Best Wrist Wrap Reviews 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Your wrists come in for some tough treatment when you start resistance training. The strain of heavy poundage can force you to quit your lift long before your muscles tire out. It can also lead to permanent damage to your wrists and forearms. Wrist wraps provide a secure grip that won’t break, while also taking the strain off your wrists. In this article, we go in depth on the Top 10 wrist wraps of 2019.

A Quick Snapshot of 2019’s Best Wrist Wraps

​The best lifting straps that we found are the Emerge wraps. These wrist straps are thicker than most, offering firmer support while still providing the freedom of movement that you need which makes them the best wrist wraps for lifting.

​We were also impressed with the Schiek Blackline heavy duty straps, which are thumbless yet provide an incredible level of rigidity and comfort and are extremely durable.

​Our third favorite wrist protector is the Rogue White Series wrist wrap, which is a very robust, tight fitting and comfortable strap that is easy to put on and extremely stylish and comfortable to wear. These are great wrist wraps for bench presses.

To make is easy for you to compare the best weightlifting wrist support wraps on the market, we’ve taken the top 10 and rated each one for price, durability and then given an overall rating out of 5. You’ll find an in-depth review of each of these products later in this article.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is a way to exercise your muscles by using an opposing force such as dumbbells or resistance bands. Strength exercises like these help to induce muscular contractions that can help you build strength and endurance during your workouts.

Resistance training can also help increase your resting metabolism by approximately seven percent and if you adhere to a regular strength training routine, then you can also reduce your body fat while effectively burning even more calories.

How to Find the Best Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are all very similar, so deciding on which wrist wrap would be right for you depends on what you will be using them for. Wrist wraps are often used for powerlifting and doing the squat, and they can also help with deadlifts and bench presses.

Utilizing wrist wraps during your strength training exercises have several advantages including allowing you the opportunity to train harder, lift more weight, support your wrists, and reduce muscle strain.

When used properly, a wrist wrap can help you train more often and you will be able to complete more repetitions minus the pain that you can experience in your hands and wrists without using wrist wraps.

Wrist wraps also help you improve grip strength, which ultimately means you will be able to lift more weight and hold that weight for longer periods of time during the workout without the danger of your hands slipping.

When you lift incredible amounts of weight, it is important that you protect and support your wrists and the wrist joints. The added support can also help improve your grip strength and can help reduce any chance of injury to your hands or wrists.

Finally, lifting weight can cause stress and strain on your muscles. The wrist wraps will help reduce this strain which lessens the chance of you becoming injured as you perform more reps.

The Top 10 In-Depth

#1. RockTape American RockWrists

RockTape American RockWrists

RockTape American RockWrists were made in association with top Rogue athlete Jason Khalipa to perfectly meet the needs of general athletes and CrossFitters. These wrist wraps are more lightweight than most straps out there. They are not as thick, allowing for more versatile use. Your range of motion is greatly enhanced when using RockTape wraps.

RockTape velcro wrist straps are 22 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. They are made from a nylon / cotton stretch material that is very comfortable to wear. They make use of a secure hook and loop system that keeps the strap securely in place. They will fit any size and come in a cool American flag design. It is incredibly easy to fit these straps on.


  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced range of motion
  • 22 inches long
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Not as rigid as other wraps

#2. Emerge Fitness Wrist Wraps

Lifting Wrist Wraps by Emerge

​The Emerge Fitness wrist wraps are made from a very high-quality nylon material. The contoured ridge design of this weightlifting wrist strap makes it more comfortable and more form fitting than most other products.

Emerge Fitness Wrist Wraps are wider than many other wrist wraps and provide firmer support for heavier duty lifts with more weight. The thumb straps are also extra thick to give your hands and wrist extra support.

The Emerge powerlifting wrist wraps are 21-inches in length, including the Velcro ends; this allows you to wrap them twice for added fitness and protection. These wrist straps are incredibly easy to put on and take off and will sit securely no matter how grueling your training gets. They are easily the most comfortable wrist wraps we have come across.

This Emerge product comes with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.


  • Contoured ride design for better fit
  • 21 inches long
  • Wider than most straps
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Slight heat build-up

#3. Schiek Black Line Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

Schiek Black Line Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

​Schiek Blackline heavy duty wrist wraps are made of canvas and Velcro. They are a thumbless wrist wrap that is very well built, making it extremely firm around your wrist.

Schiek Black Line Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps provides a neoprene wrap to support your wrist, giving you an extra layer of padding. The material will wrap twice around an average sized wrist. The stitching on these wrist wraps is very high quality.

Schiek weightlifting wrist wraps will give you a very tight fit and very easy to put in place. They will not fray over time or give you an elastic looseness. They use bigger Velcro and firmer canvas than many other brands. For these reasons, we rate Schiek as our second favorite lifting straps.


  • Canvas and velcro construction
  • Thumbless design
  • High quality stitching


  • Overly stiff until ‘broken’ in

#4. Rogue Wrist Wraps (White Series)

Rogue Wrist Wraps (White Series)

​Rogue Wrist Wraps come in 12, 18 and 24 inch lengths. They are 30% stiffer than most brands on the market.; this means that you get more support for less wrap, so an 18-inch product gives you the same support as a 24-inch version from competitors.

​Constructed from a cotton / polyester / elastic blend, the Rogue strength wrist wraps are extremely comfortable on the skin and can also wick away moisture to prevent sweat slippage. These bands are very tight fitting to provide the support your wrists need.

​Sold in pairs, Rogue straps have a secure thumb hook to increase the stability of your hold. They are three inches in width and have a hook and loop enclosure system. These are the best powerlifting wrist wraps.


  • 3 length options
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Secure thumb hook
  • Great for powerlifting


  • Not ideal for fixed wrist exercises

#5. Evolutionize Wrist Wraps

Evolutionize Wrist Wraps

Evolutionize workout wrist wraps are very heavy duty high grade straps that are built to last. They are made from the best neoprene and velcro materials and feature very durable double cross stitching. These straps have been tested to perform under the most extreme powerlifting conditions. These bands are 18 inches length, providing excellent tightness and adjustability.

Evolutionize wraps are made from proprietary heavy duty elastic. This allows you to get a very secure fit without having to wrap too tightly. You will get the firm grip you need without cutting into your wrists or restricting your blood flow. The half inch thumb loop is made from high grade top inch velcro and uses double zig-zag stitching. This makes the thumb lock a lot securer.


  • Quality neoprene and velcro construction
  • Great tightness and adjustability
  • High grade thumb lock


  • Heat build up

#6. Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

​Rip Toned Wrist Wraps are the only wrist wraps on the market that are endorsed by 2014 world powerlifting champion Kevin Weiss. They feature extra wide Velcro to give you a very secure fit. It has premium double cross stitching to ensure that these straps will last and last. These wraps are three inches thick and 18 inches long, allowing for two wraps of your wrist.

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps secure the wrist in a neutral position that will eliminate pain and discomfort. These thick, firm wraps are excellent for reducing wrist pain from lifting weights. They feature a thumb hook and loop system to add extra rigidity to your hold. This product is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee.


  • Extra wide velcro
  • Double cross stitching
  • Lifetime money back guarantee


  • A bit too stiff until they are ‘broken’ in

#7. 321 Strong CrossFit Wrist Wraps

321 Strong CrossFit Wrist Wraps

321 Strong CrossFit wraps offer a very stylish, sleek look coupled with a very thick support. At three and a quarter inches, they are wider than any other straps we came across. This means that the wraps are more secure and have a more solid thumb loop than competitors. You can be assured that the thumb loop, which is often the weakest link, will not break or tear.

The velcro used for 321 Strong CrossFit wraps are extremely high quality. You will have no concerns with the velcro coming off the main part. The strap provides you with a very comfortable fit while giving you the firmness and rigidity that you need to perform when doing your heavy lifts. They are the best wrist wraps for crossfit.


  • 3.25 inches wide
  • Solid thumb loop
  • High quality velcro


  • Heat build up under wraps

#8. BraceUP Adjustable Wrist Supports

BraceUP Adjustable Wrist Supports

BraceUP Adjustable workout wrist straps are made from extremely durable neoprene blend materials that provide a very firm support. It is sewn together with high quality double cross stitching to ensure that it won’t come apart. The thumb loop is thick and secure, assisting the firmness of the grip.

​The antimicrobial fabric makes sure that BraceUP Adjustable workout wrist straps will not develop bacterial build-up. The fabric also does a very good job of reducing moisture and heat build-up to keep the wrists from overheating. These lifting wrist straps will fit either wrist. They offer a very good blend of tight fit and freedom of movement. That makes them the ideal fit for cross training. They come with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Premium neoprene construction
  • Double cross stitching
  • Anti-microbial fabric


  • Not enough cushioning on inner thumb hole

Getting the best wraps is the first step in protecting your wrists during a workout. The next step is learning how to use weightlifting straps to best advantage. The following clip will teach you what you need to know . . .

#9. Olympiada Wrist Wraps

Olympiada Wrist Wraps

​Olympiada wrist wraps come in a standard 18-inch length, allowing you to get at least two wraps for an extra secure hold. They are made from premium grade neoprene material and feature a thick thumb loop to keep them securely in place. One size fits all and these straps are suitable for both men and women.

​Olympiada Wrist Wraps are very comfortable wearing, providing a balance between rigidity and freedom of movement. That means that you can move directly from your fundamental power moves to CrossFit exercises with no hassle. They do a good job of keeping the wrists heat free and sweat resistant. These straps come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


  • Premium grade neoprene construction
  • Thick thumb loop
  • Sweat resistant
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Velcro tie end is fuzzy

#10. Ipow Adjustable Wrist Straps

Ipow Adjustable Wrist Straps

Ipow adjustable crossfit strength straps are made from a high elasticity polyester material. That makes them an ideal cross purpose strap that can be used for both heavy lifting and cross training. They are a favorite of many CrossFit enthusiasts. The straps are 18.5 inches long and three inches wide, making them extra form fitting and offering a generous amount of wrist support in both a pronated and a neutral grip position.

The Ipow wraps are a good, sturdy solution to your wrist training issues. However, the velcro has been seen to start detaching after a couple of months of use, so they are not as durable as some of the other brands. They are, however, one of the most comfortable fits that we found.


  • Very elastic
  • Tight fitting
  • 18.5 inches long


  • Velcro may detach after a few months use

Best Wrist Wraps for Gymnastics

​If you’re a gymnast, then your wrists need extra support. Regular weight training wrist wraps, won’t give you the rigidity that you need. The bar is a killer on your wrists, and without the proper support you can develop ‘gymnast's wrist’, where the forearm bone becomes severely inflamed where it meets the hand.

Give your wrists maximum protection by checking out our in-depth coverage of the best wrist wraps for gymnasts here.


​The Emerge Wrist Wrap comes out on top as the best wrist brace on the market. Emerge have created a strap that is extremely hard wearing, thicker and stronger than most and gives incredible support to your weak link. They are the best weightlifting wrist straps on the market. Our second favorite is the Schiek wrist supports, which provides a very secure fit and extremely durable materials and construction.

Our bronze medal winner is the Rogue Fitness wrist straps, which looks great while providing the premium quality of product that Rogue as renowned for. Click here to read our latest review of Top 10 Knee Sleeves of 2019 where we have compared the top brands on the market today.

RockTape American RockWrists

Our #1. Recommendation

 RockTape American RockWrists

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