TRX Reviews and Alternatives – Is It Worth the Price?

updated January 1, 2019

With it’s compact features, huge exercise range and low cost, suspension training is a great option for home gymers. Most people think that suspension training is TRX training. Afterall, TRX is the original and most popular system. Well, here’s an insider secret - while the TRX system is good, it is massively overpriced. There is an option out there that will do the same thing for a lot less money - the EX1 Suspension Trainer from Emerge.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX system consists of a nylon webbing extension strap, which forms the nucleus of the device. You also get a pair of handles and foot cradles and a door anchor. In addition, the system comes with a DVD guide so you can get the maximum use of the TRX at home.

The TRX band is versatile and compact. The whole thing weighs just two pounds and it comes with a convenient carry bag. The use of quick snap heavy duty carabiners make the device robust and reliable.

The TRX system features a very user friendly strap adjustment system. It allows you to adjust the gear without eating into your valuable training time. You simply grab the buckle and pull up and down on the strap. TRX Pro 3 Pack is an upgraded version of the trainer with commercial grade components and three different anchoring options.

Our TRX review shows that it is a quality suspension trainer. The big problem we have with TRX is that they have made their product ridiculously expensive - like 4 times more expensive than similar competing models that are on the market. We all know that you can expect to pay a little more for brand recognition - if that’s your thing - but a 400% premium is way over the top.​


  • Ease of set-up
  • Soft grip handles
  • Portability


  • Price - the TRX is a lot more expensive than its competitors

We give the TRX an overall rating of 7/10. Fortunately, there is a product that gives you the exact same features as the TRX, but at a quarter of the price. The EX1 Emerge suspension system does everything except emptying your wallet. Check the full review of the Emerge EX1 below.

TRX Alternatives

While there are many cheap TRX rip-offs, we’ve discovered that there are also some fantastic alternatives that are a lot less expensive. Top among them is the EX1 Suspension Trainer by Emerge Fitness, which matches the TRX feature for feature and then some.

The Boss Fitness Products suspension system is a great option if you don’t have an overhead mounting platform. The CrossCore 180 Bodyweight Trainer has a pulley system to add intensity and versatility.

EX1 Suspension Trainer by Emerge Fitness

EX2 Suspension Trainer by Emerge Fitness

The EX1 Suspension Trainer by Emerge Fitness has been designed by sports professionals to provide you with everything you need in a high end suspension trainer for great workouts but at a price you can afford. It is made from military grade heavy duty nylon webbing. Cross Stitching makes the straps even more durable.

A cool feature of the EX1 is the addition of an anti-slip stabilizer ring to prevent the bands from slipping, something that you don’t get with the TRX. It also has both indoor and outdoor attachments so that the system can be used anywhere, anytime. The complete EX1 Emerge Suspension system includes a door anchor, a suspension anchor, a mesh carry bag and a getting started guide. It comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.​


  • Made from military grade nylon webbing
  • Excellent value
  • Anti-slip stabilizer ring


  • Not a high profile brand name

Boss Fitness Products Suspension System

Boss Fitness Products Suspension System

The Boss Fitness System provides you with a complete kit to turn your doorway into a suspension training platform. It includes a pair of GoFit Gravity straps, a pair of handles and ankle cradles, a mesh travel bag and a training manual. The polypropylene straps are heavy duty, allowing for a max user weight of 300 pounds.

They have sturdy metal D rings and the handles have a soft foam cushioning.

The Boss straps are available in five different colors according to their level of tension, which ranges up to 880 pounds. The sturdy door anchor is rated to 400 pounds of tension. A 36 inch extension attachment anchor comes with the system. Extra strength carabiners are made from zinc alloy.​


  • Complete doorway suspension system
  • Zinc alloy carabiners
  • Up to 880 pounds of tension


  • Unclear and incomplete instruction guide
CrossCore 180

The CrossCore 180 is a patented system that allows you to insert a magnetic pin so that you can perform stable exercises as well as rotational ones. A pulley attachment makes this far more than a conventional suspension trainer.

The CrossCore 180 has a rope that threads through a movable pulley to create an extra layer of difficulty for every exercise. The effect of this is that the core and other stabilizer muscle groups are far more engaged than on other systems. The design of the pulley allows for a wider range of motion than other suspension systems, providing the ability to perform twisting back and forth pulling type exercises.

The CrossCore 180 comes with a free door anchor and mesh carry bag.​


  • Rotating Pulley
  • Pin Lock
  • Can perform stable and rotational exercises


  • Twice as heavy as most other suspension systems

Not sure of the benefits of using a suspension training system? Check out this clip which spells out how suspension training can make you fitter faster . . .


Our TRX training review reveals that the TRX is a quality suspension band that will give you a good workout experience. However, it is also way overpriced. We’ve discovered that you can get the same quality of straps, carabiners, handles and ankle cradles for a whole lot less money with the EX1 Suspension Trainer by Emerge Fitness. It even adds an anti slip stabilizer ring. We definitely recommend the Emerge EX1 over the TRX.

We also appreciated the GoFit Gravity straps, which is a great choice if you’re in need of a doorway only suspension system. For a more challenging workout that involves stability and rotational movement, the CrossCore 180 has what you need.

RX Suspension Training Review

Our #1. Recommendation

​RX Suspension Training

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