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updated August 3, 2018

Some manufacturers produce so many different types of athletic footwear for so many different activities and levels of competitor that it can be nearly impossible to figure out which of their shoes is right for you. Happily that’s not the case with Pendlay. They only make shoes for weightlifting.

And to make things even simpler they only make one kind of weightlifting shoe: the Do Win. Their Do Win weightlifting shoes have garnered considerable praise in the weightlifting community for their hybrid style, comfort and affordability. Here we’ll give them a closer look to see if that praise is warranted and if high performance is also part of their act.

Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes

Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes Review


While that’s not necessarily a lot to pay these days for a pair of quality lifting shoes, it’s still costs you a handful of your hard-earned cash and as such you need to know if the shoe can actually justify that kind of price point. So let’s put these Pendlay weightlifting shoes to the test and find out.

Build Quality

As an established manufacturer of weightlifting equipment with a reputation to uphold, Pendlay has nothing to gain and everything to lose by producing a low quality shoe. They seem to understand this and have put a lot of effort into creating a shoe that is both attractive and effective. The build quality is actually quite high and features:

  • Lightweight materials throughout
  • Synthetic leather upper that breaks in quickly
  • A hard plastic raised heel that makes for solid base support
  • A redesigned sole for better flexibility and grip


Pendlay lifting shoes manage to achieve comfort without sacrificing function which is something you normally associate only with shoes costing nearly twice as much. The Do Win’s laudable comfort can be chalked up to:

  • Wider profile
  • Flexible upper
  • Excellent breathability
  • Dual lockdown strap system for firm hold


With build quality and comfort being as high as they are and Pendlay being the brainchild of a renowned weightlifter the Do Win’s performance is, as you would expect, first rate with the shoe exhibiting:

  • A high degree of lateral stability
  • Good to excellent upward drive under heavy weight
  • Fine grip for maintaining stance and balance
  • Excellent depth for squats and deadlifts

Additional Considerations


Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes

While Pendlay’s decision to concentrate strictly on one lifting shoe design simplifies your decision making process, it also means there aren’t going to be an endless array of styles and colors available to the more fashion conscious lifter. Still, the Pendlay Do Win is an attractive, contemporary looking shoe with an edgy, slightly aggressive demeanor many will find both appropriate and appealing.

For Women

The women’s version of Pendlay’s Do Win lifting shoes is, for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable from the men’s. Because of this ladies may benefit from choosing a half size smaller than their normal shoe size in order to mitigate the wider girth of the Do Win and ensure a snug fit.


The upshot of this Do Win shoes review is that, from a value perspective, we’d place the Pendlay Do Win on par with the Asics Lift Trainer in that both are solid, dependable weightlifting shoes that won’t break your bank and should have you establishing new personal bests in no time.

Additional Information

Glenn Pendlay himself narrates this video of lifters he coaches for Muscle Driver USA. Note that while different lifters are wearing different shoes (including the Pendlay Do Win) they are all wearing shoes with elevated heels; which should tell you something if you’re still lifting in running shoes.


Pendlay Do-Win Crossfit Weightlifting Shoes

Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes are fine weightlifting kit that should serve you well regardless of the intensity of your workouts. The advancements the company has made with regard to the sole alone make this latest incarnation of the Do Win a marked improvement over earlier editions. Throw in an attractive price point that makes the Do Win a value proposition equal to the Asics Lift Trainer and the result is a great shoe at a great price.

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Do Win Weightlifting Shoes Review | Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes
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