound to waist height, making them ideal for CrossFit workouts. The tacky outer texture of this model ensures a secure grip with its tacky feel. They have a solid core and provide a great feel when you’re throwing them.

The CAP Barbell range of single texture rubber wall balls are very well priced. They are an excellent choice when you’re ready to equip your home gym for CrossFit moves. CAP offer a 30 day warranty on their products.


  • Color coded
  • Tacky outer texture
  • Solid core


  • No long term warranty

#4. J-Fit Ball

J-Fit Ball

The J-Fit Is a durable, heavy duty ball that has a great feel to it. It is covered in a soft shell that has been triple stitched, giving you the confidence that it won’t come apart when you’re in the middle of a CrossFit workout. You get a range of medicine ball weight from 6 pounds up to 30 pounds. All sizes, however, have a diameter of 14 inches, allowing you to maintain your throwing form.

The J-Fit ball does a great job of absorbing impact. It also has just the right amount of bounce, coming up to around your hip level. The red and black color scheme is attractive, and features the J-Fit logo. This is a durable soft medicine ball that is offered at a moderate price point.


  • Triple stitched soft shell
  • 6 pound to 30 pound options
  • Good level of bounce


  • Only goes up to 30 pounds

#5. Rep Fitness 20 lb Ball

Rep Fitness 20 lb Ball

Each Rep Fitness soft medicine ball is hand-made to exacting specifications to provide you with the best overall quality and durability. The easy grip synthetic leather outer is easy on the hands, while the heavy double stitching provides the strength needed when the ball is being repeatedly slammed against the wall. Available in 8, 10 and 12 pound versions, each weight has a different two tone color scheme.

Rep Fitness offer a soft ball as opposed to the regular leather types. This provides less chance of injury. The balls provide color coding to make it easy to identify. They are also extremely well balanced, making them for comfortable to use.


  • Hand-made
  • Easy grip synthetic leather
  • Two-tone color scheme


  • Only goes up to 12 pounds

#6. Fitness Solutions

Fitness Solutions

The Fitness Solutions crossfit medicine ball has a core which is designed to stay strong and compact. The seams on this unit are double stitched to make them even stronger. The poly-composite outer lining is extremely rugged, so that it will withstand continuously slamming against the wall. This ball is a low bounce version, so that it won’t come too high. You need a low bounce to be able to perform CrossFit moves properly.

The Fitness Solutions range are offered between 10 and 18 pounds. They are all the same dimension, so that you can maintain your throwing form while you are improving your strength level. This is a great choice for rehab as well as hard core athletic exercise.


  • Double stitched seam
  • Poly composite outer
  • Low bounce


  • Poor grip

#7. CFF 14 Inch

CFF 14 Inch

The CFF ball has a soft shell outer that allows it to take more pressure and impact. The inner material is tightly compactly to ensure that it maintains its original shape over time. CFF offer a range of weight options between 6 and 20 pounds, going up in increments of 2 pounds. The different weighted units are color coded to allow you to easily select the best weight for your workout.

All of the different weights of the CFF ball range have a diameter of 14 inches. This is the standard dimension, allowing you to perform your reps in exactly the same manner. The CFF range come with a one year warranty. They also come in at a great price point.


  • 2 pound increments
  • Color coded
  • Constant diameter


  • Balls feel heavier than standard weight

#8. VTX


The VTX range is put out by Troy Barbell Company. It offers a number of weights, all of which are set at 14 inches. They have a synthetic leather outer, which is very strong and resilient. It offers a very good gripping ability, which is critically in throwing and catching. The bounce of this ball allows it to rebound to about mid thigh level, which is ideal for CrossFit exercises.

Durable double stitching means that the VTX range are extremely rugged. You get an impressive range of weight choices with VTX, allowing you to get the right resistance for your exercise. Troy Barbell offer a one year warranty of the VTX range.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Very good grip
  • 1 year warranty


  • Doesn’t maintain perfect round shape

#9. Reebok Soft Shell

Reebok Soft-Shell Medicine Ball

The Reebok soft shell is manufactured in the United States by Dynamax. The Dynamax range have been constructed using an ergonomic design that helps you to maintain a neutral spine that will actually give you more power and stability when slamming against the wall. Dynamax have a consistent and stringent manufacturing process which ensures that every single ball has a consistent shape and quality.

The Reebok soft shell range come in a variety of weight options, all of which have a 14 inch diameter. The have a very strong synthetic leather outer, which is double stitched for extra resilience. They have a great impact absorbing ability, that supplies you with just the right amount of bounce to perform.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong synthetic leather
  • Excellent impact absorption


  • Can lose shape over time

#10. REP V2 Slam Ball

Rep V2 SlamBall

The Rep V2 SlamBall is a rubber ball which is extremely durable. The outer is 50% thicker than most other rubber balls on the market. The inner material is sand, which provides an ideal balance for throwing against the wall. It has a 9 inch diameter, which is a little smaller than most wall balls. The rubber outer shell is extremely grippy, making it ideal for catching and rebounding.

The Rep V2 SlamBall is low bounce, which means that it will come up to your waist level. Balls that bounce too high are too difficult to handle, so the V2 provides an ideal rebound for CrossFit. You get a 3 year warranty on this product.


  • Low bounce
  • 50% thicker rubber outer
  • 3 year warranty


  • Sand is loose


Our favorite wall ball is the Rogue MK-D, with it’s strong outer core and ideal rebound ability. Coming in a close second was the One Fit Wonder V3, which has an awesome camp design and durable double stitch lacing. For a cheaper option, we recommend the CAP range of color coded single texture rubber balls.

Rogue MK-D Ball

Our #1. Recommendation

Rogue MK-D Ball

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