Bowflex T7 Treadmill

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Bowflex T7 treadmill proves that treadmills have come a long way from hard platforms and uninspiring digital displays.

If you have a hard time getting motivated to lace up your sneakers to run on a treadmill when the snow starts flying outside, you may want to check out the T7.

What runners love most about this design is that it boasts a reactive Comfort Tech cushioning deck that adds an extra spring to your step and it is also kinder to your joints. Running on hard surfaces can lead to knee and back problems, and the responsive deck on this design works to eliminate those issues.

It has a large HD digital touch screen display that offers unique workout programs and even syncs with video streaming services with a JRNY subscription. If you can’t swing another monthly membership, it also boasts a tablet deck to use your tablet to stream TV shows or unique workouts programs.

Overall, the Bowflex T7 treadmill is packed with modern features that make the boring old treadmill something to look forward to!
Bowflex T7 Treadmill Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfort Tech deck offers a responsive ride that is kind to your joints
Soft Drop folding system makes it a cinch to clear floor space as needed
7-inch touch display is super easy to navigate
JRNY subscription is like a personal trainer built right into your machine
Boasts a motorized incline
A wide 20-inch belt accommodates your natural gait cycle


Only available in retail stores
Slightly expensive
Advanced onboard features require JRNY subscription

Key Features


The reason this isn’t your grandma’s boring old treadmill lies in the build of the deck. Instead of using a solid and unforgiving deck, the SoftDrop deck has a little bit of give to it. Not only does it help to protect your knees and joints, but it also adds an extra spring to your step.

Traditional treadmills aren’t ideal for runners that suffer from knee strain or chronic lower back pain and can benefit more from ellipticals or stationary bikes. However, the build of this responsive desk is perfect for users with chronic joint pain.

The wide deck is perfect for running or walking, and the belt boasts a rubbed texture that really grips to the bottom of your sneakers.

What I also love about the performance of this treadmill is that it has a motorized incline for a bit of added difficulty.

With just the press of a button, this motorized incline can be raised up 15 percent for a killer uphill climb. It can also reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

To put that into perspective, 10 miles an hour equals a 6-minute mile. No matter how fast you run, the Bowflex T7 treadmill will be able to keep up with your lightning-fast pace!


This treadmill weighs in at a whopping 280 pounds, which is great for stability and performance, but not so great for moving. I would suggest finding the perfect place in your home gym for this treadmill to live permanently. While it’s not exactly designed to be moved, it boasts a foldable feature that allows you to clear up a little floor space as needed.

When you are done working up, simply lift up the deck and lock it in place against the center console. The majority of the weight of this unit lies in the front where the motor lives, so lifting up the deck is fairly easy.

What I love most about the folding feature of this design is that it boasts a SoftDrop folding system that makes it a little bit easier to unfold. If you accidentally drop the deck while unfolding similar designs, you can do some real damage to your machine.

The SoftDrop feature automatically lowers the deck hands-free, similar to the push-button closing feature on the back hatch of your car. This feature not only makes unfolding the deck easier but also eliminates the risk of damaging it if it accidentally slips out of your hands!


I love an onboard display with a full-color HD screen, and this treadmill really delivers. It provides users with an impressive 7-inch touch screen display that boasts quite a few features.

Without a subscription service, it provides all of the basic functions of standard display, such as time traveled, speed, distance, and calories burned. The display is super easy to get started right out of the box and has a sleek menu to jump right into a workout.

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of additional subscription services, but the JRNY subscription is worth every penny.

Much like Peloton (but far more affordable), it provides runners with unique workouts and even scenic runs all over the world that are displayed on a rich 7-inch HD display. If it’s pouring snow outside, you can run down a lush green trailhead right in the comforts of your own home.

With the JRNY subscription, you can also link all of your streaming services to your treadmill to binge your favorite Netflix show while shedding pounds. It costs less than a gym membership and helps keep your workouts new and exciting. No one likes extra monthly fees, but I feel that JRNY is worth it!

If you can’t quite swing the monthly fee, no worries! It also has a tablet dock to hook up your own display that can sync wireless to your machine via Bluetooth.


While it’s packed with advanced features, the size of this treadmill runs par for the course. The average treadmill measures to be about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide, and this treadmill is just slightly more narrow than that.

It measures to be around 7 feet long, and just 2 feet 10 inches wide. The running path measures to be 20-inches wide and 60-inches long. A 20-inch wide running is about 4 inches wider than your standard budget-friend treadmill, which gives you plenty of room to accommodate a natural gait cycle without clipping the edges of the running deck.

It’s also important to note that this treadmill is incredibly heavy. Once you find a place to set it up in your home gym, you won’t want to move it.

It weighs in at a whopping 280 pounds, which will not wobble in the slightest, even when you are pushing yourself to your limits.

The heavy frame is a pain to move, but it is so sturdy and secure that it can comfortably hold up to an impressive 375 pounds of user weight.


Personally, I prefer running on the soft ground of my local trails, but then the snow starts piling up that just isn’t possible. Treadmills have a reputation of being hard on your joints, but the Bowflex T7 Treadmill works to fix that.

The deck of this machine boasts something called Comfort Tech deck cushioning. If you watch someone run on this treadmill, you can see how the deck bows downward with each step.

This unique deck is designed to feel like you are running on soft soil rather than unforgiving concrete. It’s kind to your knees and lower back, and helps to add an extra spring to your step!


The 7-inch touch screen display is great, but it is also compatible with most Bluetooth devices. If you decide that you can’t quite swing the monthly membership of JRNY, it also boasts a tablet dock to mount your own personal devices.

From what I have read from previous users, syncing your treadmill to a Bluetooth-enabled device is insanely easy. Simply open up your Bluetooth menu, and select the Bowflex Treadmill from the drop-down list.

Not only does this machine pair well with tablets and smartphones, but you can also connect most heart rate monitors and wireless headphones with ease.

While I highly recommend making the monthly investment into JRNY, the Bluetooth connectivity of this treadmill works quite well without it.


As far as price is concerned, the BowFlex T7 Treadmill sits on the higher end of the price spectrum.

However, when you compare it to other high-end treadmills such as the Peloton Treadmill, the price point is quite reasonable.

If you are in the market for one of the best treadmills that money can buy, this design is well worth every penny. It boasts many of the modern features of a Peloton, sans the incredibly high price point.


If you love running in the great outdoors but hate being stuck at home when the weather gets a little too cold, the Bowflex T7 treadmill is one of your best options.

The Comfort Tech deck cushioning acts as a suspension system to add an extra spring to your step as well as protect your knees and joints by keeping the ground under your feet nice and bright.

By using the Comfort Tech deck system in conjunction with the modern 7-inch touch screen display, boring old treadmill workouts just got a little more exciting.

I highly recommend investing in the monthly JRNY membership to reap the full benefits that this machine has to offer. JRNY not only plays well with streaming services to binge TV shows and movies as you workout, but it also works as a personal trainer to mold you into an overall better runner.

It may cost a little bit more than your average treadmill, but it is well worth the investment for runners that want to train 12 months out of the year on a strong and versatile treadmill.

Another two great Bowflex products we reviewed are the M8 Max Trainer and the Velocore 16IC Bike, so make sure to check them out as well.