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Reebok Sprint TR Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

Reebok is one of the oldest and most experienced sports brands out there, so it’s no surprise that they started creating great Crossfit trainers. A good Crossfit shoe has to be perfectly balanced – it must give your feet the support they need when you lift while giving them flexibility and breathability for more dynamic movements. The Reebok Sprint TR is a great Crossfit sneaker with all the right features to make Crossfit enjoyable! Read on to see whether the Sprint TR is the right shoe for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons


PU Duracage upper and mesh combo

Very breathable

Compound soft midsole

Propulsion plate

Very grippy high-abrasion rubber outsole

Protected toe area


Not for lifting

Narrow fit


You've probably heard about the Reebok Speed, but the Reebok Sprint is a very similar sneaker adapted to improve running and jumping, two very important aspects of Crossfit. The upper of this shoe looks very interesting, and it's all for a good reason. The upper is consisted out of two layers. The first layer is lightweight, breathable spacer mesh, responsible for moisture-wicking and keeping your feet cool. The second layer is Duracage. The Duracage is made out of polyurethane, a very sturdy and flexible plastic. The Duracage frame will protect the sneakers from damage without constricting your movement or dragging you down with extra weight. The low-cut design allows the athlete to move freely, as the ankles are left open wide. There are four eyelets on top of the Duracage, with regular laces that will not unravel. There's an extra eyelet around the tongue if you need to secure the fit. Both the tongue and the collar are padded, preventing heel slippage and protecting you from blisters and pain. The tongue is perforated throughout its length, allowing air to circulate freely.


The midsoles of Crossfit shoes are very specific. They must not be padded too much, as your heels and toes need a stable surface to rely on when you lift. This is the area we believe that the Sprint TR can work on. The midsoles are very soft, a compression compound in the middle. This makes the Sprint a very comfortable shoe, as it will disperse impact and absorb shock, protecting your feet from stress and fatigue. But they are adapted well for lifting. The midsole will feel too soft, and you will feel yourself sinking in when you try your best to keep your form. So the midsole is excellent for intense activities and maybe some lightweight lifting, but we wouldn't recommend you try lifting heavy while wearing these!


The outsoles of Crossfit shoes have to be able to provide traction and grip when you run or climb while giving the support you need when lifting. The outsoles of this pair of shoes are made out of high-abrasion rubber. This makes the outsoles very durable, so don't worry about thinning it down until it's not usable anymore. They extended over the tip of the toes, giving you protection there as well. If you flip this shoe upside down, you will meet the unique pattern decorating the rubber. These groove patterns act like the ones we see on gecko feet, creating an excellent grip even on slippery surfaces. They will also flex and bend when you need them to. Just make sure to use the sneakers indoors and the outsole will remain grippy for a long time!


You can see that the Sprint TR is a very unique looking trainer. The Duracage upper sports only one color, usually calm and neutral, with the logo and brand name written across the surface. The mesh peeks between the cage, giving them a very urban look. The outsole clash with the calm upper with bright colors that make the shoes eye-catching and stylish. The white midsole contrast the very bright outsoles which match the color of the laces, completing their sleek and streamlined design. We have to say that the Sprint TR is a very good looking sneaker!


The Sprint TR is a very stable sneaker. For one, the Duracage upper will envelop the top of your feet, forcing them to stay in one place. The upper has no medial velcro strap though, so you won't be able to tighten the shoes if need be. The padded collar and tongue will gently hug your feet, gluing them in place without rubbing them raw. The laces, no matter how simple they may be, still do an excellent job of creating a good fit that supports the sensitive anatomy of the foot. The midsoles are supportive for running and jumping, but they are too soft to give real support when you lift, especially if you lift heavy. The outsoles are made out of grippy rubber, so don't worry about toppling over in these shoes!


Reebok sneakers tend to have a bad rap when it comes to their fit. Usually, the toe box is too narrow to be comfortable, and the Sprint Tr has the same problem. Users reported sizing up and still facing the same, narrow fit, which can throw off their form and focus. If you have wide feet, we advise you to skip this pair altogether. You might be able to adjust the fit slightly by playing around with the laces. The sneakers are tough to break in, and you will need to wear them around your house for a few days until they soften up! Once they do, they might feel a bit less constricting, but the toe box will steel feel narrow. If you're dead set on these sneakers and you have a wider foot, make sure you go half a size up!


A good pair of Crossfit sneakers have to be breathable. After all, feet tend to sweat, a lot, and if that sweat has no means of escaping, you're left with wet socks that create friction and cause irritation and blisters. Just by glancing at the upper, you might be fooled into thinking that these sneakers are not very breathable. But the PU cage wraps around a very soft mesh layer that improves breathability and helps hot air escape any time you make a move. The breathable mesh is paired with the perforated tongue to make these sneakers extremely breathable, so don't worry about being sweaty when wearing them!


Crossfit consists of a lot of running, jumping, and climbing, so your trainers need to allow your feet to move and flex naturally. If they can't, you risk making a mistake and falling over, which can lead to injuries that will keep you away from the gym. The Sprint TR is a very flexible sneaker. The PU Duracage might seem rigid, but it will actually bend with your feet without breaking or stopping to protect you. Mesh is obviously very flexible, and the midsoles are very bendy too, thanks to the compression compound and the soft padding. The outsoles might be a bit rigid at first, but once you break the shoes in they will allow you to move your forefoot just like you would barefoot!


Crossfit sneakers need to be able to perform in two areas - they need to allow the feet to flex and move so you can do cardio, but they also need to have a sturdy heel and a firm midsole to give you support when you lift. These shoes make for a decent Crossfit shoe, but it works better as a running sneaker. The midfoot and forefoot will feel too narrow, making them less than comfortable. The heels are too tall, while the ortholite insoles provide too much padding. The slanted forefoot and the propulsion plate actually push you forward, helping the arches and Achilles tendon do their job right. This is why the Sprint TR is an excellent running sneaker, but it's not so good for lifting!


If there's one thing you can expect out of the Sprint TR, its durability. The sneakers are so well constructed that they will surely last for many years to come! The Duracage suggests that it will protect the sneakers for a long time, especially the soft, sensitive mesh layer underneath. The midsole, no matter how soft, will not compress and lose its form. The rubber outsoles are resistant to abrasions, temperature fluctuations, and any kind of damage, so don't worry about walking on holes. They extended above the toes too, to keep them from tearing. Just make sure you wear the shoes indoors like they were intended to be worn, and you should have zero issues!


The Sprint TR costs about a hundred dollars. Specialty sneakers tend to cost much more, but with that being said, you can easily find Reebok's Nano or any other competing brand flagship models for the very same price, and they would do a better job at helping you excel in Crossfit. If you're looking for a great running sneaker, then go for the Sprint TR, as the propulsion plate really does its job well. Plus, the sneakers will last for a long time, and you won't need to replace them every few months!

The Final Word

The Sprint TR is a great trainer, but we don't exactly believe they are a good choice for Crossfit. The Duracage and mesh combo upper make them durable and breathable, while the soft midsole and propulsion plate make a great environment for running. The grippy outsole is hardy and provides a lot of traction, while the flex grooves allow the feet to flex. But this is exactly why we believe they are not meant for lifting. If you're looking for a good running sneaker, go for it, but you can find much better Crossfit sneakers at the same price.