Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2

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Editor’s Conclusion
Squats: killer compound workout, or a form of torture? I have a complicated relationship with squats, and much of my contempt for this amazing yet painful compound lift boils down to the form. A good bar, like the Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2, is a real game-changer.

The unique pads and handles on the bar take pressure off of your shoulders and help you to stand upright which your lower back will thank you for. I have researched a lot of safety bars from some of the bigger brands, and this design from Titan tops my list for a few reasons.

It is composed of strong materials that hold up well over time, and it is built to last. Plus, it can be used for a few other lifts rather than squats. The build of this bar positions your hands in front of you, which allows you to stand upright, rather than slightly hunched forward. The difference between squatting with a traditional bar and this safety bar is like night and day, and I’m never looking back.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that will likely turn your least favorite compound lift into the one that you look forward to!
Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Fused carpet padding-like foam cushioning
Very wide loading sleeves
Weight capacity of up to 1,500 pounds
5-inch camber drop
Secure plastic grips are removable


Some users don’t like chrome finish
Width is slightly narrow for wide racks
Often back ordered

Key Features


This bar is made especially for squats, or squat-style lifts such as good mornings (to me, there is nothing ‘good’ about good mornings!).

The downside about this style of bar is that it comes in at a price tag that is similar to your standard barbell, but it locks you into one very specific type of lift. However, if you have built a circuit routine around squats, this is an excellent choice. Also, if you are building a powerlifting gym, your body will thank you for investing in this bar!

I used to only focus on deadlifts and bench presses in my powerlifting training because squatting with a standard bar was a breeding ground for injuries. Once I invested in a dedicated safety squat bar, squats were back in the rotation.


The angle of this bar makes it look like it is shorter than your average Olympic size barbell, but it is actually longer. A standard barbell measures to be 84 inches long and the Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 measures to be just over 90 inches long. It has a camber drop of 5 inches, which helps to stabilize your shoulders and stand upright to take pressure off of your lower back.

The sleeves measure to be 16 inches long, which is more than enough room to load up the bar with as many plates as possible. It’s important to note that these sleeves are only designed for Olympic-sized plates, so be sure that you have the right plates for this bar!

Some users have found that the bend in the bar is slightly narrower than they expected. If you have a wider power rack, you will notice that the bend in the bar may not sit flush with your J-cups. Keep in mind that for some people, the bar wore away a few millimeters of padding on their J-cups.

It’s not a real deal-breaker, and it won’t affect the overall performance of your bar or your rack, but it is something that is worth noting.


One of the things that I love most about this bar is the handles. The handles on this design are composed of a super-grippy rubber material that won’t warp or flare over time. It has specific grooves in the rubber that provide an ergonomic grip that gives you a lot more confidence and control when loading the bar up with heavy weights.

What makes these handles a little different when compared to other options is that they are able to be removed quickly and easily for shoulder presses or other movements.


I have tried quite a few safety bars, and the padding in the Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 is, hands down, my favorite option.

Not only does it feel incredibly comfortable on my shoulders, it also holds its shape while knocking out multiple reps. Some bars offer padding that is just a little too squishy, and I can feel my shoulder melting into the padding after multiple reps.

The padding used in this design is similar to padding placed under traditional carpeting, so you know it is built tough! Even after years of continued use, the padding on this design is holding up insanely well.


Many users could do without the glossy and mirrored chrome finish of this bar that doesn’t look quite as expensive as the matte finish found on other bars out there on the market. However, Titan elected to use this glossy chrome for a very functional reason. While matte finishes look insanely sharp, they don’t hold up as well over time.

I have noticed some of the matte designs from other high-end companies start to flake off and chip over time. The gloss chrome finish of this bar is impervious to chipping and will look brand new after years of continued use.

What also makes this bar far superior to other options out there on the market is the construction of the foam padding. This padding is similar to carpet padding, so it can withstand constant pressure without breaking down into a pancake. What makes this padding a little different is that the top and bottom components are fused together.

Other bars use separate pieces that break down inside of the casing, which can affect its overall comfort as the materials start to pull apart.


One of the things that I love most about Titan is that no matter what you purchase from their store, shipping is always free. Many of the higher-end brands offer free shipping only if your order exceeds a certain amount. I find myself purchasing extra accessories from Rogue (some of which I never use) just so I can take advantage of their free shipping. Whether you purchase a full-weight rack, or a pair of 10-pound dumbbells, shipping from Titan will always be free.

This bar weighs in at over 60 pounds, so you will save a good deal of money when you take advantage of their free shipping rather than purchase a safety bar elsewhere.


Hands down, this is one of the very best safety squat bars out there on the market. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the long line of eager customers just waiting to get their hands on this bar. Titan has a hard time keeping this bar in stock due to its more affordable price point and far superior construction.

As I write this, there is about a 2 month wait period before this bar comes back into stock. Of course. That may change between the time I write this and the time you are reading this. If it is out of stock, be sure to place a backorder purchase as soon as possible to ensure that you are one of the first ones to order this back once it comes back into stock.

I know it’s hard to wait for something when other brands have their bars on the shelves, but I promise you that the wait is well worth it!


One of the things that make this bar so popular is that it is much more affordable than other high-end options out there on the market. The Rogue safety bar comes in at a price point that is ⅓ more expensive than Titan, and I feel that the Titan bar far outshines that from Rogue.

The Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 is one of those rare instances where the better-constructed bar is the more affordable option. When you compare the quality of materials, construction, and the price tag of this bar, it becomes quite clear why Titan has trouble keeping this bar on its shelves.


I completely understand the “I want what I want and I want it now” mentality. It can be difficult to shop for a new piece of equipment, find exactly what you are looking for, and are met with a ‘backorder notification.

While you may be tempted to opt for a bar that is available now, you may find yourself wishing you had waited in the long run. Sure, you may have to wait a few months to wrap your paws around this far super bar, but the wait is well worth it.

The Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2 is one of the very best safety bars out there on the market when you compare the versatility, quality of construction, and overall performance against some of the more expensive bars on the market. As they say, “good things come to those who wait”.