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updated January 1, 2019

When you are looking at the best kettlebells, you need to know how they differ from adjustable dumbbells and barbell products for getting into shape. Adjustable kettlebells offers fitness progressions in various kettlebell weights.

Kettlebell Weights

Standard kettlebell weights for beginners include the 5 lb. kettlebell and 15 lb. kettlebell. As the weightlifter progresses, he will move on to the 25 lb. kettlebell and 35 lb. kettlebell before he reaches his ultimate goal in strength training and is regularly working out with a 50 lb. kettlebell.

Naturally you should customize your kettlebell program, depending on your own level of fitness and body type. However, the above examples can provide you with a basic idea of how to format a plan to increase your level of fitness and strength.

Brands of Kettlebells

Top Brand

You can obtain more information about the kettlebell by visiting specific brand sites that feature the kettlebell piece of equipment. For example, among kettlebell products, users can find the Dragon Door kettlebell, RKC Kettlebell, Ader kettlebells and the Gofit kettlebell. You can even obtain fitness certification. Therefore, you can become involved in the training to the point that you can actually make using a kettlebell during exercise a career or part-time avocation.

A Prominent Leader in the Kettlebell Industry

For example, Dragon Door is responsible for originating the RKC kettlebell certification instructor program, which includes use of the Russian kettlebell in its RKC kettlebell offerings. You might say that Dragon Door is a prominent leader in the kettlebell industry.

A Challenging Conditioning and Training Program

Recently, the company launched a program that offers calisthenics training, based on the instruction associated with “Convict Conditioning.” This program is comprehensive and is almost a primary reference for anyone who is serious about using Russian kettlebell products or the best kettlebells on the market.

Some Basic Conditioning Goals

According to the basic guidelines of the Convict Conditioning program, anyone who is involved in kettlebell conditioning, who follows the fundamental tenets of the plan, should be able to achieve at least one set of 5 one-arm push-ups on either side of the body and one set of 5 one-leg squats per side.

They should also be able to accomplish the objective of performing at least 1 one-arm pull-up per side and one set of 5 hanging straight leg raises. To round out the objectives, exercisers should be able to also perform 1 stand-to-stand bridge and 1 one-armed handstand style pushup.

kettlebell set

Choosing a Kettlebell Set – What You Should Consider

The above guidelines are minimum requirements with participants working up to elite objectives. Therefore, anyone who wishes to devote their time to kettlebell training needs to review the brands carefully and see which kettlebell product will meet their overall fitness goals and objectives on an ongoing basis.

Performing Kettlebell Exercises

Before a review can be made, you have to understand that kettlebells supply a different type of workout than what you receive with a dumbbell. That is because the center of mass is extended. Therefore kettlebell workouts are easier to perform than when an exerciser uses adjustable dumbbells to perform similar routines.

Movements are Simpler to Execute

As a result, specific swinging movements are simpler to execute. Traditional kettlebell workouts, which are designed to build up one’s level of strength and endurance, focus on the shoulders, legs and lower back. The strength of the grip also factors more into a kettlebell routine than it does in a dumbbell workout. Crossfit exercisers use kettlebells to enhance their regimens too.

Don’t Choose a Kettlebell that are too Lightweight

Because kettlebells are often performed in one-handed routines, learning the proper form from the start is imperative if you wish to prevent injury. Therefore, the weight of the kettlebell is important as a too-light kettlebell will promote poor form and not provide a sufficient workout. Check out this article for a detailed look on choosing the right kettlebell. It's a great read.

Recommended Weights

A recommended weight for an inactive woman is 15 to 20 lbs or approximately 8 kg and 25 to 35 lbs or around 14 kg for an inactive man. More athletic or active people should choose a woman’s kettlebell of around 25 to 30 lbs. (12 to 14 kg) and a man’s kettlebell of a 45 to 55 lb weight or one that weighs 20 to 24 kg.

Building a Better Body

Whatever brand you choose (RKC, Gofit or Ader), each are designed to build coordination and muscles. Kettlebell training using any of the aforementioned brands encourages proper body mechanics, all which increase endurance levels and strength.

Kettlebell Fitness is About Preventing Injury Too

A kettlebell fitness program is also good preparatory training for sports activities, and reduces the potential for injury. For example, working out with a kettlebell enables athletes to make fast changes in their direction or movements. If you don’t achieve that type of fitness, you can easily suffer an injury that will keep you out of circulation for quite a long time.

More Fat and Calories are Burned

How many calories BURN

Kettlebells have been utilized by athletes in Russia for many years. They have only caught hold in the U.S. lately. If you view a kettlebell, it basically is a weighted ball with a handle attached. Regardless of its basic look, there is quite a lot entailed in this basic workout tool. Kettle bells, despite the brand, promote more movement and therefore more fat and calories are burned.

The Traditional Kettlebell

You can buy a kettlebell without DVD, with DVD, as adjustable kettlebells and in the basic traditional form – a ball made of metal with metal. The traditional kettle bell is a single solid piece made of iron, steel or other solid type metal which is free of burrs or seams.

The Adjustable Kettlebell Option

Rocketlok 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable kettlebells look very much like the traditional kind except their handle features a pin, which allows the user to set the weight he will be using.

While this type of kettlebell is not considered as sturdy as the traditional kettlebell, it is a convenient way to add weight while working out as well as a space-saving option for anyone who has a limited space in which to work out at home.

Heavier Kettlebells Can be Dangerous if You Don’t Use the Proper Form

heavier kettlebells (injury)

Kettlebells may range in weight from a mere two pounds to as much as 200 pounds. The weight range you will be using will be dependent on you level of fitness and the kind of exercises you want to perform. Be aware that a kettlebell at a higher weight, such as 30+ pounds can be dangerous.

Windmills are Designed for Lighter Weights

Therefore, the weights can be dangerous if they are not used properly. You should not use the heavier weights for exercises that cause you to twist or swing frequently. Windmills and swings are more appropriate when using lighter kettlebells, or weights under 30 pounds.

Chest Presses and Arm Curls – Two Basic Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebells, regardless of the brand, are used primarily for functional activities, such as windmills, ketttlebell loading or swings. While kettlebells may not be appropriate for all traditional exercises or those exercises that are regularly performed with dumbbells, they are ideal for such moves as arm curls and chest presses.

A Practical, Long-lasting Workout Aid

A large number of kettlebells are featured for sale but not all the pieces of equipment are made equally. While most of the equipment is pretty expensive, the additional price is well worth the benefits you will receive in terms of a practical workout aid that will last a lifetime.

Choose Solid Steel or Iron over a Multicast Construction

Kettlebells are usually made of top-quality iron or steel since the materials are generally resistant to any kind of premature wear. Watch out for burrs or sharp seams in lesser quality kettle bells. Instead, look for quality kettlebells that are made of solid steel or iron as they are much more dependable than their multi-cast counterparts.

Don’t Opt for Vinyl – It Is Too Slippery

Also, watch out for kettlebells that may be coated with vinyl – meant to hide any imperfections. A vinyl-coated kettlebell can be hazardous as it can fly out of your hand if it sweats and becomes slippery. The vinyl-coated kind can also emit a synthetic scent that can be unpleasant.

Find a Kettlebell Brand with a Lifetime Warranty

All kinds of brands of kettlebells come with a manufacturer’s guarantee whose length depends on the kettlebell quality. While lower quality kettlebells are usually guaranteed with a limited one-year warranty, premium brands feature a full lifetime warranty.

Something for Beginners to Consider: Does the Kettlebell Com with a DVD?

Some brands provide an instruction pamphlet or DVD with their set of kettlebells – all which can get you started on working out with the equipment.

Kettlebell Reviews: Taking a Look at Three Brands

#1. The RKC Kettlebell – A Popular and Affordable Kettlebell with a More Innovative Design

RKC Russian Kettlebell (Dragon Door)

The RKC Dragon Door kettlebell is the brand’s most well-recognized set and is the ideal size for fitness buffs to begin a workout routine. The kettlebells, which are made of a cast iron core and feature smooth grips and metallic finish, exhibit a smooth surface so advanced movements, may be performed. Prices for this brand, depending on its weight, range from $10 to $154.00 for weights of 10 to 70 pounds.

#2. GoFit Kettlebell – A Good Kettlebell for Beginners

GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell

Anyone who wants a vibrant workout aid will not be disappointed with the GoFit kettlebell. The equipment comes in such colors as purple, red, yellow, orange, blue, green and black. They provide a home-fitness solution for anyone who wants to lift weights and train with optimum fitness in mind - designed for anyone who wants to achieve their exercise goals using weight resistance. While this is not the type of equipment that is made for a serious weightlifter, it is a nice choice for any beginner who wishes to become acclimated to a kettlebell regimen of exercise.

#3. Ader Kettlebells – A Premium Traditional Product

Ader Vinyl Kettlebel

Adder kettlebells are typically made of solid cast iron designs and are often used for group Crossfit training activities.

The premium kettlebells can be ordered in bulk rates for fitness facilities that feature kettlebell certification or exercises.

A Premium Solid Kettlebell Design

Adder shows that it knows what makes a good kettlebell design. The company says its products exhibit a finish that is consistent and smooth but never slick. No graininess or rough edges are featured in Adder products. The company will not coat the bells with epoxy as the varnish has a tendency to ship.

A Kettlebell that is as Solid as It is Dependable

The company says their kettlebells are cast with the bell. No welding is therefore instituted in the manufacturing process. Adder kettlebells feature a thicker handle for men and a wider handle on a woman’s bell to ensure the performance of bottoms up drills. The handle’s finish, again, like the bell, is smooth but never slick.

Kettlebells That are Designed with Certain Exercises in Mind

The kettlebells with slight broader handles permit more spacing for two-handed type drills. The company features kettlebells with a wider base as well so kettlebell users can perform floor exercises such as pushups or rows.

Visit Brand Websites for Further Details: Think about Your Training Routine

Whatever brand you choose in a kettlebell, it will be a selection that will best fit with your current exercise needs and goals. Take a look at the aforementioned brands on their websites to get a better idea of where you stand and what purchasing option is the best for you.

The RKC Kettlebell

Our #1. Recommendation

The RKC Kettlebell

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