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updated January 1, 2019

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

When you make the decision to train at home rather than down at your local gym, you give up some gear that you might well have otherwise taken for granted. A nondescript piece of gear in any gym is the pull up bar, usually tucked away in a corner. When you set up your home gym, setting up a device to do your chin ups and pull ups can become a major problem. Finding an apparatus around the home that you can comfortably hang from in order to pull yourself up is easier said than done.

Not too many years ago, home gym doorway pull up bars, the answer to the non gym pull up bar dilemma, were nothing more than dinky little devices that you could pick up at Walmart for next to nothing. Essentially toys, they simply didn’t cut it when it came to serious training. Fortunately, those days are over. Today you can purchase a quality doorway pull up that will give you a near gym pull up experience. The Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar is a great example of a bar that will give you a consistently good pull up experience every time.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Doorway Pull Up Bar

  • Stability: Of all the home pull up bar options, the doorway pull up bar is the least stable. But that doesn’t mean that you need to expect a wobbly experience. Doorway pull up bar technology has come a long way. You should expect a bar that is rigid and stable under your body weight. Accept nothing less.
  • Maximum Weight: The industry standard for a doorway pull up bar is 300 pounds. That should allow you to lift your body weight with allowance for extra weight plates when you gets stronger.
  • Attachment Method: Unless you’ve got a telescopic door way pull up bar which fits into the door gap, you will have a unit that sits on top of the rear doorway trim. Make sure that the trim on your door is wide enough to accommodate the size of the plate on the bar.
  • Door trim disturbance: The last thing you want is a damaged doorway, especially if you are renting your property (that’s a recipe for losing your deposit!). Check reviews to see how much, if any, scratching or indentations users have had to put up with.
  • Grip Variation: A bar that offers more than the basic straight bar grip will allow you to work your muscles in a variety of ways. Some bars allow you to use a hammer grip, as well as a neutral, reverse and angled grip.
  • Bar Thickness: A variation in the thickness of the bar will allow you to work your forearms far more effectively than a constant grip.

Constructed of heavy duty gauge steel, the Perfect Pull Up Bar is a hardcore home gym that offers much more than the ability to perform a perfect basic pull up. With this device you can also perform chin ups, sit ups, push ups and dips.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym

When it comes to that old stand-by the pull up, the Perfect Pull Up Bar comes into its own. It offers a range of gripping options, each one complete with a non slip grip handle. Now you can perform wide grip, extra wide, pronated, neutral and close grip pull ups to shock your back muscles from a range of angles.

The adjustable height of the Perfect Multi Gym bar helps to ensure a secure fit on the door frame (this unit will fit door frames between 27” and 35” wide). The unit is a piece of cake to assemble out of the box and can be installed in seconds. The patented door frame guards on the Perfect Doorway Pull Up Bar ensure that no damage will occur to either your doorway or the surrounding wall.

The Pro version of the Perfect pull up bar unit comes with a wider bar which actually extends beyond the door frame, allowing you to do true wide grip pull ups. As a result the Pro version costs $10 more.


  • Adjustable to fit standard door frames between 24 and 35 inches wide.
  • Patented door frame protectors to ensure that the door trim remains mark free.
  • Multi grip options to work your back from a variety of angles.
  • Unique wide grip design extends the handles beyond the door frame to allow for extra wide pull ups (Pro version only).


  • The bar requires at least a half inch lip on the upper rear door trim to fit effectively.
  • Some users have reported that the bolts supplied were of inferior quality.
  • Some users have had issues with the foam grips ripping

Features and Benefits

  • Safety clip on door attachment bar - this adds extra rigidity to the unit, giving extra insurance against the bar coming out of place.
  • Extended hand grips - these go beyond the door frame to allow you to do extra wide pull ups. They are padded to relieve any stress on the door trim.
  • Variety of padded hand grips - you can do wide, extra wide, neutral, and close grip pull up variations to keep your muscles guessing.
  • Very stable - this unit will not wobble while you are performing your pull ups, giving you the peace of mind to focus on banging out the reps.
  • Adjustable width bar - now you are no longer restricted by the width of your doorway. The bar adjusts to accommodate any bar between 27 and 35 inches.
  • Push up stands - a portion of the unit can be used as a push up stand to allow you to go way deeper when performing the movement.


Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition

The Iron Gym Extreme is constructed of heavy gauge steel tubing and rubber mounts. Assembly takes about 10 minutes. The hand grips offer close, wide and neutral grip positions. However, you cannot go extra wide as with the Perfect Multi Gym.

The Iron Gym Extreme bar fits very securely into a standard door frame. Unlike the Perfect Bar, the Iron Gym does not have an adjustability feature to accommodate a range of door widths. Some users have reported that the Iron Gym Extreme does tend to leave black marks above their door trim.

Golds Gym Door Gym Trainer

The Gold’s Gym Door Gym Trainer is a jet black steel constructed unit that assembles in less than 10 minutes. It is securely held on by the door frame. In use the Gold’s Gym bar feels very similar to the Iron Gym Extreme bar. You will feel a slight movement as you pull up, but this is due to the foam pads on each side of the bar.

Neither the Iron gym nor the Gold’s Bar give the same level of rigidity as the Perfect bar. The foam padding on the Gold’s bar is a little thicker than the Iron Gym, putting it on a par with the Perfect Multi Gym. The Gold’s Gym Door Gym Trainer comes with a handy full color workout guide.

P90X Multi Function Pull Up Bar

With 12 different gripping positions the P90X allows you to work your muscles from a variety of different angles. Each position has a sturdy foam grip to prevent sweating and enhance gripping power. The heavy gauge steel construction allows for a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

P90X Pull Up Bar is very rigid and stable. Of the three alternatives, it comes the closest to matching the stability of the Perfect Multi Gym. However, there is no adjustability feature, so this bar will not fit all doorways. It is also one of the most expensive doorway pull up bars on the market, although it does come with a free DVD workout.


perfect multi gym pullup bar

The Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar is among the sturdiest and most reliable bars that we have come across. It offers a couple of unique features with it’s extra wide grip ability and bar adjustable feature that, in our opinion, put it in a class of it’s own. It comes in at a realistic price point and doesn’t seem to leave any scuff marks on your door frame. To us, that sounds like a pretty good deal. If you want another option, why not check out on this article  about the best outdoor pull up bar and this article about The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar as well as this guide about best doorway pull up bars.

Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar

Our #1. Recommendation

​Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar

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