Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Bowflex Velocore 16 IC bike isn’t your average stationary bike because it isn’t technically stationary!

While this bike is packed with advanced features found on high-end bikes like Peloton, there is one very unique feature that makes it stand out in a world of boring old bikes. This design boasts something called Lean Mode that turns a boring ride down a sidewalk into an existing and muscle-toning ride down a curvy and unpredictable path.

When Lean Mode is activated, the bike swerves to the left and right (hello core muscles!). It leans, it rocks, and it sways to feel like you are really riding down a curvy country road.

Few bikes out there on the market provide the same full-body workout as this bike. Pop on a scenic riding screen on the large touch screen, and your borning garage transforms into something much more exciting.

If you want a little bit of excitement thrown into your daily workouts in your home gym, the Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike is worth a look!
Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Lean Mode provides a more immersive riding experience
100 levels of magnetic resistance
Compatible with most fitness apps, even the Peloton app
Adjustable handlebars
JRNY subscription app provides personalized workout


Slightly expensive
Very heavy
Difficult to assemble

Key Features


When the snow starts piling up outside, riding inside with a view of the paint cans in your garage can be a little demoralizing.

Bowflex realizes that riding on a stationary bike isn’t quite as exciting as riding outdoors and builds a bike that you can get excited about.

The large onboard display allows you to load up scenic trailheads to boost your immersion, or you can load up a personalized workout like you are in a spin class at the gym. The JRNY app is also compatible with all of your streaming services, so you can binge a Netflix show as you burn fat.

What makes this bike stand out in a world of boring old stationary bikes is that it boasts Lean Mode. With Lean Mode activated, the bike leans to the left and right and feels as if you are riding down a bumpy and curvy mountain road.

Not only does Lean mode make your stationary ride a bit more exciting and immersive, but it also helps to strengthen your core and your arms. When the bike leans, you will need to engage your core and arm muscles to stabilize yourself on the bike.


Who doesn’t love a large digital display? Users can select from a 17-inch touch screen, or pay a bit more for the larger 22-inch display. Without the use of any subscription apps, the display acts like your average stationary bike. It details your time, distance, calories burned, and speed.

However, when you turn off your machine it doesn’t record this data into the machine. If you pair it via Bluetooth to a health app on your phone, it will store your workout performance on your compatible apps.

Typically, I get a little annoyed when workout machines require a subscription to take full advantage of the benefits that a machine offers. However, the JRNY app that works the best with this bike gives you a really big bang for your buck!

Overall, the monthly cost is less than your average gym membership, and it includes a host of features to keep you excited and engage in your workouts. It even provides detailed insights into your rides, much like a personal trainer, to ensure that you never hit a performance wall.

With the JRNY membership, you can also pair your bike with all of the big streaming services to binge your favorite show while you work out.

On the fence about buying a BowFlex or a Peloton? This bike from Bowflex is even compatible with the Peloton app to deliver live workouts right to your machine.


The Bowflex Velocore 16IC bike provides riders with a ton of adjustable features that contour to your very specific frame.

I love that the seat is able to be adjusted both up and down as well as back and forth, and it is as easy as pulling out a pin.

What I also love about the adjustments to the seat is that it has numbered positions painted onto the metal frame that make it a little bit easier to switch between various users.

Users can also adjust the pitch of the handlebars. When you activate Lean Mode, it is super important that the frame of the bike fits perfectly to your unique frame to prevent strain on your body and arms.

The handlebars offer up to 6 different positions that are super easy to adjust with the simple pull of a pin.

There are also two different styles of bike pedals that you can utilize based on your workout style. If you prefer a cage for high-intensity workouts, this bike comes with a pedal cage system that really locks your feet in place.

If you prefer a more casual ride, simply flip the pedals over for standard pedals that boast a surefire grip to the bottom of your sneakers.


When compared back-to-back with bikes such as Peloton, the Bowflex Velocore 16IC bike provides just as much high-quality resistance as its competitors. This design allows users to adjust the tension on the flywheel to 100 different resistance levels.

With so many resistance levels offered, it’s a cinch to find that perfect resistance level for your desired ride. It also provides riders with magnetic resistance, which runs virtually silently. If you like to take early morning rides without waking up the entire household, this is a great choice.


I discovered that some users run into a little bit of trouble when it comes to the assembly of their bikes. If you aren’t considered handy, or you just don’t have the patience to sit down with a lengthy instruction manual, I suggest hiring the pros to assemble your bike for you!

It’ll require an extra cost on your part, of course, but it’s worth it in the long run. When you have a professional assemble your bike for you, you can feel confident that it is assembled correctly and won’t break down on you in the middle of a ride.


The Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike isn’t exactly considered a budget-friendly stationary bike. However, if you are looking for the best of the best, it’s far more affordable than similar competitors (looking at you, Peloton!) It provides riders with high-end performance features such as a large touch-screen display, adjustable handlebars and seats, premium magnetic resistance, and the bonus Lean Mode that is unique to this bike.

The addition of the JRNY app takes this bike to the next level, but it requires a monthly membership fee. However, the monthly charge is less than your standard gym membership, and costs half as much as the Peloton monthly membership.

Bowflex Velocore 16 IC Bike vs. Peloton

Peloton Bikes are good bikes - there is no argument there. When these bikes gained popularity at the end of 2015, they were quickly hailed as one of the best bikes that money could buy.

Competitive brands such as Bowflex noted the features that users loved about Peloton, and implemented (and improved upon) these fan-favorite features.

Today, when you compare the Bowflex Velocore 16IC bike back-to-back with the Peloton Bike, Bowflex earns a clear edge.

First of all, the Bowflex Velocore 16IC bike is much more affordable than Peloton, and it provides a host of advanced features not found in competitors.

Lean Mode allows users to engage in a more immersive riding experience that makes it stand out from the pack, and it also helps to build muscle and burn fat much more effectively than your standard stationary bike.

The ride and performance of these two bikes are very similar, but Lean Mode is a feature that has everyone excited to try out this bike.

What users also love about the Bowflex is that it plays well with multiple apps. With the Peloton Bike, it only syncs with a Peloton App subscription.

The Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike, on the other hand, plays well with most fitness apps, which include JRNY, Zwift, Apple Health, Map My Run, and even the Peloton app!

Another two great Bowflex products we reviewed are the M8 Max Trainer and the T7 Treadmill, so make sure to check them out as well.


Looking to shake up burning cardio workouts at home?

The Bowflex Velocore 16IC bike may look like your average stationary bike, but it is so much more than meets the eye.

While it boasts advanced features found on many of the high-end stationary bikes out there on the market, the addition of Lean Mode makes it stand out from the pack. While most stationary bikes keep your body upright, Lean Mode shifts your body to the left and right to light up your core muscles and build strength in your upper body as well.

Most stationary bikes only build muscle in your lower body, but the Bowflex Velocore 16IC Bike provides users with an excellent full-body workout that builds strength while shedding fat.

Overall, this bike is one of the best stationary bikes out there on the market and comes in at a slightly more affordable price point when compared to competitors.