Rogue Collapsible Rig

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Rogue Collapsible Rig Review Facts

The Rogue Collapsible Rig allows you to make better use of the space requirements in your training facility. They also ensure the absolute rigidity of your rig. Rogue’s Infinity wall mount rig is designed to be securely attached to a wall. These wall mounts are extremely popular with commercial gyms, training studios and multi-user garage gyms around the world.

In this article, we take a close look at the rogue collapsible rig.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sturdy and reliable

Westside Hole pattern

Very Customizable

Black powder coat finish

Choice of multiple sizes

Lifetime Warranty


Requires a very solid wall and floor to bolt into

Quite Huge


The Infinity wall mount is constructed with 2 inch by 3 inch, 11 gauge steel uprights. This provides you with an extremely sturdy and reliable base to work from. In fact, this unit is the official rack of the Cross-Fit Games! You also get a set of infinity j-cups along with the wall rig, to hold your weights. The j-cups are also made out of solid steel, but they are protected with a special kind of plastic, that prevents the frame from ruining the knurling on barbells and keeps the frame safe from chipping. Every other accessory for the rig is also made out of 11-gauge steel, with the signature black powder coat that protects them from corrosion and damage.


The wall rig is a very durable machine, and it absolutely has to be since it will need to support plenty of weight and withstand wear and tear damage. The 11-gauge steel was the very first step towards making the rig super strong. The thick hardware will hold the frame together, preventing it from bending or wrapping. The j-cups also extended the life of the rig, simply because they keep the knurling and the coat of the frame safe. Speaking of the coat, the black powder finishes not only looks cool, but it also serves to keep corrosion and moisture away. And of course, just like every Rogue unit, this wall rig has a lifetime warranty, so if anything does manage to go wrong, you'll be able to replace it without worries!


Since the Infinity wall rig will need to support a lot of weight, it must be stable. The problem here is that the huge frame cannot support all that frame unless you bolt it to the floor, even if the footprint is wide enough. It's better to be safe than sorry! One more problem is the wall you're going to be bolting the rig too - it needs to be thick, concrete, wood or cinder, and it absolutely has to be stable. The wall rig is pretty big and it is quite difficult to find room for it in the first place, and with these required additions, it will probably be even more difficult to find the proper spot for it in your home, without limiting your space. The hardware required to do this is included in the package, so at least you won't need to run to the hardware store before it arrives. Some users report that they have not bolted the unit to the ground and that it works perfectly fine unless you really try to knock it down, but would you want to risk having such a huge rig falling down on you?


The Infinity wall mount is quite big. Even the smallest one of them, the W-10, is still quite large enough to cause issues for some users. The rig is 9' tall, and this is standard for all three of them. The typical ceiling is about 9 feet tall, but that means that you will really have to squeeze the rig in, risking scratching the ceilings or damaging the rig. The basic rig is 6'+4', and every next version has 6' or 4' added to the overall size. So that means that the W-10 is definitely the smallest one, but you might lack space on it if you want a lot of accessories, and the walk-in space a bit on the smaller size. The sheer width and the height of the rig are definitely problematic, especially with the added accessories!


The Rogue Infinity Series Wall Mount is the most popular wall mount model. It comes in four standard sizes (W-10, W-14, W-20, W-24). Just like the standalone Infinity unit, the wall mount provides you with a Westside hole pattern that features one-inch gaps between the holes throughout the bench press zone, spreading to two inches through the deadlift and squat zones. The four standard lengths can be expanded by 4 and 6-foot sections so that you can customize the unit to suit your gym requirements. This is a great option for those who want a solid multi-user rig at a budget price. Just make sure that you have got a very secure wall and floor to bolt the unit into. The best options are concrete and cinder block. You can add a bench, a dirty south bar, a wall ball target, and everything else that can be added onto other Infinity rigs!


The Infinity wall rig has an excellent coating, just like every other Rogue unit does! It's coated with a black powder-coat, as mentioned above. The coat guards the steel construction against moisture, the biggest enemy of every steel product. If moisture somehow gets in, it will cause corrosion, and that corrosion damages the infrastructure, causing it to become weaker, and it also does not look all that well. This is why it's important to wipe down every droplet of water or sweat from the rig, even though it has the coating. There's still a slim chance that it will get in, and once it does, you won't be able to stop it from causing damage! Make sure to get rid of chalk residue too, because chalk invites moisture in. The coating does allow you to use the Infinity wall mount outdoors if you lack space indoors, but just to be on the safe side you should probably assemble it inside.


The Infinity wall mount is definitely not portable, at all. The reason why is very simple - the unit has to be bolted to the floor and bolted into the wall, so there's no way that you'll be able to move it once you're done installing it! Also, moving a rig that big is never a good idea. It's about 130 pounds, and as you add on more framing the weight will only rise. You must make sure that you are really certain of where you want to install the wall mount, since where it's installed is where it will be, indefinitely!


If you want to be absolutely certain that you're safe when using this wall mount, you have to follow the guidelines carefully. That means no skipping out on bolting it to the ground or to the wall! If you skip out on this vital step, you're opening up to a lot of risks that you do not need when handling plenty of weight. Speaking of weight, the rig can support up to 1000 pounds, so you're pretty safe there. If you like to exercise alone, without a friend to spot you, we highly recommend getting the spotter's arm along with the mount. Yes, this will make everything pricier, but you will be even safer, and getting pinned down under weight plates is no one's idea of a good time!


The Rogue Collapsible Rig is fully compatible with Rogue’s wide range of rack accessories, allowing you to truly use your rig as the base for everything you do in the gym. That means that you will be able to add the matador, landmine, safety spotter arms and wall ball targets. Also, the wall mount is expendable, so you'll be able to add more and more accessories as time goes by. The mount is quite big, but you will get almost a complete gym if you just keep adding to it, so you will actually end up saving space, not wasting it! The possibilities are endless here, and you'll be able to do most Crossfit exercise with it, so don't fret about having to buy more and more machines.


The Infinity wall mount is definitely pricey, but you must consider everything here before deeming it too pricey for your needs. First, you will get a rig that can almost work as a sole home gym, saving you a ton of money in the process. Second, the rigs are extremely durable, so you won't have to keep buying new units, spending more money than you'd pay for this single rig in the process. And lastly, you can always just keep adding more and more products to this rig until you're completely satisfied with it, something you can't do with most wall mounts! Then again, this will make the price shoot up considerably, and it really is a lot of money to pay all at once,k so you better start saving up if you wish to have this rig!

The Final Word

The Rogue Collapsible Rig is a great choice for commercial gyms, small studios and multi-use home gyms alike. It is fully customizable, providing you with a full range of squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting stations. The Westside hole spacing gives plenty of bar placement options and the rig is completely expandable. The rig is quite pricey though, and it is considerably big, so you might have issues with fitting it into your home!