Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand Review

Updated January 1, 2019

The Rogue KS-1 is Rogue’s first and only rack specifically designed for children. As such it adapts the top quality features of the standard Rogue for a younger audience. Unlike the vast majority of other kid’s training gear, this unit is no toy. It is made from 2 inch by 2 inch, 11 gauge steel and is four feet tall, making it the ultimate compact unit for your youngster.

In this article we provide an in depth review of the Rogue KS-1 squat rack, along with 3 alternative models.

The Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand Up Close

Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand Up

The Rogue KS-1 is the first of it’s kind – a real squat rack for children. It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, which should be plenty for your child to work with. The distance between the uprights is 28 inches, which makes the KS-1 compatible with such beginner barbells as the Rogue T-2.5kg Tech Bar.

The Rogue KS-1 comes in brilliant Rogue Red with a black base footprint. The depth of the unit is 32 inches, which provides children with plenty of room to move. The half inch bright zinc hardware will ensure that the rack fits together securely, keeping your child safe and secure under the iron.

The base of the KS-1 is very robust, with its triangle plates and wide feet. Very sturdy j-cups, which have been especially designed for this unit, ensure safety when squatting. However, the KS-1 should only be used with adult supervision. The uprights on this unit are especially capped for your child’s protection. The entire unit weighs just 65 pounds. The bar placement holes on the uprights are two inches on center, providing plenty of placement options for children of all heights.

The Rogue KS-1 squat stand is made in Rogue’s state of the art United States factory.​


  • Especially for children
  • 2 x 2 inch square steel uprights
  • Specially designed safety j cups


  • Max weight 150 pounds

Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand Alternatives

F2C Adjustable Squat Rack

F2C Adjustable Squat Rack

The F2C adjustable squat rack wasn’t specifically designed for children like the Rogue KS-1, but it is a great choice for your youngster all the same. You get two movable squat uprights, allowing you to custom place them at the right distance and height for your child. It has adjustable large safety spotters.

The maximum weight of the F2C adjustable squat rack is 390 pounds, which will be plenty for the majority of young people. The sturdy and durable steel uprights are very strong and durable. It comes with rubber end caps to protect your floor and stop your child from cutting their fingers on the edges. The total weight of the combined stands is just 40 pounds.


  • Fully adjustable
  • 390 pound max weight
  • Large safety spotters


  • Not specifically for kids

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

The Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand consists of a pair of very rigid individual uprights that, though not specifically made for children, are adjustable to fit people who are five feet tall and over. The uprights are 42.75 inches in height. A 5-inch chrome back-plate is fitted to catch the bar as lifters maneuver back to the stand.

The recommended weight allowance for Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand is 500 pounds. The base is adjustable to provide the footprint size that you require. Safety bar catches are very rigid. Plate storage pegs are located at the bottom of the rack, allowing you to store your plates securely while also making the base much more secure. This rack will allow for users from five feet to seven feet tall.


  • Max weight 500 pounds
  • 5-inch chrome back-plate
  • Plate storage pegs


  • No squat cage

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Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack

Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack

The Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack provides you with two individual uprights, allowing you to both customize the placement of the rack and easily store the unit away when not in use. It is made from two inch by two inch square steel powder coated framing, providing you with plenty of strength and rigidity. The latch adjustments are secured by both a bar latch and a pop pin.

You are able to adjust the bar height between 39 inches and 66 inches, with the bar catches able to match this height. The lower height will also allow most people to bench press on the rack with the addition of a bench. That should make this rack suitable for most teenage children. The max load on Akonza 2 Piece Adjustable Squat Rack is 395 pounds.


  • 2 x 2 inch square steel framing
  • Adjustable from 39 to 66 inches
  • Max load of 395 pounds


  • No storage plates


The Rogue KS-1 squat rack is unique on the market because it is specifically designed for use by children. It features sturdy 2 x 2 inch square steel uprights and specially designed j-cups. This is a great unit to introduce your kids to the joys of weight training.

If you’re after a cheaper rack that will still provide a good introductory squat rack for your kids, we suggest the Akonza 2 piece adjustable squat rack, which is a third of the price but provides the same 2 x 2 inch square steel framing and has a max load of 395 pounds.

The Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand

Our #1. Recommendation

​The Rogue KS-1 Squat Stand

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