Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Nautilus R616 recumbent bike is a great machine to have on hand for those nice and easy recovery days. It provides a great lower body workout that is designed to shed calories and build muscle without putting a strain on your joints.

If you had a brutal day in the weight room and your joints took quite a beating, this bike is a great way to stay active while being kind to your joints.

What I love most about this design from Nautilus is that it boasts high-end features such as perimeter-weighted flywheel craft, a nice and smooth ride that runs almost silently.

It also offers a good deal of resistance when you are ready for a real challenge. The seat is nice and comfortable, and the onboard display provides many features users love in cardio equipment.

It’s Bluetooth compatible, has built-in speakers, and even has an adjustable fan (which is a feature I absolutely love on cardio machines!)

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike a machine that is worth checking out!
Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Perimeter-weighted flywheel offers a smooth ride
Very comfortable adjustable seat
Heart-rate monitor built into the side handles
The display includes pre-programmed workouts
Affordable price point
Compatible with Explore The World app


The tablet shelf covers the top portion of the onboard display
Difficult to assemble

Key Features


If you want a killer workout that is kind to your joints, this is a great choice. It provides users with up to 25 levels of resistance that you can adjust right on the onboard display screen. This means that you won’t have to get off of the bike or stop pedaling to adjust the tension on the line.

It also utilizes ECB (electromagnetic resistance system) that runs virtually silently. When you press a button to adjust the resistance on the console, it does all of the adjustment inside of the flywheel.

By utilizing this style of resistance, it means that there is less ongoing maintenance required from the user, and it is also much more durable than exposed resistance systems.


The display on this design is quite large, which makes it easy to track your progress at a glance. The large back-lit blue screen provides detailed information on distance traveled, time in use, calories burned, and speed.

The buttons on the front are clearly labeled, and allow you to get started right out of the box without the need to read the instruction manual. It has a quick-start button that allows you to adjust the resistance on the flywheel and preprogrammed workouts that will adjust the resistance on the line as you progress through the workout.

It’s not as advanced as more modern machines, but this simple yet effective onboard display helps to keep the price tag low.


The onboard screen display is fine, but it doesn’t quite reach the levels of performance as some of the higher-end touch screen displays are found in more expensive machines. It gets the job done, but it’s missing that certain level of immersion that the full-color touchscreen displays can offer.

One of the great things about his machine is that by syncing your tablet or smartphone to your bike via Bluetooth, you can transform your tablet into your very own touch screen display.

Plus, once connected to Bluetooth, the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike sends all of your workout data right to your health app on your phone so you can track your progress. The Bluetooth also syncs easily with smartphones or wireless headphones.

If you find that workouts at home can get a little boring and uninspiring, this machine is also compatible with the Explore the World app.

This app has a ton of scenic trails that offer a first-person perspective that feels like you are there in the great outdoors instead of parked in front of your storage containers in your garage.

The app requires a reasonable monthly membership fee, and it is well worth it if you need to spice up your workouts!


I love that the seat of this recumbent bike is super comfortable, but not so comfortable that you’ll want to take a nap!

The seat itself boasts an ergonomic design that contours to the shape of your body to keep you nice and comfortable on those long rides.

The back of the seat has a concave shape to hug your body and has plenty of ventilation to keep you nice and cool when you start to build up a sweat. Overall, this chair is incredibly comfortable and built for high-intensity workouts.

What’s great about this design is that it is a cinch to make quick adjustments as needed. With recumbent bikes, it is super important that you adjust the seat to just the right angle to avoid putting pressure on your knees.

To make adjustments to this seat, simply side it up and down the track to find the perfect angle for your body type, and then lock it in place.

The handles on the side are coated in a thick layer of EVA foam that provides a soft yet slip-resistant grip that is great for long-distance biking. It also has a built-in heart rate monitor built into the handlebars so that you can find that calorie-shedding sweet spot.

It’s important to note that the heart rate monitors aren't as accurate as designs that sit next to your heart.

For a more accurate reading, it may be in your best interest to invest in a Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitor.


The additional features are designed to make your rides just a little bit more enjoyable and convenient. It boasts a tablet shelf on the top of the unit so you can watch your favorite TV shows as you ride, or sync your device with the Explore The World app. The tablet shelf doesn’t completely obstruct the onboard display, so you can still keep track of your progress as you ride.

A great feature of this design is that it also has a USB charging port to ensure that your smartphone or tablet never runs out of juice in the middle of a workout. While the Bluetooth compatibility syncs with wireless headphones, you can also plug wired headphones into the headphone jack as well.

I also love that this device has a built-in fan right at the base of the onboard screen. When you start to get a little too hot, you can crank up the fan to blow a nice and cool breeze on your face.

If you pair the fan with the Explore The World app, it almost feels like you are right there instead of stuck at home!


Stationary recumbent bikes have a reputation for being big and bulky, but this design is surprisingly compact. It measures to be 65.3 inches long, 28.3 inches wide and stands to be 49.6 inches high.

Compared to other cardio machines such as treadmills or other stationary bikes, this design is slightly smaller and more compact making it ideal for smaller workout spaces.

What I also love about this machine is that it is built like a tank and can support up to 300 pounds, but it isn’t overly heavy. When completely assembled, it only weighs 91 pounds. Plus, if you want to move it from room to room, Nautilus makes it really easy.

It has a pair of wheels mounted to the front of the unit, and a handle along the back that makes it a cinch to move when you need to clear up some floor space, or simply want to move it to a new location.


Sure, the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike doesn’t boast the fancy onboard full-color touch screen display that is found on many modern machines, but this also means that it is offered at a much more affordable price point.

When compared to other recruitment bikes out there on the market, the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike runs in the middle of the road in terms of price. When compared to other top-tier brands such as Schwinn or NordicTrack, the price falls right into that sweet spot.

This bike offers users a solid frame that is wobble-free, and plenty of advanced features to keep their workouts exciting.

More expensive bikes may have more bells and whistles that you may not want or need, but they often perform just the same as this solid design from Nautilus.


If you are on the hunt for a quality recumbent bike that is perfect for recovery days when you need to give your joints a break, the Nautilus R616 is one of your best options. It provides users with top-tier resistance that is consistent and challenging.

The ride of this machine is nice and smooth due to the perimeter-weighted flywheel with internal resistance mechanisms, and it runs virtually silently.

The onboard display is simple and easy to use and can send all of your workout data right to your smartphone, Advanced features such as a built-in fan and charging ports make your life just a little bit easier, and pairing it with the

Explore The World apps transforms boring old cardio workouts into something much more exciting and engaging.