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updated January 1, 2019

When you’re ready to get serious about lifting weights, it’s time to step up to a weightlifting belt. Not only will the right weightlifting belt or powerlifting belt allow you to lift more weight, but it will also provide your spine with additional support, to make it more stable under heavy weight. You’ll be able to squat, deadlift, and perform overhead and heavyweight power moves more safely. In this article, we identify the best weightlifting belts on the market right now for 2019.

A Quick Look at the Top Weightlifting Belts

The best powerlifting belt that we have found is the Weightlifting Power Belt by Emerge, which provides you with an adjustable premier hook and loop which is both sturdy and comfortable. It’s premium hoop and lock fastening system allows for easy on-off and secure cinching. 

We were also impressed with the FireTeam Fit lever model, which provides four inches of uniform thickness and is hand-made from premium natural leather. We are also very impressed by the FitGirl genuine cowhide leather belt, which is also four inches around and has an adjustable, non-slip fit. Rounding out our top 3 is the FitGirl, with each individual weightlifting belt being hand crafted to Rogue’s exacting specifications.

To allow you to compare and contrast the best weightlifting belts easily, we’ve rated them by price and durability. We’ve then given each one an overall rating out of 5. We go in-depth on each product later in this article.

Proper Weightlifting Form and Technique

There are several do’s and don’ts associated with weightlifting form and powerlifting technique, and it is good to learn about these techniques so that your weightlifting training is safer and more effective.

You will want to start out by lifting an appropriate amount of weight; this means a weight that you are comfortable with and can conceivably lift around fifteen times. As you continue these reps, you will gain strength and can gradually begin to increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

If you are a man or woman weightlifter, then you have probably heard the term, Valsalva maneuver. The Valsalva maneuver is simply the action of trying to exhale with the nostrils and mouth closed. Doing this will increase the pressure in your middle ear and chest when you brace before you lift heavy objects and is also considered a means of helping to equalize the pressure in your ears.

During the Valsalva maneuver, there is a reduction of the filling of the right and then left side of the heart. The stroke volume, as well as blood pressure, will fall as they heart rate increases.

Advantages of a Weightlifting Belt

One of the best reasons to wear a weightlifting belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure while you are lifting a lot of weight. Stabilizing your inner core is a key component when it comes to stabilizing your spine and allowing you to increase your maximum power levels. Weightlifting belts almost act as a second set of abs, and you should also practice breathing exercises during lifting.

A weightlifting belt should not be confused for a back brace because a weightlifting belt is to primarily support your abs, not your back, during weightlifting. When lifting, you should be practicing proper form; this means you need to learn how to move within the full range of motion you have in your joints. As your form becomes better, you will be able to lift more safely.

Breathing is another crucial element when it comes to weightlifting. Weightlifters should not hold your breath as you lift the weights. Instead, you should breathe out as you begin to lift the weights and then breathe in as you begin to lower the weights.

Always warm up before continuing with your weightlifting routine. You want to give your muscles the opportunity to warm up. Even a quick five to ten minutes of walking is an effective routine to warm your muscles.

If you are a powerlifter, then it is a good idea to wear a belt because it will allow the powerlifter to squat and deadlift more weight than they would be able to do without the belt. The belts that are made for this sport tend to be heavy duty, stiff, and also have the same width all the way around the belt.

Difference between Weightlifting and Powerlifting

There is the obvious difference between weightlifting and powerlifting when you see the competition lifts that are involved with each. Weightlifting uses the snatch and clean and jerk moves, which are all overhead movements. Powerlifting uses bench press, deadlift, and squats which are directed vertically overhead.

The snatch movement is more like an extension of the ankles, knees, and hips, almost like you would see with the squat and the deadlift. Olympic weightlifting competitors do not compete in squat movements. Instead the squat is used to assist them in their other competition lifts.

The Top 10 In-Depth

emerge weightlift belt

The Emerge weightlifting training power belt is the most secure nylon weightlifting belt on the market. It’s large size provides maximum protection for your entire core, with an accent on the lumbar region. It’s easily adjustable with the premium hook and loop fastening system and includes a steel tension buckle. This makes it a breeze to transition from light to heavy gym moves.

The Emerge nylon belt is the best product we have found yet when it comes to supporting your abdomen and lower back, improving your stability and lifting power and preventing injuries. Emerge provide this belt in a range of sizes to ensure that you get just the right fit.


  • 4 inches wide all the way around
  • Each unit is handcrafted
  • Lever buckle system


  • Expensive
weighlift belt

​The Genuine Leather Pro from Dark Iron Fitness is constructed from real, hard wearing genuine leather. This weightlifting belt has four layers of double stitching to ensure toughness and durability during strength training and weight lifting. This unit is four inches across its entire length, unlike most weightlifting belts which can taper down at the front; this provides you with maximum protection to your whole core as you are pushing maximum loads.

​The fastening system on this weightlifting belt is by way of a heavy duty double buckling system which comes with 11 sets of holes to allow for a precision fit. Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather also features an adjustable non-slip fit, meaning that you will not have to contend with it slipping while you’re lifting heavy weight. It comes with a 100% replacement warranty.


  • Hard wearing cow leather construction
  • 4 layers of double stitching
  • Heavy duty double buckling system


  • Takes some time to break in
FireTeam Fit weightlifting belt

​The Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt is a nylon belt with an adjustable Velcro support system to allow for precision adjustment. This is unlike a leather belt, which has predetermined belt holes. This lifting belt model provides you with a rigid level of spine support while also allowing you to perform a full complement of CrossFit or plyo type moves. That’s because it is more flexible than a leather belt.

FireTeam Fit features a heavy-duty roller buckling system to provide the most secure of fits. It provides a very comfortable fit and is available in a range of colors. It is offered at a very good price and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. It is the best weightlifting belt for CrossFit.


  • Adjustable Velcro support system
  • Flexible yet firm
  • Range of colors


  • Not wide enough in the front
weightliftting belt

​The FitGirl pink weight lifting belt is specially designed to provide support for woman weightlifters. Probably the most stylish weightlifting belt ever designed, the pink and black design looks cool while being extremely functional. It provides a huge 5 inches of back support, tapering down to a 3-inch front.

FitGirl pink weight lifting belt is made with an extremely light foam core, this unit has a tricot inner lining that is very comfortable on the skin, while providing warmth to the muscles. The fastening system is by way of a two-inch Velcro support strap. This makes for a reliable, fast way to get the belt on and off. Because it is so lightweight, this lifting belt is perfect for CrossFit training and female lifters.


  • Specially designed for females
  • 5-inch back support
  • Very stylish design


  • Not a uniform thickness
Valeo weightlifting belt

​The Valeo Performance 4-inch VLP low profile lifting belt has a 4-inch wide foam core that runs around the entire body; this provides equal support for the spine and the abdomen. The torque ring fastening system makes use of top quality Velcro, ensuring a fast, reliable securing mechanism during strength training. The soft bound edges and tricot inner lining of this unit make it extremely comfortable to wear.

​The foam core of this lifting belt is waterproof. Because the lifting belt is lightweight and secure, it is perfect for wearing during your CrossFit WOD, where you are quickly moving from heavy Olympic weightlifting exercises to plyometric jumping and callisthenic type moves. Although not ideal for max heavy lifts, it is a great beginner belt for those just starting out with their strength training routine.


  • 4-inch width all the way around
  • Torque ring fastening system
  • Tricot inner lining


  • Slight tendency to slide around
Rogue Ohio weightlifting belt

​The Rogue Ohio Heavy Duty lifting belt is hand crafted to the very high standard that Rogue are famous for. This leather weightlifting belt immediately sets it apart from the mass-produced competition. Made from vegetable tanned leather, this model makes use of an all-natural tanning method which takes far longer than the more commonly used sole tanning method.

​The leather that results, however, is far more firm and durable. It is also water resistant and has a rich, natural looking brown tone. It gives you a lifting belt that is amazingly strong, yet it also remains soft. Unlike other belts, there is hardly any breaking in time with this belt so that it will perform for you from day one. The Rogue weightlifting belt has a single buckle design and is built for better strength training.


  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Reduced break in time


  • Not one solid piece of leather
Schiek Nylon weightlifting belt

​The Schiek weight lifting belt provides comfortable, secure back support while powerlifting and weightlifting. It is contoured to fit the shape of your body and has a unique patented angle through the rear to naturally fit the shape of the user’s back. It also features patented contours in the rib and hip area to provide an even firmer, more secure fit while you are lifting heavy weight.

​Whereas many leather lifting belts are not as thick in the front, Schiek weight lifting belt widens to provide extra support for the abdomen. One way Velcro provides a secure enclosure. This Velcro weight lifting belt comes with a heavy duty stainless steel slide bar buckle to keep you strapped in while you’re under a load. The belt feels great to wear with no itchiness while providing the right amount of intra-abdominal pressure.


  • Patented rear angle
  • Rib and hip contours
  • Wider in front than most


  • Uncomfortable fit for people over 6 feet tall
Harbinger weightlifting belt

​The Harbinger Flexible upright foam core lifting belt comes in four sizes, providing you with a large 5-inch wide support system for the lower back. It features a flexible, lightweight foam core to generate warmth in the lumbar muscles while still offering maximum support and guidance. The foam is surrounded by abrasion resistant nylon.

​The buckling system of the Harbinger lifting belt consists of a heavy-duty steel roller buckle, which is easy to operate and provides a very secure hold. This lifting belt has a tricot lining which is very comfortable against the skin. With 5 inches at the back and 3 in the front, you will get ample back and abdominal support with this unit. It comes with a 90-day manufacturer’ warranty.


  • 5-inch back width
  • Lightweight foam core
  • Tricot lining


  • Sizing runs a little on the small side
RDX weightlifting belt

​The RDX Cowhide weightlifting belt provides four inches of back support with a genuine cowhide suede interior to protect the lumbar region from the heavy pressure of squatting. The reinforced double stitching used on this model provides an effective sweat-wicking system while also enhancing the durability of the product. The fastening system is by way of a double-pronged roller system, which provides a secure, easy release.

​The exterior of the RDX weightlifting belt is made from extremely tough wearing buffalo hide. It is four inches through the back region to provide full support to your lumbar area. As a bonus, this belt is shipped in a long box so that it won’t be folded.


  • Reinforced double stitching
  • Sweat-wicking properties
  • Tough wearing buffalo hide exterior


  • Not wide enough in the front

Leather Weightlifting belts are generally regarded as the best on the market. Check out the top on offer with our Best Leather Weightlifting Belts Review 2019 and discover the best of the best.

Fitgirl is far from the only weightlifting belt designed for a woman weightlifter. Check out the full range with our Best Women’s Weightlifting Belts Review 2019 - it features the best on the market.

Ader weightlifting belt

​The Ader Leather powerlifting belt is made of high-quality genuine leather and has a soft suede inner lining. This makes it extremely tough while also being comfortable wearing. This lifting belt is three-eighths of an inch thick and four inches wide, providing you with a high degree of support for both your lumbar region and your abdomen. The fastening system uses a double pronged chrome roller buckle and a single loop.

​High-quality double stitching provides extra rigidity, while also serving as a sweat wicking and moisture resistant measure. The belt is finished in a stylish black. Ader Leather Power is a high-quality belt that provides solid protection at a competitive price.


  • Soft suede inner lining
  • Double pronged chrome buckle
  • 4-inch uniform width


  • Holes are too small

​Want to know how to wear a weightlifting belt the right way? Find out how to put on a weightlifting belt and when to use a weightlifting belt and what size weightlifting belt you should use with this comprehensive tutorial.


The best belt for powerlifting and weightlifting, is the Dark Iron Fitness belt, which provides a very secure protective fit for the entire core, while retaining its lightness so you can do metcon work unhampered. It also features a solid, secure buckle and easy on-off functionality. A close second is the FireTeam Fit lever belt, with it’s 4 inches of all round natural leather protection, and solid buckling system.

Rounding out our top 3 is the FitGirl, which also provides 4 inches of uniform protection, and features a patented non-slip technology. 

Remember, weightlifting belts were designed for those that choose to squat or deadlift as often as they can. If you are one of these people, then a belt will be a good idea to help stabilize you and provide you with additional strength. However, if the belt begins to restrict your movement and starts to affect your clean or snatch movements, then you may want to consider trying to build up your strength without the aid of a weightlifting belt.

Also, if you have a heart condition or any other condition that can be adversely affected because of increased blood pressure and any intra-abdominal pressure, then a belt is not a good either. The belt is designed to wrap around your abdomen so that it can limit how far out your abdomen is able to expand after you lift. The restriction of the abdomen is what causes pressure, and in turn, help stabilizes the spine.

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