Best Jump Rope Reviews 2018

updated June 6, 2018

For getting in shape fast, nothing beats rope jumping. Jumping rope to lose weight, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness will get you to your goals faster than any exercise type. Rope jumping is the most convenient and cheapest of exercise options. All you need is a quality rope a couple of square feet of space and you’re good to go. In this article we review the Top 10 jump ropes of 2018.

A Quick Overview of the Best Jump Ropes

The best fitness jump rope that we encountered is the RX black handled rope. It provides a completely friction free rotation, and great swivel action to give you the best training tempo possible. We also loved the Rogue Bearing Speed rope, with its tapered extra long handles, and patent pending swivel attachment.

The best priced budget rope that we found is the Amazon Basics model, which provides you with a maximum 10 feet of plastic cable, swivel bearings and comfortable, foam covered handles.

To make it easy for you to compare and contrast the best ropes, we’ve rated the Top 10 in terms of price and durability. Then we’ve provided each one with an overall score out of 5. In the following section, we will give in-depth reviews of each of these products.​

The Top 10 In-Depth

RX Jumprope

RX Jumprope

RX Jump ropes are a heavy duty rope that is constructed with industrial strength multi-directional swivel axel bearing system. This results in a very friction free rotation that is instantly noticeable. It features a patent pending swivel attachment that allows you to perfectly control the speed of the cable’s rotation.

The RX is available in two cable weights. The Buff is 3.4 and the Ultra is 1.8 ounces. The Buff is perfect for beginners and intermediate jumpers. The Ultra is the ideal choice for advanced jumpers. With this rope you will be able to use a great variety of tempos, from slow to super fast. This unit is known as a hybrid speed cable. This is a seriously high quality jump rope.


  • Multi direction swivel axel bearing system
  • Friction free rotation
  • Excellent for controlling the tempo


  • The rope is a little heavy
Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

The Rogue SR-1 Bearing speed rope provides a tapered six inch swivel ball bearing handle. This provides you with an extremely comfortable, solid and sweat free grip. The 3/32 inch red coated speed cable provides you with maximum speed while being extremely durable. The fixed swaged handle ends allow for quick and easy adjustment to the length of the cable. The handles are made from glass filled nylon resin, making them incredibly hard-wearing.

The Rogue speed cable is a great rope to transition your skill level from beginner / intermediate to advanced, as it allows you to safely perform such advanced moves as double unders and triples. The longer than usual handle allows you to concentrate on the wrist rather than bicep when rotating.


  • Tapered six inch handle
  • Solid, sweat free grip
  • Fixed swage handle ends


  • Not suitable for abrasive surfaces
Amazon Basics Adjustable Jump Rope

The Amazon Basics adjustable jump rope is the best quality, cheap cable rope that we came across. At it’s maximum length it is 10 feet long, but can be easily adjusted to any length that you desire. The cable is made of a very hard rubber material. The handles are made of high grade plastic that is covered with a soft foam. This makes them slip and sweat resistant and extremely comfortable to grip.

The Amazon Basics adjustable jump rope has sealed ball bearings in the handles to provide for a very smooth, friction free rotation. The rotation of the cable is even. For a cheap rope this is the best value you will find.


  • Best value
  • Comfortable grip
  • Max length 10 feet


  • Prone to tangling
RPM Speed Rope 3

The RPM Speedrope 3 is a ramped up version of the RPM Speedrope 2. It is a fast, lightweight rope. It has top quality bearings allowing for a superior swivel action. The RPM is actually constructed from rubber encased stranded wire. You can tighten the cable with a fully adjustable nut at the end of the handles.

The cabling is very strong and lightweight, allowing you to go really fast. The cable doesn’t crimp, unlike many other units on the market. A nice thing about the RPM long jump rope is that it doesn’t get out of shape or bent if it has been looped for storage. RPM Speedrope 3 allows you to get straight to work rather than having to uncrink it.


  • Very fast and lightweight
  • Non crimp cable 
  • Easily adjustable


  • Some people may find that the cable is a little too light
Buddy Lee Jump Rope

The Buddy Lee adjustable Jump Rope is a 9 foot long rope that has been made with a unique swivel bearing action. This is designed to enhance performance by eliminating friction and drag. It will also prevent the cable from tangling. In addition, it produces an effortless, smooth wrist action. The handles of the Buddy Lee are each nine inches long. They are ideal for both children and adult users, are very comfortable and sweat resistant.

The Buddy Lee has a unique built-in system that allows you very quickly shorten or lengthen the cable. The cord is made from high end PVC and is aerodynamically designed for maximum speed. Along with the ball bearing in the handles, the cord is completely replaceable.


  • Unique swivel bearing action
  • Tangle free
  • 9 inch long handles


  • Cable prone to expand, especially if it gets wet.
Fitness Master Jump Rope

The Fitness Master athletic jump rope is a 9 foot rope that you can easily adjust to suit your height. The ball bearing system has a smooth handle bearing arrangement which provides a friction free, fast spinning action. This is a tangle free unit that is very light weight. You get a free carry case and a comprehensive instructional training manual with this product.

The Fitness Master is portable and small, making it the ideal choice for taking on the road with you. The wire cable has a thermoplastic black urethane coating to provide ultimate protection when the cable whacks the floor. The cable length is easily adjustable.


  • Smooth handling bearing system
  • Tangle free rope
  • Free carry case
  • Instruction manual


  • Too light
Rage Fitness Jump Rope

The Rage Fitness R2 training rope is probably the fastest jump rope that you are likely to come across. The long, tapered handles are ergonomically designed to reduce friction and increase the speed of your wrist action. The speed ball bearing inside the handle allow for the quickest revolution action and the lightweight rope kicks in to produce a lightning speed movement.

There is absolutely no friction to slow you down when you train with the Rage Fitness R2. It features an easily adjustable cord to allow you to quickly and efficiently change the length to suit the user. The cord comes with a vinyl coating that protects as well as enhancing speed of movement. This is the best jump rope for double unders.


  • Long, tapered handles
  • Speed ball bearing system
  • Easily adjustable cord


  • Some may find this rope to be too light
Althletikz Jump Rope

The Ahtletikz ball bearing jump rope is a fully adjustable rope with a durable, lightweight PVC plastic cable. It is adjustable up to 9.4 feet to accommodate the tallest of users. The high spec ball bearing system allows for maximum rotation and control. The handles are constructed from ultra comfortable non-slip sweat resistant foam. The actual cord is made of top quality PVC plastic that is guaranteed not to tangle.

The grips on the Athletikz cord are ergonomically designed for the most natural wrist action. Overall this an extremely durable unit that will easily handle the demands of working out on concrete or any other super hard surface. It comes with a lifetime 100% money back guarantee. This is a great jump rope for weight loss.


  • Adjustable to 9.4 foot length
  • Ultra comfortable non-slip sweat resistant
  • Very natural wrist action


  • A little difficult to adjust
Survival and Cross Jump Rope

The Survival and Cross wire Jump Rope is among the best jump ropes for crossfit and MMA style workouts. It is extremely lightweight and is guaranteed not to tangle. The tapered handles are designed to enhance your natural wrist action, working in harmony with the swivel ball bearing system to produce a super fast rotation action. A simple screw adjustment system allows for easy length adjustment.

Survival and Cross wire Jump Rope is a right angle cable unit, making it the perfect design to enhance speed. There is no kinking or binding in the cable, meaning that you can safely perform such advanced moves as double unders and triples. It is also a very good value unit. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!


  • Tangle free
  • Easy length adjustment
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Handle screw pin too big
Benran Jump Rope

Benran Jump Rope

The BenRan PVC jump rope is constructed from top quality 3M PVC, and is able to put up with some big time abuse. You can therefore, use it on such tough surfaces as concrete. The cable is completely adjustable, so that you can create the ideal length for yourself very quickly. The custom foam grips are molded for ergonomic performance and comfort. The ball bearing system that is fitted within the handles allow for faster rotation.

The BenRan is a very high quality unit that will provide you with a high speed workout. The hollow nylon cord is lightweight and very fast. It has a great swivel and is quick to adjust. This is the best weighted jump rope that we found.


  • 3M PVC cable
  • Custom foam grips
  • Fast rotation ball bearing system


  • Tends to tangle

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Our top rated jump rope is the RX smart gear jump rope. This black handled model has an advanced swivel action for friction free movement and speed of rotation. The Rogue SR 1 jump rope is our second favorite, with it’s high spec materials, and quality rotational movement.

For a great low cost unit, you can’t go past the Amazon Basics model, which provides you with a quality workout experience for well under ten bucks.

Best Jump Rope Reviews 2018
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