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Gym1 Power Fitness Package ReviewedReview Facts

Gym 1 is sort of a playground equipment supplier for adults. You won’t find something as substantial as a monkey bar rig, but you can choose from ropes, swings, trapezes, rings, and more. They usually come in packages. The equipment is suitable for children, and there are packages just for toddlers and teens. Punching bags, aerial yoga kits, and even online personal training portals round out the diverse inventory. All this fun comes at a price, but it will be worth it if you use your purchase every day for functional fitness. The products are made of durable materials, and all feature padding and adjustable components for comfort and ease of use.

Today’s review is of the Power Fitness Package. More than just a pull-up bar, it is a complete gym that mounts in a doorway for you to use each day to build your upper body strength. The Power Fitness Package includes ab straps and pulls up extenders that augment the traditional workouts. You can add items you probably wouldn’t think of, like a speed bag or punching bag. There is an entire modular kit that turns the Power Fitness Package into a kids’ gym as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Weight capacity of 300 pounds

Aimed at beginners who need help in performing their first pull up

Mounts without any screws or brackets, and fits almost any doorway

Can be placed in the middle of the doorway for different exercises

Anchoring system stands up to kip-ups and other more strenuous lifts

Meets mandated safety ratings for use by children

Steel is twice as thick as a typical pull up bar, but still narrow diameter for easy grip

Offers several different pull-up positions


Not much good for traveling, as there are a lot of parts to be disassembled and packed

Installation can be time-consuming, because of the safety features and included accessories

More expensive than other pull up bars we have seen and doesn't often go on sale

The Rundown

The Rundown

The Gym1 Power Fitness Package looks like a lot of other frame type doorway gyms we have seen, with a plain polished steel frame and blue grips and plastic protectors. It expands to fit doorways up to 36 inches wide. Gym1 includes directions on how to measure your doorway before purchase, as well as installation videos and a manual with written directions.

The frame has a front-facing depth of 14 inches, which keeps you far from the wall or door and helps ensure you get a full range of motion. The pull-up extender, an extra optional bar, opens up new positions for pull-ups. This helps you target different muscle groups and avoid repetitive motion injuries. The ab straps loop over the bar on either end. You can hold onto the bar while hanging from the nylon straps, and that will give you an extra boost as well as letting you move your legs laterally or do front leg lifts.

Installation isn't quick, but reviews and the directions we looked at making it seem relatively painless. The extra steps and hardware are necessary for safety, and to unlock all the unique benefits the bar offers you.
Company Background

Company Background

As we touched on in the intro, Gym1 is a different kind of fitness company. They create packages and experiences you cannot find anywhere else. In 2017, the company won a Parent's Choice award for one of their indoor playground sets. Parent's Choice is a group made up of educators, parents, library specialists, and actual kids who rate products for children by safety, features, and creativity. Parent' Choice praised the playground set as being durable and able to stand up to hours and years of play.

Gym1 has also been recognized by Play On Words, a group that rates and promotes toys and games that encourage children to learn about language through play. The swings, trapezes, and other equipment can be used in classrooms to help kids de-stress or as a reward after task completion. The Ask Men website wrote up Gym1 pull up bars and noted how the setup and grip positioning allows for several different kinds of pull-ups and for other body strength training.

The company began in 2012, founded by two Harvard graduates with backgrounds in design. Initially, crowd-funded, the company has been gaining new customers and expanding its product base ever since. Part of its mission is to help with the unhealthy habits and associated health problems experienced by children in the United States. Gym1's products offer a safe and fun alternative to gaming and media streaming. Installation can be time-consuming but is aided by great instructions and customer support. Once in place, products like the Power Fitness Package will resist wear and tear, while not causing damage to walls, ceilings, and other household fixtures.
Why It Is Different

Why It Is Different

A lot of pull up bars claim to have expanded capability and to be more than just pull up bars, although supporting that particular exercise is always a central goal. The Gym1 Power Fitness Package makes good on that promise. It uses clever engineering to make a bar so strong that it can support movement across several planes. Part of the package includes workout guides, and you are free to develop your own exercises in safety. Generous depth keeps it away from the doorway, encouraging proper form and a full range of motion.

Accessories provided by Gym1 include aerial yoga kits, and the kits install in such a way that they are removable. An entire family can make use of this modular gym, with different attachments and routines for each member.

Although the Power Fitness Package is versatile, it does not require a lot of setups and so you can focus on doing your exercises effectively, not loosening and tightening straps or waiting for a computer to cooperate. Having one of these in your home can increase your fitness level right away, just because it is always there, keeps things interesting, and doesn't create downtime with troublesome quirks or finicky performance.
Who Needs It

Who Needs It

The Gym1 Power Fitness Package is suitable and useful for all athletes and fitness hobbyists who want to incorporate more bodyweight exercises into their regimens. If you are a lifter, even a powerlifter, the enhanced strength will help you perform more safely and effectively.

If you are a runner or cyclist, the strength brought on by using this unit can make your stride more effective and keep you going longer without excessive soreness or fatigue. Yoga practitioners and acrobats, too, will find new ways to move and can break themselves out of established routines to unlock new levels of flexibility. The Power Fitness Package is also a way to keep yourself moving during cold weather or while recovering from an injury, without needing to buy expensive, heavy, or space-consuming equipment.

The options and attachments will take up space, true, but they will be arranged around a central hub and are, of course, optional. With the basic package, you still get the frame, mounting hardware, ab straps, and pull up extenders. Anything you add will cost extra but will be backed by the same level of care and customer support Gym1 provides for their bar.
What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

There weren't many customer reviews of this specific product when we visited the Gym1 website. They mostly say the product is durable, that kids love using it, and that it feels very secure even for heavyset users. Installation is straightforward, and the frame stays in place once you place it in a doorway. The age and construction of your house may make a difference, but even old houses can accommodate the bar as long as the doorframe is narrow enough and solid wooden trim is present. As with similar products, you do not want to install this bar on thin decorative or plastic trim. It will pull out of the wall.

Users also enjoy the cross-training aspect, meaning the Power Fitness Package is a suitable way for competitive or solo athletes to stay conditioned even without easy access to a gym. No special gear or clothing is needed, although you'll be able to move most effectively in sweats, tank tops, compression shorts, and similar gym apparel. Shoes are not needed, making the bar appealing to kids on their way to or from doing homework or perhaps cleaning their rooms.

Other reviews we found appeared on the product's Amazon page. At the time of this writing, there were only 23 of them. All were 4 or 5-star reviews, from parents who let their children use the product as well as from adults who are primary users. There was a single one-star review that advised readers to "poke your eyes out with an ice pick and then buy this product."

That sounds like it came from someone who had a hard time with installation, and we don't put much stock in hyperbolic reviews that come across as flukes. It does serve to remind that there is no such thing as a product that will make everyone happy all the time.
The Final Word

The Final Word

We are delighted to recommend the Gym1 Power Fitness Package to anyone who wants more options for working out at home. It is durable, versatile, and comfortable to use. If you don't normally do pull-ups, but want to, there are extenders and other tools to help you with that goal. You aren't likely to get stale, because the tiny gym offers so many hand positions, adjustable height, and options for attachments that help you hit different muscle groups.

The unit installs relatively easy, stays in place, and stands up over time. If you have a suitable doorway and can figure out the install (it's easy), the Gym1 Power Fitness Package can become a focal point for your entire family and a welcomed addition to your daily routine. It will be ready whenever you are.