The Body Blast Workout and Exercises

With a name like “body blast,” you cannot help but take note that this exercise program must be effective. And it is effective. Whether you are a woman or man or younger or older, you will see exceptional fitness results when you follow this workout that is designed for the whole body.

Exercises are Followed in Supersets

The body blast workout is made to tone and strengthen your hips, thighs, glutes, arms, back, and shoulders. Exercises are arranged in a superset format. For example, exercise one precedes exercise two with no resting in between the routines. Exercise experts recommend, once you are accustomed to doing the workout, that you complete or repeat each superset a couple of times.

Begin with a Warm-up

The workout routine begins with a warm-up. Warming up is essential as it reduces any possibility of injury and puts your mind in workout mode. In this case, the 5-minute warm-up is made up of a cardio routine, such as jumping rope or running in place. Discuss any concerns with your doctor before you begin the Body Blast with respect to your health condition or past and current injuries.

A Basic Body Blast Routine Using Weights

The basic body blast routine that focuses on weightlifting and strength training is ideal for anyone who enjoys these kinds of pursuits who either wish to bulk up or increase their endurance for other types of exercise activities. The first suggested exercise of superset one is the barbell squat. Exercise two features the split squat. The exercises are repeated, on average, two times.

Supersets Two, Three and Four

In the second superset, exercisers practice step-ups and bent-knee deadlifts while hamstring rolls and a hip extension using a ball are featured in the third superset. Superset four features push-ups on an exercise ball and a chest-fly using one arm.

A Full-tilt Workout without Heavy or Cumbersome Exercise Machines

Altogether, a basic body blast workout is typically comprised of eight supersets of two exercises each – again, no resting in between each exercise set. The above body blast regimen is an example of a routine you can follow at home without the need to use heavy equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines.

Where to Find Out More Information about this Body Blast Workout

For this type of body blast workout, you will need an exercise ball, some aerobic risers, a barbell, and adjustable dumbbells. You can find out more about the specifics at this link. You can make some adjustments, based on your inventory of exercise tools and aids.

The Body Blast Format – Repetitions and Supersets

Regardless of the kinds of exercises you incorporate into a body blast workout, you need to follow an organized and sequential format. Generally, each superset is made up of two exercises, each of which you perform for approximately 5 to 8 repetitions without resting in between. After you complete one superset, you repeat the exercises once or twice again. In total, try to include 8 to 10 supersets in your total blast workout.

Setting Up a Program In-home

When setting up a body blast routine in your home, take stock of your exercise equipment and inventory your exercise tools. That way you can establish a regimen. Some exercisers already have, say, a stationary bike in their home. So, they make biking one of the exercises that are performed during a superset workout.

Suggested Space-saving Exercise Equipment to Use in A Body Blast Routine

Some of the exercise equipment that takes up less space includes exercise bands, jump rope, free weights, medicine balls, exercise balls, and the small mini steppers that are designed without a frame.

Dedicate Your Time to Keeping Fit and You Will be Rewarded with Good Health and a New Physique

The Body Blast workout is based on a formula – one that encompasses supersets, which follows a specific exercise format – no rest or break between sets (hence, the name supersets). Once you establish a body blast routine however, you will find that it is an ideal way to stay in shape and do so in about 45 minutes per day. You do not have to use large-sized equipment to perform the workouts. You just need to be dedicated to the routine to build up muscle and improve your conditioning.