Best Women's Weight Lifting Belt Review October 2018

Best Women’s Weightlifting Belt Review 2018

updated October 5, 2018

A weightlifting belt is an essential piece of training equipment for anyone who’s serious about heavy lifting. For many years, however, women were forced to contend with belts that were designed for their male counterparts. Often they were too big, bulky and didn’t provide a cinched fit. Fortunately, times have changed and there is an impressive selection of belts specifically designed for the female lifter. In this article we discover the top 11 on offer.

The Best Women’s Weightlifting Belts at a Glance

The best women’s weightlifting belt on the current market is the Emerge Power belt, which is made from an extremely secure and rigid, yet amazingly comfortable, nylon fiber and comes with a heavy duty steel tension buckle. Our second favorite on the current market is the RitFit, with it’s market leading 6 inches of belt thickness, and extra comfort by way of tricot lining, and soft bound edges. Rounding out the top 3 is the Schiek, which has 3 patented aspects, including hip and rib contours.

To allow you to make a quick comparison of the top weight lifting belt for women, we’ve rated each of them on the basis of price and durability. We’ve then provided and overall rating out of 11 for each one. In the following section, we go in depth on each brand.

The Best Weightlifting Belts For Women In-Depth

Emerge Weightlifting Belt

The Emerge weightlifting training power belt is the most secure nylon weightlifting belt on the market. It’s large size provides maximum protection for your entire core, with an accent on the lumbar region. It’s easily adjustable with the premium hook and loop fastening system and includes a steel tension buckle. This makes it a breeze to transition from light to heavy gym moves.

The Emerge nylon belt is the best product we have found yet when it comes to supporting your abdomen and lower back, improving your stability and lifting power and preventing injuries. Emerge provide this belt in a range of sizes to ensure that you get just the right fit.


  • Secure and comfortable nylon construction
  • Easy on-off
  • Heavy duty steel tension buckle


  • None identified

The RitFit women’s powerlifting belt provides an impressive six inches of back thickness. This is the most back support that we have yet seen in a women’s lifting belt. The belt has been ergonomically designed to provide the best ergonomic support to the entire core area while lifting. The inner foam core of this unit provides extra comfort and protection to the lower back. Comfort is enhanced with soft bound edges and tricot inner lining.

The thickness of this unit tapers down by about and inch at the front, still providing plenty of support for the abs to brace against. A velcro enclosure allows you to get just the right fit. The RitFit is hand washable.


  • Six inches of back support
  • Inner foam core
  • Soft bound edges


  • None identified

The Schiek women’ lifting belt provides four inches of support around the back, tapering to a slightly narrower from. It is ergonomically designed to provide the ideal fit to support the lumbar, region, core and hips, while not getting in the way of your exercise movement pattern.

Schiek women’ lifting belt has 3 patented features that make it a superior choice for women who are looking for the best in support and comfort. The downward angled design works with the natural movement patterns of the body around the waist, allowing you to perform more freely. Hip and rib contours provide the snuggest, most comfortable fit imaginable, and the one way Velcro closure provides you an incredibly fast and easy on-off system.


  • Hip and rib contours
  • One way Velcro closure
  • Downward angle design


  • None identified

The FITGIRL pink weightlifting belt gives you 5 inches of wrap around thickness for a very good lover of both lumbar and abdominal support. A two inch pink support strap with buckle runs around the main fabric. Sizing adjustment occurs by way of a Velcro strap, meaning that you are not limited to the predetermined holes in a leather strap.

An ultra light foam core gives added support and protection to the lower back. Breathability and sweat wicking capability is provided by way of a tricot inner lining. The lining also ensures that the muscles of your core remain warm while you are training. FITGIRL pink comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • 5 inches all the way around
  • Velcro adjustment strap
  • Foam core inner


  • Hard to size for small framed women

The Harbinger women’s belt comes in a stylish pink and black and features an extra wide 5 inch back width. This tapers down as the belt comes around to the stomach. The pick support strap that runs around the middle is two inches thick. With a very flexible, ultra-light foam inner core, this unit provides plenty of lumbar support and plenty of comfort.

The nylon webbing of the harbinger provides a fabric that is at the same time firm yet flexible. That makes it a great choice for the women who wishes to quickly move from heavy power weight based exercises to cardio moves that require movement through the hip area. A breathable tricot lining makes for a comfortable fit on the skin.


  • 5 inch back
  • Foam inner core
  • Tricot lining


  • Needs to be thicker in front
Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

The Fire Team Fit ladies’ weightlifting belt for women has a lightweight, contoured design that looks great and is highly functional. It provides 5 inches of back support which tapers down to 3 inches in the front. The nylon webbing construction of the belt is breathable, anti microbial and sweat resistant. This unit looks great and is available in black, grey, blue and pink.

The Velcro strapping system on the Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt allows you to cinch it to just the right level. This belt is great for such exercises as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and power cleans. At the same time, it is ideal to provide back support when performing CrossFit type moves.


  • 5 inch back support
  • Anti microbial and sweat resistant
  • Velcro strapping system


  • Sizes run slightly small
Rip Toned

The Rip Toned women’s weightlifting belt provides you with 4.5 inches of support back and front which tapers slightly at the waist. This provides a great deal of stability for the lower back and the core, while still giving plenty of freedom of movement through the sides of the waist. You get a super comfortable, snug fit thanks to a tricot lining.

The Rip Toned powerlifting belt for women provides a metal clasp that provides a secure, easy-on, easy-off system, and fits very securely. You get the added security of an extra long Velcro strap to allow you to cinch up as tightly as you need to. This belt is washable and comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.


  • 4..5 inch back and front support
  • Waist taper
  • Free guide book
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Sizing a little small
Grip Pads Pro

The Grip Power Pads Pro workout belt for women features a cool back and pink design that will complement a woman’s figure as it provides maximum protection. The belt is 5 inches wide around the back and tapers down to a 3 inch width around the abdominals. The thick nylon fabric is firm for lumbar support while also affording the flexibility needed to for movement in the gym.

Grip Power Pads Pro comes with Sure Grip Velcro to allow for quick fastening. It also features a rubber pull tab to make it even easier to get the belt off. With no buckles to fasten, this belt is completely adjustable so you can a perfect fit every time.


  • Rubber tab
  • Sure Grip velcro fastening
  • 5 inch backing


  • Front width needs to be thicker
RIM SPORTS weightlifting belt

The RIM SPORTS weightlifting belt for women have the width and thickness to provide maximum lower back support as you squat thanks to its wide back lumbar support design. The quality cotton material construction cradles your back and eliminates the itching that you get with other brands. This belt makes use of advanced wicking properties that ensure comfort, longevity and durability.

The RIM SPORTS belt features a long, heavy duty velcro latch to make sure that you get the ideal fit every time. It also comes with a heavy duty rust free buckle. You’ll feel a pillowy soft texture against your skin and a secure grip around your middle. The belt comes in five sizes and a range of colors.


  • Unique triangle lumbar support design
  • Heavy duty velcro latch
  • Soft against the skin


  • Largest size difficult to adjust
BEAR KOMPLEX Women’s Weightlifting Belt

The Bear Komplex women’s weightlifting belt is designed to support ideal lifting technique during intense Olympic style power moves such as squats and deadlifts. This is a heavy duty belt for heavy lifting. It has a quick release so you can get it on and off very quickly. A steel roller buckle keeps you securely in place. While being very heavy duty, this belt is also light enough during your CrossFit workout or metcon session.

The width of the belt is maintained both front and back to give you the support that you need. This is a very functional belt that also look great.


  • Front and back width
  • Steel roller buckle
  • Light enough for CrossFit


  • Sizing runs a little small

Leather weightlifting belts offer some unique benefits over nylon. Check out our Leather Weightlifting Belts Review 2018 to find the best leather belts in the market.


The LadyFit women’s weight lifting belt gives you plenty of support for the vulnerable lower back when performing squats and overhead lifts. You get a full 5 inches of thick Velcro back support. This tapers ever so slightly in the front, but generally offers full support all the way around the core.

Because LadyFit women’s weight lifting belt is made of nylon and features a tricot lining, you won’t have to contend with rubbing on the skin or bruising when you use the LadyFit. This model comes in a range of sizes, so you are able to find just the right fit for you. The Velcro fastening system is totally reliable and extremely easy to use. The LadyFit is a very attractive, lightweight, firm and flexible lifting belt.


  • 5 inch thickness
  • Easy on-off Velcro fastening
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Sizings run a little small

Discover the top weightlifting belts across the entire market with our Best Weightlifting Belts Review 2018 – it will help you make the right buying decision.


The best weightlifting belt for women is the Emerge nylon belt, which gives ultimate all-round support, is extremely comfortable to wear and comes with a heavy duty steel buckle for easy release. We were also impressed with the RitFit, which provides an exceptional six inches of lumbar support, with almost the same level at the abdominals. An inner foam core and soft bound edges ensure max lifting comfort. We were also very impressed with the Schiek women’s belt, with it’s patented downward angle design, hip and rib contours and one way Velcro enclosure.

Best Women’s Weightlifting Belt Review 2018
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