Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Reviewed and Rated

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Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

If you’re an experienced lifter or CrossFit enthusiast, you already know that you can’t do these activities in ordinary running sneakers. You need a perfectly balanced shoe that will give you the stability and flexibility you need to achieve the perfect form. But CrossFit is an activity consisted of both cardio and lifting, so finding a shoe that has the features of a weightlifting sneaker intertwined with the features of running sneakers is what you need. The proper Crossfit trainers have to have a sturdy midsole for support, and a flexible upper that allows unobstructed movements in any direction. The Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 is an updated model of the original Lifter, sporting a pliable, breathable upper combined with a better heel, and it weighs much less than the original sneaker, never causing sore and angry feet as the Lifter did. Scroll down to see how we feel about the Lifter 2.0, and whether it deserves to be strapped to your feet!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Durable mesh and synthetic leather upper

Great colorways

Sturdy medial velcro strap

Leather overlay over toes

Lightweight 3D frame construction

High-abrasion rubber outsole

Breathable and comfortable


A bit pricey

Some users report a narrow fit


Reebok is known for creating excellent footwear made for the occasion, so you can expect a lot out of the Reebok Lifter 2.0. The original Lifter had an upper that was made mostly out of leather, with a sturdy, robust heel that made the trainer unbearably heavy. This is one area that we wished was improved, and Reebok delivered. The Lifter 2.0 is a very sturdy shoe with a 3D Fuse Frame construction. The upper is mostly made out of synthetic leather, with mesh taking over around the forefoot. The soles are made out of high-abrasion rubber with patterns that create an excellent grip needed for jumping and climbing. The toes are protected by leather, prolonging the life of the shoe. The leather is applied using U-form technology that makes the leather wrap around the foot to create the optimal fit. The upper is adorned with one large medial velcro strap that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking, and it keeps the sneakers locked to your foot. An anti-friction lining prevents blisters and overheating, keeping you cool and comfortable. The mesh forefoot allows the warm air to escape while letting the cool air in to chill you down. The toe spring is improved, meaning you will have the perfect response and bounce-back during multiple Crossfit movements. The outsole will create traction on multiple surfaces, but they won't work as well outdoors, so it's better to keep them inside where they belong!


Although the style of your trainer is not as important as its performance, we still like to look good when we work out. The Crossfit Lifter 2.0 looks much better than the previous model, with improved colorways and a better design. They come in a lot of different colors, both neutral like the black and white ones, or the more eye-catching ones in vivid orange, yellows, reds, and blues. The mesh upper works with the leather in unison to create a very good looking shoe, as the previous model looked like a chunk of leather with a strap. If you wish to look sublime when doing Crossfit, these are the perfect sneaker for you!


This is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of CrossFit shoes. What good do looks and cool-sounding features are if they do not perform well? Luckily, these shoes do perform well, although it's better at CrossFit than it is at lifting. Olympic lifters might struggle if they decide to go for this shoe, as they feel similar to the Reebok Nano, which is not designed for Olympic lifting. They are excellent if you want to do plenty of reps with a lower amount of weight, but if you want to power lift, then they are just made for the occasion. The heel drop is not that big, so the heels are shorter, providing better stability and support for powerlifting and dynamic movements. They are ideal for CrossFit, which is just what they were made to do!


As we mentioned above, the original Lifter had a major weight problem. Yes, the construction was exceptionally durable and supportive, but the heavyweight construction only dragged the wearer down, causing fatigue and pain, affecting the performance. Reebok listened to its customers, and as it values the relationships created with the customers, they obliged. The Lifter 2.0 has everything the previous model did with almost zero weight! The sneakers are as light as a feather, and its mostly thanks to the 3D Fuse Frame. The frame supports and stabilizes the feet without feeling like shackles. Your Crossfit experience will not be ruined with these shoes wrapped around your feet!


If you're familiar with the Reebok Nano and the stability they have, you will know just what to expect out of these sneakers. The midsole and outsole work in unison to keep your feet as stable as possible while giving them optimal support. Stability is very important when you do Crossfit, both for the high-impact exercises and for lifting. Your joints need to be perfectly aligned and stabilized, and the Lifter 2.0 will do just that. The medial strap will help in stabilizing the top of your feet, and you can adjust just how stable the shoes are so you can effectively lift and run!


If you're changing the running sneaker for the Crossfit Lifter, you may be disappointed. Crossfit sneakers are not meant to be as cushy as running sneakers are. Running sneakers are padded very well to absorb shock and disperse the impact when you repeatedly slam your feet on the floor. Crossfit sneakers have to be perfectly balanced, and padding is not the way to go! The midsole is hard and provides support for the heels, which you will need when you lift. The sneakers are one of the comfier Crossfit trainers we reviewed though. Their lightweight construction and flexible upper make sure your feet can move naturally, while the breathable mesh keeps them cool and moisture-free!


A good Crosslift trainer has to be flexible. Although lifting shoes have to be stable, you will have to jump and run around, not only lift, so the forefoot needs to flex to allow the foot natural movement. Luckily, Lifter 2.0 is very flexible. The forefoot is decorated with mesh, and we all know how bendy the mesh is! The soles are softer in the front as well, giving you all the support you need without constricting you. The weight distribution is optimal, and the pressure will transfer throughout the foot instead of just remaining concentrated in one spot. Just like we already said, the Lifter 2.0 is simply made for Crossfit!


Feet are one of the sweatiest areas on the body. They have a myriad of sweat glands that just intensify their work the more intense the activity becomes. And we all know just how intense Crossfit can be! This is why a good Crossfit trainer has to be breathable. The original lifter was 100% synthetic leather, meaning it had some issues with breathability. Reebok recognized this problem and so they introduced mesh. The Lifter 2.0 has mesh intertwined in the synthetic overlay, and it expels hot air as you move, leaving you dry and moisture-free!


The Lifter 2.0 is a very durable shoe. The very first thing protecting their construction is the tough leather overlay on the toes. The toes are the first area that will sprout holes, and by placing a leather overlay on top, Reebok extended their life. Crossfit trainers must have a velcro strap that allows you to adjust the fit, but the strap has to survive constant tugging and readjusting. The strap on these shoes is well-made and it will survive wear and tear damage. And finally, the high-abrasion rubber on the outsoles will be grippy for years to come, as the rubber resists all kinds of damage. Just make sure you don't wear the sneakers outdoors, and use them only for the intended purpose!


Specialized sneakers tend to be very pricey, at least when it comes to shoes. They are well over one hundred dollars, and you can expect to pay about 150 dollars for this pair, with some slight price variations from store to store. Although this might seem like too much, remember that the sneakers were specifically designed for Crossfit, with unique features that will help you excel. They are also very durable, so it's not like you will pay this amount of money every few months! We believe that the Lifter 2.0 is well worth the money!

The Final Word

The Reebok Lifter 2.0 is ideal for Crossfit. It's rare to come across such a well-made sneaker, and we're happy Reebok decided to provide serious athletes with this pair. The sneakers are extremely lightweight but durable, with a high-abrasion rubber outsole that will help you lift and jump. The midsole is firm and supportive, while the breathable mesh and leather uppers keep you cool and protected. The fit might be a little bit narrow, but we're sure you will find the right size, and we believe that the Lifter 2.0 deserves recognition!