Smart Health Walking Fit Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Sometimes you have to look beyond the high profile manufacturers to find the product that best suits your needs. When it comes to fitness and activity trackers, FitBit, Garmin, and JawBone may be the first to come to mind. But there are other high quality manufacturers out there who deserve your attention. One of them is Smart Health. In this article we will get up close and personal with the Smart Health Walking Fit Activity Tracker.

Smart Health Walking Fit

Smart Health Walking Fit

The Smart Health Fit Line of watches allows the average person to be more aware of their lifestyle and daily calorie burn through their stress free and easy to use product line. This is by far and away the easiest to use heart rate monitor and distance tracker in the market place. There is absolutely no set up required at all with this fitness tracking watch. You simply take your watch out of the box, set the time and off you go.

The Smart Health fit line of watches automatically tracks an entire day’s worth of steps, distance and calories burned. By gently touching and leaving your fingers on the heart rate sensor, the watch reads your ECG signals while you are exercising or at rest.

The Smart Health Fit line of watches provide you with an ECG reading of your pulse rate. It measures the electrical impulses from your heart beat. Smart Health uses its own proprietary technology to integrate your heart rate into the calorie calculation. It also makes use of basal metabolic rate (BMR), speed and motion to provide a more accurate all day calorie burn. It is the only technology that does this.

The combination of precision technology and simplicity allows users to maximise health and wellness.

The Smart Health watch is basically a pulse / heart monitor. When you input your weight, age and gender, it will calculate your daily caloric expenditure just to function (your basal metabolic rate). The heart rate monitor on the Smart health watch is very accurate.

Smart Health Calorie, Step and Heart Rate Women’s Watch

Smart Health Women’s watch

The Smart Health Women’s watch is easy to read and has a one touch heart rate. It will tell you how many steps you take throughout the day, and how many calories you are burning. It has all day monitoring so that, at the end of the day, you can see the tally of your calories steps and miles.

If you’re running in the morning or at night, the watch has a backlight that allows you to clearly read the display. This is an easy to read watch that is not overly technical. It provides you with one touch heart beat monitoring.

The watch comes with the Tony Little start walking guide, which shows you how to get started on a calorie burning walking program. It also comes with a great display box. When you’re ready to ditch the technical fitness trackers that swamp you with information that you don’t need, it’s time to take a look at the Smart Health alternative.

The Smart Health Women’s watch is water resistant, so you can wear it in the shower or while doing the dishes. You are not able to jump in the pool with the watch on, however, as it is not water proof.

You don’t have to go to the computer after you’re done with using the watch, as their is no app to pair it with. All of the displays on the watch are real time.

​The Smart Health Women’s watch is available in black or white.

The Smart Health Tony Little Connection

Tony Little Smart Health Heart Rate watch

Smart Health have teamed up with fitness and TV celebrity Tony Little to promote their Smart Health watch. In fact, the watch is properly known as the Tony Little Smart Health Heart Rate watch. Tony Little is a certified personal trainer who dubs himself as “America’s fitness trainer”. His hyper enthusiastic personality and blond pony tail have become familiar to millions of infomercial viewers. Tony’s infomercials have brought in revenues in excess of $4 billion, so it was a smart move on the part of Smart Health to team up with this fitness icon.

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The Smart Health 10,000 Step Goal

​Tony Little’s Smart Health Heart Rate watch base fitness program is built around walking 10,000 steps each day. But why 10,000 steps? We hear this magical number often. People will tell you that walking 10,000 steps is better for you than just about any other physical activity you can do. But is this really the case?

The average person has a very sedentary lifestyle. They spend a lot of their time sitting at a desk or a car, or in front of the TV or computer. The 30 minutes of moderate physical activity recommended by the Center for Disease Control couldn’t possibly counteract all of that lying around. So we need to do more. But what research led to the 10,000 step number?

In the 1960’s walking clubs were very popular in Japan. They were so popular that everybody wanted a pedometer. Those pedometers, in turn, were so popular that they began to be marketed under the brand name of ‘manpo-kei’, which means 10,000 steps meter. A Japanese doctor estimated that 10,000 steps should be enough to burn 20% of the calories that a person takes in. The concept caught on and the 10,000 steps baseline became accepted, despite their being no real science to back it up.

So, does walking 10,000 steps each day actually work?

​Yes, it does. Studies done recently show that hitting your 10,000 step goal can lower your blood pressure and improve your glucose levels. An Australian study showed that meeting your goal can improve a person’s brain function and level of fitness by 2%.

The average American takes about 5300 steps per day. The CDC says that upping that to 8000 can still give you all the health benefits you need. That is the same as adding a 30 minute walk onto your day. But if you work out already, or jog, you may get less than 10,000 steps but still be doing exercise. So, is jogging the same as walking?

​Not really. Over the last 20 years, obesity in the US has increased by 57%. During that same time span physical activity at work and at home has declined at a similar rate. Nowadays, we sit around a lot. So, if you jog a couple of miles and get 4,000 steps or hit the gym and get in a good 30 minute workout, but then spend the other twenty three and a half hours of your day sitting around, you will not get the same benefits as you would by hitting the gym and also making sure that you reach your waking goal.

​That doesn’t mean that you have to immediately start walking 10,000 steps per day. Adding any level of physical activity can give you immediate benefits. The Tony Little program will ease you into a walking program that will progressively build toward the 10,000 step goal.


The Smart Health Walking Fit watch is a refreshing addition to the fitness monitor market. Rather than getting caught up in the high tech complications of it’s competitors, the Walking Fit strips back the tech to provide you with an extremely functional, simple to operate yet very accurate way to monitor your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate at a great price.

Smart Health Walking Fit

Our #1. Recommendation

​Smart Health Walking Fit

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