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Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Review Facts

If you’ve ever shopped for home gym equipment, Gold’s Gym is a name that doesn’t need much introduction. Fitness conglomerate Icon Fitness owns the imprint and manufactures gear under the Gold’s Gym name. Gold’s Gym products are known for their versatility, easy operation, minimal advanced features, and reasonable price. They are aimed at recreational fitness buffs, and for the most part, are not commercial gym grade. Gold’s products include dumbbells, benches, Olympic and Standard bars, aerobic steps, and more.

Gold’s is also producing cardio equipment. We took a close look at the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720, a low-priced treadmill with some extra perks and enhancements. You can choose from one of 18 fitness apps and construct your own goal-based workouts. Each workout was designed by a personal trainer. Speed is adjustable up to 10 miles per hour, and the belt also inclines to simulate hill walking or running. The display is an LED type and gives you a few important stats. You also get a grip sensor heart rate, though it won’t be as accurate as a chest strap.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Deck/run surface is reinforced, with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds

The frame is solid and sturdy, but also folds to move or stow the treadmill easily

Excellent shock absorption with reduced ankle fatigue

Can adjust speed as little as 0.1 MPH at a time, letting you fine-tune your pace or cool down slowly

Has a built-in stereo system for playing music out loud or through earbuds while you run

Dual speed cooling fan and tablet holder

Motor and belt are quiet during operation


Can't interface with a chest strap, so holding onto front bar is needed for heart rate

Front bar is stable enough, but there are no handrails

Tech Specs/Features

Tech Specs/Features

All objective technical information came from the Trainer 720 user's manual to ensure accuracy. Our description of the assembly process is also summarized from the manual.

MODEL NUMBER: GGTL59613.0. Use this to search for the treadmill at online retailers. This will ensure you are shopping for the same unit we have reviewed here.

DIMENSIONS: When assembled, the Trainer 720 measures 6 feet 1 inch long and 3 feet wide. The long-run surface will satisfy even taller users who have a bigger stride and need more leg space.

The user weight capacity is 300 pounds.

The console does not have a touch screen or any smart features. It is an LED-style with numbers constructed from individual LEDs. From left to right, the console gives you incline/calories, time/distance, and heart rate/speed. There are three small screens, and each one holds two data points that you can toggle through. Heart rate is only visible when you hold the bar at the bottom of the console.

The warning decals give you the usual warnings about using a surge protector, wearing tight-fitting clothes, and not letting children use the treadmill. But right on the console, there is a warning to set the incline to zero before you fold the unit. Not doing this could damage the run surface and void the warranty Gold's Gym provides.

The fan has a low speed and high speed, with a separate button for each below the numerical readouts. The 18 workout apps include options for calorie burn, intensity, speed, and incline. There is also a manual setting that lets you set your own speed, incline, and intervals or steady state. Volume controls are to the right of the workout app selector.

The last two rows of buttons on the console are a row each for manual incline and manual speed. The incline goes from zero to 10 percent, and the speed goes from 1 to 10. Each value has its own button. Your editors remember using treadmills that made you adjust incrementally, but with this treadmill, you can go from 3 to 7 MPH by pushing one button if you desire. To adjust incrementally, in increments as low as a tenth of a mile, you can use the manual button and its up/down arrows. Operating the Trainer 720 is a cakewalk. And you can listen to your favorite music or an audiobook without having to fiddle with your device volume.

Extra Features

This is a pretty no-frills unit, and there are not a lot of extra features. That saves you money, but also creates some drawbacks for you to consider.

For one thing, you cannot connect social media to the treadmill--in fact, there is no wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. That means no option for upgrading, like you can with iFit or similar platforms. The handrails are short stubs, typical of entry-level home treadmills. That means the treadmill will limit your ability to move if you are both taller than average and have a condition that necessitates holding the handrails for balance.

There are wheels to make the treadmill easier to move after you fold it. The platform has cushions, which give it greater shock absorption and an easier ride. The foot rails on the sides are wide and textured, a good safety feature if you need to get off the moving run surface in a hurry.

There is a warranty on the Trainer 720, as there typically are on Gold's Gym machines. In addition to the warranty, you can purchase up to five years of a preventive maintenance service plan. Plans cover annual inspections, all the home repairs you need (saves you having to ship the unit for repair), and parts and labor on both out of box failures and normal wear and tear. Lower-tier standard plans cost less and offer most of the same benefits, except for the in-home maintenance inspections. The maximum term for the standard plan is three years.

For warranty activation and work, you have to visit a site called Workout Warehouse which handles all of Icon's repairs and maintenance for the Gold's Gym imprint.

Construction and Assembly

The internet is a wonderful thing, and through it, we were able to review the steps you take to assemble the unit once it ships to your home. It's not as involved as comparable treadmills we have seen. Assembly does need two people, so get a buddy to help. Gold's provides a number you can call for paid professional assembly as well.

Hardware includes 20 washers and 33 screws. Again, nowhere near as complex as some other products. The only tools you need are hex keys (provided) and a Phillips screwdriver (you provide). You won't want to use power tools since they could strip threads and otherwise damage small preassembled parts.

Steps in the assembly include installing the two uprights that form the console housing. Wiring is easy, with pinned connectors. The wires provide power to the console; motor power is already in place. You'll want to be careful not to pinch any wires when you screw in the uprights. After the uprights, you put on the two stubbed handles, console, utility trays, and console brackets. The steel handrails have soft plastic covers, for improved grip and less wrist strain. The covers screw-on, so they won't just slide off and leave you unprotected like the bikes we all had when we were kids.

Gold's recommends placing a mat under the treadmill, to protect both its base and the floor. If you're installing on concrete, the pad is important for shock absorption. If you don't have a mat or rubberized flooring, you may want to shop around and factor in the cost. Once it's assembled, the treadmill weighs 203 pounds. It may be difficult for some to move, even with the handy folding feature and the permanently installed wheels.

What People Are Saying

The Gold's Gym Trainer 720 is one of Gold's most brisk, consistent sellers. It gives you exactly what you need for regular cardio workouts. There are a few extra features and no official upgrade capabilities. Gold's has a good reputation for its reliable products and proactive customer service team.

Commercial reviews are kind of all over the place. Many praise the low cost and simple operation but deduct points for the lack of advanced features. Others stated categorically that low-end treadmills do not stand up under hard daily use, and that you have to spend more money to get that level of quality. Interestingly, one reputable site suggests you buy a pair of shoes that are only for the treadmill. Outside dirt and dust on your shoes will shake off into the belt and affect the motor and drive train over time. Reviewers also disliked the 10% incline and 10 MPH limits. This treadmill is clearly not meant for advanced athletes, or outdoor distance runners who want to supplement their normal routine with fast intervals.

The Final Word

The Gold's Gym Trainer 720 is a decent compact treadmill, with a generous run area, that works fine for limited applications. Don't use it for sports training or conditioning. It is not of the same caliber as gym treadmills. There is no Bluetooth connectivity, social media app, or upgrade opportunities. You do get heart rate, but it is via grip sensors which are less accurate than a chest strap. If you are someone who wants to keep their energy level up, control blood pressure, and not have to go outside for every walk, the Trainer 720 is both a bargain and a tool you can always depend on.