Rogue ES-1 Squat Stand

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Rogue ES-1 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue ES-1 Echo is Rogue’s budget squat rack for home use. It is a pared-down version of the S-1 squat rack, with a 48 inch by 48-inch footprint. While not as heavy-duty as the majority of Rogue racks, you can still squat with 500 pounds safely and securely with this rack. The two-inch by two-inch square steel tubing provides you with the Westside hole positioning for a high level of customization.

In this article, we provide an in-depth review of the Rogue ES-1 Echo squat rack!



Editor's Pros & Cons


Wide walk-in space

2 x 2 inch, 11 gauge steel uprights

Black powder coating

Plastic covers for j-cups

Relatively compact and small


Max weight limited to 500 pounds

Cannot be upgraded nor converted


The Rogue ES-1 Echo provides you with everything you’d expect from Rogue but at a budget price point. Most Rogue machines are quite pricey, and some go for over two thousand dollars, which is a serious con for a lot of people. This budget rack is unlike those, but some things had to be sacrificed for this great value though! The rack is still durable and functional, but you won't get some aspects that are common on other, pricier machines. Plus, it's not compatible with other Rogue products, which is something to think about. So you have a choice of paying a lower price for fewer options, or paying much more to get a top machine!


The Rogue ES-1 Echo provides you with the support of 2 inches by 2 inches, 11 gauge laser-cut square steel tubing along with 1/2 inch hardware. The 11 gauge laser-cut steel can be seen on every Rogue product, simply because it has proven to be the best, time and time again. It may add a little bit of weight overall, but the safety you get as a result is a better trade-off. While not providing you with the Westside hole spacing that comes with higher-priced Rogue racks, you do get two-inch hole spacing up and down the uprights. The ES-1 2.0 has an updated look, and you will still get the protective plastic on the j-cups, which the previous version did not have. The price point remains the same though! And of course, the rack has the signature black powder-coat finish every unit has, which gives the stand better durability and more resistance towards scratches, abrasions, and corrosion. Plus it looks really good! The base also has protective plastic covers to keep your floor safe from scratches and bumps.


Just like every Rogue model out there, the ES-1 is extremely tough. This is all thanks to that 11-gauge steel, the powder coat finish, and the protective plastic covers on the already hardy j-cups. The hardy construction will allow you to squat with up to 500 pounds safely, which is less than what we're used to seeing on other Rogue models, but it's still excellent because you probably won't go over that 500-pound limit. If you plan on doing so, you should probably choose a stronger, pricier model. The ES-1 squat stand has a lifetime warranty, which is again one signature aspect of every Rogue item. This means that even if something does manage to break or chip away, you can always get a replacement, granted that it's not your fault if some damage occurred, like if you dropped a barbell or if the stand somehow tipped over.


A squat stand must be very stable, simply because it has to support a lot of weight, and if it lacks stability, it will tip over and damage your valuables, or it will hurt you, which is even worse. The ES-1 is not like that, however, as it is a remarkably stable unit, a trait that can be seen in other Rogue products as well. The footprint is 48-inches by 48.5-inches, which is more than enough to support all the weight you may leave standing on the rack. The stand is also quite wide, which is again imperative for stability.

Moisture Resistance

Steel products must be moisture resistant. The reason why is very simple - ever seen those rusty barbells and stands in the gym? Moisture invites water inside the surprisingly fragile steel, and the moisture wreaks havoc inside, causing rust and damaging the stability and construction of the steel. The ES-1 has plenty of protection though. The black powder coat is what we have to thank for providing the rack with protection! It keeps scratches and abrasion away and makes the stand completely corrosion-proof. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't maintain the stand! You must remember to wipe down every bit of moisture you see on the surface, with a soft rag. If you use chalk, remember to keep that away from the rack as well, as the chalk sucks up moisture, and by residing on the surface of your stand, it will attract moisture in it. You can probably use the stand outdoors if you have no room inside, but you would still need to wipe down the rain or humidity.


Your safety is what matters the most, so it's important that you go for a product that can provide you with it. The ES-1 has many aspects that make it a truly safe product. For starters, the 11-gauge steel is really unlikely to break or chip away, creating a potential safety hazard. It's laser cut and every weld is extremely precisely welded together, leaving no room for error. The j-cups have the UHMW plastic covering, which makes them very sturdy, and they will easily support the weight you will place on them. The ES-1 is rated to 500 pounds, although it has been tested to 1000 pounds, and it can support that much weight, although it's slightly risky to place that much on the stand. The foot stand has plastic covering, and although this has nothing to do with your safety, it does have a lot to do with the safety for your floors!


Your walk-in space of 47 inches in Rogue ES-1 Echo rack provides you with room to move without impediment while also being compact enough to fit into compact spaces. The overall length of the stand is 48.5-inches, and the width is a bit shorter than that, measuring up at 48-inches. The unit is 70" tall, so fitting it in some low-ceiling basements and rooms might be a little problematic. The stand has no wheel attachment though, and once you decide where to place the stand, that's where it's going to be indefinitely. In other words, really make sure you have enough room to house the stand because you won't be able to move or fold it away!


Many Rogue stands are insanely versatile, thanks to their construction and the addition of many accessories. But the ES-1 squat stand, being a budget model, is not like that. It is not compatible with any other Rogue accessories, so it cannot be upgraded unless you figure a way out yourself, and it cannot do much more besides being a squat stand. This rack cannot be converted to an S-2 or S-3 rack. However, you do have the choice of ordering a barbell, a bench, and some weight plates, and that will give your stand much moire versatility. This will raise the price of the set a lot though, and it will defeat the whole purpose of getting a budget squat stand. All in all, you have to sacrifice some things if you want to save money!


The ES-1 does not have a lot of accessories to offer, but that's mitigated by the excellent price point. Rogue offers you the bench, a barbell, and some weight plates to go along with it, so you can get started with your own mini-gym. Protective plastic for the j-cups and the same plastic for the feet is included in the set. You also get all the hardware you may need to build the stand. The stand cannot be converted into a S-2 or S-3, nor can it be converted into a yoke.


The Rogue fitness brand is truly one of the greatest fitness brands out there. It's renowned all around the world, and you will rarely hear people badmouthing their products. This is simply because they believe in creating quality items, no matter the price, and people recognize that it's worth paying more to have a truly reliable fitness unit in their home. The Rogue brand saw the light of day in 2007, all thanks to a man called Bill Henniger. It was born in the USA, in Ohio, and the reason why is very simple - Bill was pent up with having to order and search for products he needed to create his gym all over the place, so he thought of creating the brand to distribute products that fell into the same category. Later on, however, the brand grew and they started creating their own products, and they really do create everything you can think of that can fit inside a gym!

The Final Word

The ES-1 is definitely the best-priced product from Rogue fitness, costing only about 200 dollars! It features the same 2 inches by 2-inch square steel framing as more expensive units but has a lower weight limit at 500 pounds. A lot of things had to be sacrificed for the lower price point. The unit is not as versatile as the others, and it cannot be upgraded into better models, and there aren't that many accessories to choose from. With that being said, the standstill has the lifetime warranty every product has, and it really is extremely durable. The 2.0 model has the protective plastic for the j-cups included in the price, and the unit is easy to assemble since every bit of hardware you may need is included as well.