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Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Review Facts

We don’t know about you, but when we hear “multi-gym” we think of Chuck Norris showing off his biceps on late-night TV. The Total Gym and its ilk will work out your whole body, cardio too, all with little to no impact and only a bit of time out of each day.

Sure, the marketing is gimmicky, and there’s a cheese factor to those commercials that even Chuck Norris can’t quite redeem. But if you use the Total Gym faithfully, it will do what it claims to do–give you a low impact cardio workout that will strengthen and gently tone your whole body. You won’t develop a Mrs. or Mr. Olympia physique with one, but that’s really not what it’s for.

With no further warm-up, we’d like you to meet a different, more classical type of multi-gym, one with no moving parts except for you. The Multi Gym Pro, by Perfect Fitness, enhances your ability to use your own body weight as resistance. You can augment classic standbys like the push-up, or explore new territory with hanging crunches. Let’s get to it, and you can decide if the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro deserves a home in your favorite doorjamb.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Versatile, easy to assemble, and affordable

Shower rod-style padded assembly means easy setup, no damage to wood, no screws

Expands to fit doorways as wide as 33 inches

Can mount on floor, in the middle of a doorway, or at top of the doorway, with different exercises at each level

Easy to assemble, with clear directions and a single provided Allen wrench

300-pound weight capacity--Perfect Fitness suggests using with a weighted vest

You can also strap a bumper plate to your body, or use lifting chains--this bar can take it


Won't allow you to get a full range of motion during dips, because of frame style

Grip may be uncomfortable if you have narrow shoulders

The Rundown

This is a pull-up bar with a few meaningful extras. You can use it for different styles of push-ups, dips, and sit-ups, to strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominals. It's a great break from all those crunch videos that have you bending and twisting your spine while placing your hands behind your head to ensure neck strain (can you tell we don't like bendy crunches?). Instead, the straight lines and curves of the sturdy steel frame will help you practice productive and painless form. Everyone needs a chance to keep from getting stale, and the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro will do that for you.

Perfect Fitness offers a helpful workout guide, on the product page, that you can view without purchasing the multi gym. That's a good thing, because, at first glance, you may not know how to unlock all the benefits of the Multi Gym Pro. It has an unconventional design, with curved bars above the pull-up part. The curved bars can go at the top of your door frame, but they also sit on the floor to form the base for angled push-ups. This is the same position you use for doing dips.

From looking at the images, we can see why you don't get a full range of motion on the dip. The inverted angle placement doesn't allow it. It doesn't mean you can't get an effective workout. If you imagine placing your hands' palms down on a chair, then extending your legs straight out with the back of your heels touching the floor, that is the same way you dip with this bar.

The advantage is greater comfort for your wrists because you can grip a padded surface instead of splaying your hands with the palms behind you and fingers facing forward. That's the only way we know of to do chair dips. Unless you are a yoga deity capable of wheel pose, it hurts.

Who Needs It

We all need strength workouts. Using your body weight is an inexpensive route to overall toning, muscular balance, and increased energy throughout the day. There's nothing wrong with being a cardio devotee, but cardio alone doesn't strengthen all your muscle groups.

Plus, runners will be more effective when they have greater trunk strength, enabling you to stay on your feet longer and perfect a more efficient stride without excess fatigue or an aching back. If you lift, heavy or otherwise, a nice bodyweight circuit can keep you limber and bridge the gap between more stressful muscle-tearing barbell sessions.

So, while not everyone will take to the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro, we're confident saying that all our readers need it, or something like it. Yes, you can do plenty of push-ups, crunches, dips, and everything else with no equipment. However, a bar like this one makes it more convenient and spares you having to get down on the floor every time.

It installs quickly and stays in place until you take it down. The steel frame and padded hand grips are durable and will not let you down. The ability to adjust the height or place the multi gym on the floor means you can attack traditional calisthenics in new and exciting ways.

Also, the Multi Gym, once installed, does not require any maintenance or setup. You don't have to troubleshoot a wireless connection, plug in headphones, or call tech support to figure out why the calorie function isn't updating. Heck, you don't even need to lace up your sneakers or lifting shoes. Just grab the bar and go.

Plus, having the Multi Gym Pro up where you can see it, every time you leave or enter a certain room, is a tangible reminder of your commitment to better health. No matter what your athletic pursuit, or how far along you are, this tool can help you out and keep you active. If that's not enough, we're sure you can use the frame for light stretching on those days when you are sore and tired and just really don't have it in you to do an actual workout.

We all have days like that, and it's how we respond to them that can make or break an entire fitness regimen. Let the Multi Gym Pro guide you to the "make" option.

Construction/Ease of Use

The bar is made of steel tubing, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The padding on the ends is what presses down on the door frame when you install and tighten the bar. We looked at the user's manual, and installation is a breeze.

You don't have to drill any holes, which is a plus if you rent your home and don't want to be liable for the damage. Since the padding, not the metal, makes contact with the wood, there won't be any chipped paint or indentations after you take the bar down.

There are handles, so it isn't just a straight bar where you're holding on to smooth steel. There are wide grip handles on the ends, front-facing handles in the center and narrow grip pads between the front facers. The curved upper frame, which doubles as a pushup or dip platform when you place the Multi Gym Pro on the floor, is also padded. The foam is durable and keeps your hands from getting irritated or turning red.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are both possible, and you can do dips either on the floor or with the front-facing handles. You will have to lower the bar and cross your legs to do front-facing dips, unless you don't mind ramming your head into the ceiling. There's no functional fitness benefit to head ramming, so we advise against it.

We read that the bar fits doors up to 35 inches in more than one review and on more than one retail site. However, the Perfect Fitness product page states that the max width is 33 inches. The inaccurate listings appear to be the culprit behind a few negative reviews that say the product does not perform as advertised.

Overall, reviews are positive and the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro enjoys brisk Amazon sales along with a high ranking. Perfect Fitness has been around a while and stands behind their products. The workout guide we found is easy to use, and the user's manual includes photos, a parts list, and customer support information. Installation directions are easy to follow. Total product weight is 6 and a half pounds.

The Final Word

We are happy to recommend the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro doorway bar for anyone who wants to start or supplement a strength-centered fitness program. Pull-ups aren't easy for a lot of us, and just working your way up to doing one can be an accomplishment. Having one of these in a doorway makes it easy, and lets you train in the privacy of your home. There are no moving parts or computer programs to fuss with, and the multi gym doesn't beep or vibrate at you if it thinks you have been sitting for too long.

On top of that, the installation is simple and secure. The steel and foam padding will last a long time. The ends of the bar won't scratch or indent the door frame, and there are no mounting screws or brackets. If there are any problems, Perfect Fitness will respond and work hard to make sure you are satisfied. They provide a free workout guide to teach you how to use the Multi Gym Pro. Perhaps best of all, this versatile trainer comes in at an affordable price. The whole unit is simple, and sometimes simple fitness tools are the ones you end up using the most.