TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Review

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TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Review Review Facts

When most people think of suspension training, they think of TRX. After all, it is the original set up and the most popular. It highlights compact features, a huge range of exercises, and a decent price so it is a great option for home fitness.  This system is simple and effective for users of any age to unleash their full fitness potential. It delivers proven results with professionally created TRX workouts to build power and strength anywhere. In this article, we will tell you all about the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training system and give you the information you need for an informed buying decision. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Is the original suspension training set up

Suspension adds some balance to the traditional bodyweight routines

You can set this up anywhere you can get a steady anchor indoors or outdoors

Lighter than other suspension trainers and multi-use workout devices.


Attaching to a doorway limits the ranges of motion you can use for certain exercises.


The TRX system consists of a nylon webbing extension strap, which forms the nucleus of the device. You also get a pair of handles and foot cradles and a door anchor. In addition, the system comes with a DVD guide so you can get the maximum use of this system in the comfort of your own home.

The suspension band is versatile and compact. The whole thing weighs just two pounds and it comes with a convenient carry bag. The use of quick snap heavy-duty carabiners makes the device robust and reliable.

This system features a very user-friendly strap adjustment system. It allows you to adjust the gear without eating into your valuable training time. You simply grab the buckle and pull up and down on the strap. TRX Pro 3 Pack is an upgraded version of the trainer with commercial-grade components and three different anchoring options.

Our review shows that it is a quality suspension trainer. The big problem we have with this system is that they have made their product ridiculously expensive - like 4 times more expensive than similar competing models that are on the market. We all know that you can expect to pay a little more for brand recognition - if that’s your thing - but a 400% premium is way over the top.​


This training system is like having a gym in a box. The whole thing fits in a handy carrying bag that will easily fit in your purse, backpack, glove box, or drawer. This is a full-body workout that you can use to target your major and minor muscle groups. It is resistance training using your own body weight which you can use to customize your exercises to your own fitness level. It also minimizes your chance of injury.

As long as you have access to a door, wall stud, tree, or even rafters in the garage you can create your very own gym using this system. All you need to complete the over 100 conditioning and strength training exercises is your own body weight, this simple system, and somewhere to anchor the straps.

You can work out anywhere. The system includes multiple anchors for workouts off of doors, rafters, poles, posts, or trees. It is light and easy to carry with you while still being strong and durable enough to give you a good workout. You can take it to the gym, to work, or while traveling. It is fast, fun and so effective.

History of The TRX System

This unique system started with a Navy Seal named Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick. He made the original program while on deployment using just some parachute and a martial arts belt. From this prototype, he evolved it into the official TRX Suspension Trainer. It quickly caught on with trainers, athletes, and anyone wanting a quick workout.

The suspension training started with suspension training using bodyweight and has gone on to develop the highest quality in training gear and workouts which you can use to reach your fitness goals. It uses your body weight and lets you advance the exercise by just adjusting your body to move against gravity. You can maximize your training with the single anchor point and locking loop. In addition, this system is also safety-tested and held to very high standards so you can push yourself to achieve and exceed your goals.


Suspended training is an easy way to build up your muscle mass using your own bodyweight along with natural gravity to create the exercise resistance. It is harder to hurt yourself when using your own body as the training equipment instead of when you are using weights or gym equipment. It will also be easier to challenge yourself right to the edge of your current fitness abilities and push yourself to improve. You will also build up your strength level and tone your body even faster than you would with more traditional exercises because this training targets your minor as well as major muscle groups.

Anyone at any fitness level can get their fitness started and progress at your own rate with seven basic movements including plank, pull, push, hinge, squat, lunge, rotate and squat. With this foundation, you can unlock over 100 exercises and be able to work every part of your body to reach your fitness goals. The movements will advance as you do. TRX has developed this technique to help you unleash your full fitness potential. You will increase strength, build flexibility, train trouble areas, and be able to work out any time and anywhere you want to.

What Is Included

The suspension training strap, the suspension anchor, and door anchor which is everything you need to get a full-body workout. All of this comes in a nice. convenient mesh carrying bag to keep it together in your gym bag, purse or suitcase. It also comes with a 35-page full-color workout guide to guide you through some helpful exercises.

Ease of Use

This product comes with a handy two-page pamphlet which helps you quickly understand how to mount the straps to anchor them. Once you have it properly anchored you are basically ready to exercise. You will have to take time to adjust the straps so they will work for your height but that will only take another minute or two.

Using this suspension training system is also very easy. There is a big poster with full-color pictures and instructions that help you keep from getting confused thanks to their very clever approach: You need to practice the seven basic moves before you embark on a total workout. These are a chest press, side plank, a fly, a squat, a lunge, a torso rotation, and a hip press. The suspension training will add difficulty to these exercises.


The in-ear audio app uses the newest technology to track your biometric data. It reacts to that information in real-time to give you custom training tips, encourages you and gives you workout plans so you can achieve your fitness goals faster. The coaches are world-class and will guide you every bit of the way. While you are working out, your movement is tracked and analyzed so it can be turned into information you can use to further your goals.

This helpful app is your perfect partner in training. It has a nice variety of options for training including running and cycling, HIIT and functional training, suspension training, yoga, and more. You can pick the workout which matches your schedule and your goals. It uses your biometric data and creates an individualized experience. It also syncs with most of the major brand wearables. The workouts audio is voiced by real coaches that will react at the moment to guide you.


You will find a lot of benefits to using this specialized system. To start with, it gives you a fast workout that takes care of your whole body using your weight and gravity as resistance. It will help you build balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and will stabilize your core. It will help you reach your goal whether you are working to get stronger, lose fat, improve your endurance or get flexible. You use your bodyweight to perform your choice from hundreds of exercises and you can get a full-body workout while you work your core. Since you are only using one tool, you can adjust to different exercises quickly.

The TRX can help you build a strong core which is the best place to start if you want to be able to feel, move, and look better. That is why the movements require you to brace and stabilize with your obliques, abs and lower back so you can use your body weight as resistance. It uses functional movements to help your core fitness increase.

Anyone with any fitness level, from professional athletes to seniors, can use this system. You just adjust the position of your body to add resistance so you can control how difficult you make it on yourself for each exercise, so it is easy for any fitness level to adjust to fit their needs. It is also a low impact training so anyone can train in complete comfort which gets rid of the worry about agitating an injury or causing a new one.

You can set it up anywhere whether you are home, in a gym, hotel or even outdoors. It was originally designed by a Navy Seal who wanted to keep his body in shape but during his work travels he only had limited space so he made a portable system he could set up anywhere he could find an anchor point.

The Final Word

The TRX All In One Suspension System is a brilliant idea for expanding your fitness level. It will give you a full-body workout and is easy to use as well as portable. All you need is an anchor point and your body weight to make it happen. It does not matter what your fitness level is or what your lifestyle is like. You can get in shape and move, feel, and look better.