Top Rated Suspension Trainers for 2018 – An In Depth Review

updated August 3, 2018

Suspension training has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. The invention of a former Navy Seal just over a decade ago, you’ll find suspension trainers in most commercial gyms and training studios nowadays. More and more home gym enthusiasts are also switching on to the many benefits of suspension training. They are discovering that there is nothing better to activate the core on every movement, provide a great pulling motion and allow for unilateral training. When you invest in a suspension trainer, you get all of this, plus more than 300 bodyweight exercises, without any bulky equipments or weights.

In this guide we’ll break down the things that you need to be searching for when buying a suspension trainer for your home gym. We’ll find out just what makes suspension training a superior form of exercise and we’ll give you the insider tips to get the max benefit from your suspension trainer investment.

We’ve waded through the marketplace to bring you the best suspension trainers on the planet. Our review section will detail what’s on offer, take a look at the pros and cons of each and bring you our recommendations on where you should be spend your money.

Our top rated suspension trainer is the Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer which features a host of innovative features including lay flat handles, a ‘no rub’ cam buckle placement, single multi-point anchoring straps, and an extra wide six inch strap, but at a reasonable price and they are our hands down winner. Our second favorite is the original player on the market, the TRX Suspension Training system. Despite being considerably more expensive than the competition, this is the original upon which all others are based. Its overall quality, in terms of webbing, construction, buckling and handles, is second to none. The back up support in terms of training DVD and after sales service from TRX is also superb.

In terms of innovation, the Crosscore 180 BodyTrainer was a clear front runner, with it’s unique pulley system and simple pin switch to conventional suspension trainer. Rounding out our top suspension trainers were the best doorway trainer we came across, the GoFit Gravity Straps and a solid, basic performer in the Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer.Use the table of contents below to skip to specific parts of the article:

Use the table of contents below to skip to specific parts of the article:

ultimate bodypress resistance trainer

The Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer is a new player on the market that has gained immediate popularity due to some innovative features. One of these is it lay flat handles that are more comfortable than you will find with mosts competitors. This also allows for a more secure grip.

The two independent suspension straps are made of high grade military webbing. The unique system allows for fast, eve adjustment. The ‘no rub;’ buckle placement system means that you won’t get the discomfort that many are used to any lesser systems. The big difference with this system is that it is designed to follow the contours of your body, to synergistically work with your bodyweight as you exercise.

The single point utility strap anchor allows you to work with virtually any anchor point including tree limbs, doorways, pull up bars, rafters, and outdoor park structures. The quick connect ‘S’ hook allows for extremely quick adjustment whether working both away from and toward the bodyline.

You get good support material with the Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer, including a comprehensive exercise guide that includes 26 fully illustrated movements and three sample workouts.

The Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer has entered the market at an extremely competitive price point. This combined with the innovative features mentioned above and it overall performance quality was enough to propel it to the top of our list.


​The Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer provides you with a great alternative to the more expensive training systems on the market. It provides you with some great features that you won’ find anywhere else. These innovations allow the system to follow the contours of your body for a more effective, comfortable workout.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Training System is the original suspension training system, created by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. The system comes with the TRX extension strap, which the rest of the system hooks into. The TRX straps themselves come with two handles and two foot cradles.The system also comes with a door anchor for people with no cross beam or bar to hang the straps from. A TRX dvd also comes with the system. The DVD guide not only shows how to set the system up, it also takes you through every single exercise - and it gives you two live workouts with the TRX master trainers. A comprehensive book contains the same information as the DVD. The whole thing comes in a convenient carry bag.

The TRX system features a very user friendly strap adjustment system. With a suspension trainer, you’ll be changing strap positions quite a lot. The TRX equipment allows you to do so without eating into your valuable training time. You simply grab the buckle and pull up and down on the strap.

Rearranging the straps for single handle mode simply requires looping one handle into the other. The TRX allows you to do this in a matter of seconds.

A great feature of the TRX is its versatility. The whole thing weighs only two pounds and the pull-string carry bag allows you take it anywhere. Now you’ll never be without your training gear.


  • Ease of set-up -

The TRX users quick snap carabiners and one pull strap adjustment that allow you set the system up in seconds

  • DVD -

The TRX DVD guide is a comprehensive, professionally presented production that provides tons of added value.

  • Handles -

The TRX handles are of a soft webbing, allowing for a comfortable gripping position for both hands and feet.

  • Portability

The TRX can be packed into the tiniest of spaces thanks to its handy pull-string carry bag, making it the ultimate portable workout device.


  • Can't Add Extras -

The straps on the TRX have no provision for adding extra pieces of equipment to them.

  • Price -

the TRX is a lot more expensive than many of its competitors.


As the original suspension trainer the TRX sets the standard for the industry. We loved it’s portability, it’s ease of set-up and the fantastic DVD guide that comes with it. We weren’t impressed with the price. If brand recognition is important, then this is the one for you. The TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit is quite expensive, for a cheaper option, you can consider the TRX Suspension Training Home Gym. But if you’re simply after a piece of equipment that will do the business without breaking the bank, you may be better off with the Emerge EX2 or WOSS Attack system.

GoFit Gravity Bar Body Weight Training System

The GoFit system is a doorway mounted suspension trainer that allows you to train the suspension way even if your don’t have an overhead mounting position available. The system is safe and secure and is easy to set up. It won’t leave any marks on your doorway surrounds and can be taken down in seconds.

The fully patented, adjustable strap system on the GoFit system is made of high quality webbing. Your purchase includes two handles and two training straps. The comfort grip foam handles provide a secure, comfortable, sweat resistant hold. The maximum user weight on the GoFit system is an impressive 300 pounds. You purchase also comes with a laminated exercise guide and a mesh travel bag.


  • Versatile

The GoFit system will mount in any standard doorway, locking i place for a rock solid workout every time.

  • Ease of Adjustment -

To adjust the straps, you simply push a button, which frees the straps to be pulled to the length you desire.

  • Quality Instruction Book and DVD -

Several online reviewers commented on how impressed they were with the quality of the instruction manual.

  • Mesh Travel Bag


  • Straps are not removable


If you’re after a doorway suspension trainer, then this is the best that we found. It’s solid, versatile and easy to adjust.

CrossCore180 Rotational Bodyweight Trainer

Crosscore 180 Bodyweight Trainer

The Crosscore 180 system makes use of a pulley system to create a level of instability to enhance the core training aspect of every exercise. It also provides handles that can be attached to the trainer’s ropes with carabiners.


  • Instability -

The unique pulley system which features a rope thread through a movable pulley creates an extra layer of difficulty for every exercise. The effect of this is that the core and other stabilizer muscle groups are far more engaged than on other systems.

  • Rotating Pulley -

The design of the pulley allows for a wider range of motion than other suspension systems, providing the ability to perform twisting back and forth pulling type exercises.

  • Pin Lock -

By simply inserting a pin, the system reverts to a conventional suspension trainer, allowing you to eliminate the instability.


  • Price -

The Crosscore is by far the most expensive unit that we came across. Keep in mind, however, that it offers more than a conventional suspension system.

  • Weight -

Even though the system comes with a handy carry bag, it still weighs twice as much as most of the other units we reviewed. That decreases the portability factor considerably.


If cost is not an issue for you then the Crosscore 180 system has a lot going for it. It offers a greater level of intensity that will translate to quicker results. We really liked that it quickly converts back to a normal suspension trainer with the simple insertion of a pin.

 Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer

Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer

The Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer is a versatile bodyweight training system which can be secured to an overhead mount, a doorway or a pull up bar. The lay flat grip straps allow the straps to be aligned with your arms as you perform your exercises. The thick straps are up to eight feet in length. The EPDM grips rotate for angled work on the triceps, including being able to use a hammer grip. The double strap attachment allows you to perform such body-weight moves as push ups without the hassle of the straps getting in the way of your shoulder movement.

The carabiners on the Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer have been tested to over 1,000 pounds. Unlike most other units on the market, the foot straps on Comcor unit are fully removable.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.


  • Durability -

the straps are made of thick webbing, the buckles are reliable and the handles are made of durable nylon

  • EPDM Grips -

handles rotate to allow for angled grips and various grips, including hammer.

  • Ease of use -

the system sets up in seconds, with an easy button controlled change of strap length arrangement.


  • No DVD


The Comcor Suspension Fitness Trainer is a well priced, high quality suspension trainer that can attach to a door, pull up bar or overhead mount. It delivers a high quality bodyweight workout thanks to its lay fat grip straps, EPDM rotating grips, and double strap attachments.

Buyers Guide

When you’re shopping for a suspension system, you need to be able to wade through the straps and buckles which, let’s face it, all essentially look alike, in order to hone in on the important features. Here’s what you need to be looking out for:

  • DVD - Suspension training is a new type of training for many people. A quality DVD that clearly shows how to set up the gear and to do the exercises is an important part of a complete suspension training package.
  • Strap Quality - The straps are what suspend your bodyweight. Make sure that they are constructed of quality material and that the buckles are reliable. Carbon fiber buckling is the ideal.
  • Handles - You’ll want a comfortable gripping surface for both hands and feet. In addition the handles need to be as slip resistant as possible.
  • Anchor Points - Not only must be the anchor points be sturdy, but you don’t want them to leave any marks on the door or ceiling. This is especially the case when it comes to doorway systems.
  • Portability - One of the great features about the suspension concept is that it can be taken anywhere. Your system should come with a carry case and should all pack up to just a couple of pounds.

What’s So Great about Suspension Training, Anyway?

Suspension training has become the most popular training variant of the last few years for good reason. The portability and variability of the system are huge factors. Here are five more reasons why suspension training rocks:

  • Suitable for all levels - To make the system harder, you simply change the level of your body position. The lower you go, the more difficult the exercise.
  • Hits both aerobic and an anaerobic systems - When training on a suspension trainer, you are getting both a muscular and a cardiovascular workout. The faster you train, the more aerobic the exercise becomes.
  • Low impact - Suspension training is extremely low impact, making it very user friendly on your joints.
  • Core centric - Due to the instability factor, every single exercise you do on the suspension trainer is a core exercise. That makes the suspension trainer a superior alternative when 6-pack abs are your goal.
  • Unilateral training - the suspension system makes it easy and safe to work a single side of your body in isolation.


The best suspension training system for home use that we could find was the Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer. It is versatile, durable and incorporates features such as lay flat handles, ‘no rub’ cam buckle placement and single multi-point anchoring straps, integrated foot loops. All of this comes together at a cost that is significantly cheaper than most of their competitors, which, makes them a wise choice.

On the other hand, the TRX Training System is the original suspension trainer and features the highest grade webbing, carabiners, slip resistant grip and sturdy buckling, that provides the strength and resilience that your body demands.

Top Rated Suspension Trainers for 2018 – An In Depth Review
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I am a dad of two with a busy schedule and the gym just isn’t as accessible as it used to be. I’ve decided to give suspension training a go. This was really helpful, thanks!

Can you speak to how to Kylin and WOSS anchor to a door/doorway?