The Zensah Compression Socks Reviewed

Zensah Compression socks are a favorite among athletes and sportspeople. They provide active users with an ultra comfortable way to increase their lower leg circulation to speed up recovery time while also providing much needed playing support. In this article, we shine the spotlight on the best in the Argyle range and then compare them with three other market leading compression socks.

The Best of Zensah

Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

The Zensah Tech+ Compression sock is a full length over the calf graduated compression sock. It features a unique mesh design to enhance wearability and make the sock more breathable. A padded comfort sole provides extra support in the heel and toe on every step. This sock also features Zensah’s Ultra-Zone ribbing technology, which delivers targeted arch and ankle support.

Combining Ultra-Zone ribbing technology with the graduated compression provides an unprecedented level of relief from any nagging lower leg or foot pain. The sock is fitted with a non-slip cuff to make sure that is does not slip down or bunch up when you’re wearing it. As well as being ideal for sports and athletic applications, this is an effective travel compression sock.


  • Mesh design
  • Ultra-Zone ribbing
  • Non-slip cuff


  • Sizing chart is inaccurate
Zensah Argyle Compression Socks

Zensah Argyle Compression socks provide graduated compression that is greatest around the ankle, lessening up the calf area. This centers the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to the high impact areas. This knee high sock gives full protection to the entire calf and shin area. Wearing the Argyle sock before participating in sport will greatly assist the warm up process. Wearing them post-exercise will help to recover and rebuild muscle tissue faster.

Zensah Argyle Compression socks are constructed from a blend of 82% polyamide and 18 elastane. This gives them a flexible, reflexive quality which makes them ideal for mobile people. The sock is very lightweight, well ventilated and breathable. It has moisture wicking ability along with anti odor properties. This sock is made in Italy. It comes in a range of colorful designs.


  • Graduated compression
  • Moisture wicking
  • Colorful designs


  • A little tight in the top band

Zensah Alternatives

In this section we provide you with three alternatives to the Zensah range:

Under Armour Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf Socks

The Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock from Under Armour provides many similar features to the Zensah Tech+. The compression level is similar, with the onus of the compression being on the ankle and heel. It also features a non slip top band to prevent the sock from slipping down while you’re playing your sport. It features ribbing to gently massage the calves and foot as you are wearing it.

While the Under Armour Men’s All Sport offers a similar level of compression to the Zensah Tech+, it doesn’t give you quite as much padding through the high impact heel and toe regions. However, this sock is just as light and breathable, providing a high moisture wicking ability, along with enhanced mobility and range of motion. The sock is made from 83% polyester, 11% cotton, 4% nylon and 2% spandex.


  • Great for outdoor sports
  • Comfort top bands
  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility


  • Tight at the calf
Vitalsox Graduated Compression VT1211

The Vitalsox VT1211Graduated Compression sock is an Italian manufactured sock that provides a mid level of compression with an extra level of padding in the heel, arch and mid foot region. The sock is made from the unique Drystat fabric, making it very flexible, lightweight and responsive. This gives it a better range of mobility than anything in the Zensah range, making the Vitalsox VT1211 a great choice for playing sports and for long distance running.

The Vitalsox 1211 is an extremely well ventilated, breathable sock. It also does a good job of wicking away moisture while also providing anti odor and anti bacterial properties. A top band keeps the sock in place, preventing slipping and bunch up.


  • Extra arch and heel support
  • Made in Italy
  • Drystat fabric


  • Socks a little too long
Pro Compression Marathon

The Pro:Compression Marathon sock is a full length compression sock with 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression. The highest compression level is around the ankle and heel. This sock provides an extra high level of support and padding through the soles of the foot and in the arch. This makes it a great sock for long distance runners. The sock has a top band to make sure that is doesn’t slip down during your run.

The Pro:Compression Marathon sock is constructed from a blend of 92% nylon and 8% lycra spandex. It is an impressively flexible and mobile sock that in no way restricts your natural range of motion. Moisture wicking properties make sure that your lower legs don’t over heat and fill with sweat during your run.


  • 20-30 mmHg graduated compression
  • Extra foot padding
  • Top band


  • A little tight in the toe box


Zensah Compression Socks provide a great range of supportive socks for athletes and sportspeople. The best in their range are the Zensah Argyle Compression sock, with a high level of graduated compression, moisture wicking ability and a range of colorful designs. We were also impressed with the Zensah Tech+ Compression sock, providing you with a high ventilating mesh design, ultra zone ribbing technology and non-slip cuff.

When it comes to Zensah alternatives, our top pick is the Men’s All Sport Performance Over the Calf sock from Under Armour, a great outdoor sports sock with great mobility and flexibility. The The Vitalsox Graduated Compression VT1211 provides extra arch and heel support and is manufactured using Drystat fabric.

Our third favorite Zensah alternative is the Pro:Compression Marathon sock, which delivers 20-30 mmHg graduated compression, extra foot padding and a top band to keep the sock secure.​

 Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

Our #1. Recommendation

Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks

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