Sunny Health Elliptical Trainers Review January 2019

Sunny Health Elliptical Trainers Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Sunny Health and Fitness are premiere distributors and importers of leading home fitness equipment that is manufactured in China and Taiwan. Sunny are able to source directly through their huge network of manufacturers, meaning that they can bring the best prices to market. The quality of their products is second to none. In this article we review the best of the Sunny Elliptical range. Then we take a look at three quality Sunny alternatives.

The Best Sunny Ellipticals

There are 16 machines in the elliptical range, including cross trainers, under desk ellipticals, magnetic and flywheel models. We’ve selected their three most popular models to review.

Sunny Elliptical SF-E905

The Sunny Elliptical SF-E905 is a mid range elliptical that is powerful and solid. The resistance is provided by way of a magnetic system with micro-tension controller. This provides you with a smooth, jerk free elliptical motion. You get 8 levels of variable adjustable resistance, and large anti-slip platforms allow you to get the ideal foot positioning. Hand pulse monitoring allows you to control your heartbeat without loosening your grip on the handles.

The Sunny SF-E905 provides you with an LCD screen that monitors your essential training data, including speed, time, distance, calories and pulse. This is an excellent entry level trainer that provides a solid, reliable workout. It has a maximum user capacity of 220 pounds and provides a very compact footprint. You get dual handles to allow for idealised hand positioning to allow for full body adjustment.

Weighing in at less than 70 pounds, the Sunny SF-E905 is very easy to move around.


  • 8 resistance levels
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive


  • Short stride length
Sunny Pink Magnetic Elliptical

The Sunny Pink Magnetic Elliptical is an entry model, lightweight trainer that comes in at a great price. It has an 8 level tension controller, along with a smooth and silent magnetic resistance level. The meter function scans the time, speed, distance, calories and total distance. Large anti-slip platforms provide a secure base from which to exercise. The max user weight of this machine is 220 pounds.

The Sunny Pink Elliptical is a lightweight machine that weighs in at just 51 pounds. The striking pink makes a bold statement. This is a great low impact toner that is easy on your knees and ankles. It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 8 level tension controller
  • Large anti-slip foot platforms
  • Lightweight


  • Not overly durable
Sunny SF-E3609

The Sunny SF-E36-09 is a more solid, sturdy and rigid version of the pink magnetic trainer. It features a variable resistance magnetic system that is quiet and operates very smoothly. As with the other two models we’ve considered, you get 8 levels of adjustable resistance. The LCD monitor displays the time, distance, calories, pulse and odometer. Hand pulse sensors give you an accurate readout of your training heart rate without letting go of the grips.

The Sunny SF-E36-09 has a maximum user weight of 265 pounds and weighs in at just 71 pounds, making it easy to position and move around the room. The dual action handles allow you to get the ideal upper body positioning, so you can effectively work your arms and torso.


  • Solid frame
  • Max user weight 265 pounds
  • 8 levels of resistance


  • Limited stride length

Sunny Alternatives

The Sunny range offer you what may be the best value offering when it comes to budget entry crosstrainers. The Gazelle Freestyle stepper provides a very full range of motion, dual motion split suspension and a 300 pound max user weight. The ProForm Smart Strider 735 also allows for 300 pounds user weight, has a tech enhanced monitor and provides 22 workout apps. The Fitness Reality E-5500XL has 24 levels of magnetic resistance, 21 pre-set workouts and a double transmission system.

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

The Gazelle Freestyle step machine is a body propelled free strider that allows you to get a greater range of motion than the majority of ellipticals. You get a very smooth, natural motion that will engage every muscle in your lower body. This unit features a unique dual motion split suspension. Because you are suspended in mid air, you also get an extremely impact friendly workout when you train on the Gazelle Freestyle stepper.

The Gazelle Freestyle stepper is a simple machine that gives an effective workout to your entire body. The onboard computer gives you a readout of your esential training data, including speed, distance, time, and calories. The maximum user weight of this trainer is an impressive 300 pounds.


  • Very smooth motion
  • Dual motion split suspension
  • 300 pound max weight


  • Very heavy
ProForm Smart Strider 735

The ProForm Smart Strider 735 is a higher spec alternative to the Sunny range. It provides you with a 300 pound max user weight, which is 35 pounds more than the most rigid Sunny model. You also get two and a half times the number of resistance levels and 22 workout apps. Your heart rate is monitored by way of EKG pulse rate tracking.

The elliptical motion of the ProForm Smart Strider 735 is smooth and fluid, allowing you to get a very natural workout motion. The monitor is fitted with iFit technology, along with Bluetooth Smart, vastly increasing your workout options. This is a mid priced machine that gives you a very good workout and will withstand the test of time.


  • 300 pound user weight
  • Tech enhanced monitor
  • iPod compatible


  • Noisy
Fitness Reality E-5500XL

The Fitness Reality E-5500XL provides you with double flywheels, along with a double-belt design system. This delivers a superior elliptical motion that feels extremely natural and allows you to engage all of the muscles of your upper and lower bodies. This unit has a compact, slim-lined design that saves space and makes it easy to move the unit around your home. You get 24 levels of magnetic resistance and 21 pre-set workout apps.

The Fitness Reality E-5500XL trainer gives you a backlit LCD display to make it easier to view readouts of your calories, distance, speed, time and pulse. You also get a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. The extended user weight capacity is 270 pounds. Transportation wheels are also included.


  • 24 magnetic resistance levels
  • 21 pre-set workouts
  • Double transmission system


  • Difficult to assemble


The Sunny Elliptical range offer some of the best price entry level machines on the market. The Sunny Elliptical SF-E905 delivers 8 resistance levels, is compact and inexpensive. The Sunny Pink Elliptical is a statement making hot pink, has large anti-slip floor platforms and is very lightweight. The Sunny SF-E36-09 offers a very solid frame, provides a 265 pound max user weight and provides 8 levels of resistance.

As alternatives to the Sunny range, the Gazelle Freestyle stepper delivers 300 pounds max user weight, an extreme range of motion and a dual split suspension. The ProForm Smart Strider 735 has 22 workout apps, iFit technology and 300 pounds of user weight. The Fitness Reality E-5500XL provides you with 24 levels of magnetic resistance, a double transmission system and 21 workout programs.

Sunny Elliptical SF-E905

Our #1. Recommendation

​Sunny Elliptical SF-E905

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Sunny Health Elliptical Trainers Review 2019
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