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Gold’s Gym XR55 Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

A home gym is a very versatile tool that can help you work on your body in many different ways. One machine usually has multiple attachments and add-ons which work like a lot of equipment you would usually find in a gym, and they are usually not so pricey considering what they do. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on one though unless you’re a seasoned athlete that really needs everything a home gym can offer. The Gold’s Gym XR55 is a versatile and affordable gym that can make many users happy, so read on and discover whether it has what you need!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great construction, very sturdy steel frame

Comfortable foam seat and backrest with durable, vinyl upholstery

Six workout stations


Adjustable seat, backrest, and preacher curl pad

Over 36 exercises


Weight cannot be upgraded

Weighs 300 pounds


If you've ever seen any of the Weider home gyms, you might notice that this model is similar to what they create. But the XR55 is slightly cheaper, and the features are different, so if you want a cheaper alternative to Weider models, you've got one! The frame of the XR 55 is made out of square steel tubing, making it very sturdy and durable. Thanks to the heavy frame, and plenty of other features, the XR55 is a rather heavy machine. Once it's completely set up, the machine weighs over 300 pounds! You want to assemble it in the spot where it's going to be. There are no transportation wheels either, so once you've done setting up the machine, it will stay there. It's not really meant to be moved around though, and the extra weight makes it very stable and secure. There's no need to bolt it to your gym floor and ruin it. It might leave some scratches or bumps, but nothing too serious.

The XR 55 is not very large, but it's still going to take up some room. The footprint is 77″L x 43″W, and it's only six foot tall, which is much less than some standard home gym machines. You can fit it in a room that has a seven-foot ceiling with ease, but it's a better idea to find a spot that has more ceiling room, as you will need it to properly perform exercises on it. The XR 55 can support up to 300 pounds, making it a good fit for both beginner and intermediate users. Advanced fitness enthusiasts might find the support lacking, but the frame construction is very sturdy so the machine might be able to support a few extra pounds. The user height limit is 6'3", and if you're any taller than this, you will feel cramped, and won't be able to do some of the exercises correctly.

The XR55 has nylon pulleys. The ball bearings are steel, and so are the shells, improving security and stability. The ball bearings are industrial grade, and they are sealed, so they will last for a very long time, improving the durability of the XR55. The cables of the Xr55 are steel, and although they are rated at 330 pounds, they can support much more, but you won't have enough weight available to test them out.

The seat and the backrests are thick and durable. The upholstery is made out of vinyl, stitched together properly so it can survive a lot of wear and tear damage. The upholstery is black and gold in color. The foam is about one inch thick, which is just thick enough to give support without being too uncomfortable. The preacher curl attachment has the very same upholstery and foam thickness. The backrest and the seat can be adjusted in three different ways, giving you new ways to exercise. The backrest cannot be placed horizontally though, so don't expect it to work as a standard adjustable bench. The curl pad can also be adjusted into three different positions. It can be moved up or down, but the angle cannot be changed. The fly bars and the single-leg attachment also have foam used to improve comfort.

Workout Stations

The XR55 has a total of six workout stations. The curl pad attachment is the first one, and it's designed to help you work on your arms. It can be adjusted into three different height points, allowing you to develop different arm muscle groups. The pec fly station is meant for pecs and deltoids. A chest press station is included too, and it lets you work on your triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. The high-pulley station with a lat bar is used for triceps, shoulders, and back muscles. The low-pulley station sits at the lower front of the machine, and it can help you work on numerous muscle groups, included exercises such as squats, tricep kickbacks, and more. And finally, the leg attachment is designed for, well, leg work. You cannot perform regular leg curls here, although there are other ways you can activate your hamstrings with this station.

Resistance Systems

The weight system of this home gym comes in the form of weight plates and pulleys. There are ten weight plates, each weighing 12.5 pounds. The weight plates are made out of cement, encased in vinyl for protection against nicks and abrasions and looks. The cement weight plates make this home gym system cheaper, but that doesn't mean that the weight plates are less durable. They can withstand just as much pressure as steel plates can, although you will have to be a bit more careful about dropping them or throwing them. The pulley system can add more resistance to the weight stack, essentially increasing the weight you lift. The high pulley challenges you with a maximum of 145 pounds, while the leg lever can create 330 pounds of resistance. The weight plate stack cannot be upgraded though. You can try and add more plates, but then the length of the pulley system will be shortened, so the exercises will not be as challenging. You also cannot go for heavier plates, as the standard 12.5-pound ones are the only available.


The XR55 allows you to try out numerous strength training exercises. The combo of the available workout stations is just perfect for activating your whole body, so you will be pretty sore after using it. The machine comes with a chart which shows you how to do the exercises if you never had the chance to try them, and you will follow the instructions with ease. You can do 36 exercises on this home gym system, which is the standard amount. If you need more options, you will have to pay more for a high-end total gym. The Xr55 does not have a mid pulley system, so you won't be able to do any related exercises to it. It also does not have a leg press, and you cannot add it later either. A chin-up bar is not present either, although there are ways to activate these muscle groups.

Setup & Maintenance

The XR55 will arrive at your doorstep in three different boxes. Two of these boxes will be filled with weight plates, while only one will hold the frame parts. The boxes will weight over 300 pounds, just like the machine, so we advise you to have a friend with you when the machine arrives. The manual for the setup is straightforward and clear, so the assembly will not be difficult. But the XR55 does have a lot of parts, so you will need a lot of time to put it all together. The tools Gold Gym sends you are just two hex keys, but you will need more to finish the setup! A trip to the hardware store or to the garage is warranted. You will need an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver to finish the job. The maintenance is pretty simple too, and you will need to lubricate the pulleys if you hear any squeaking. You will also have to check the bolts from time to time, and remember to always clean off sweat and chalk residue!


The price point of this total gym is a steal, as it costs only about 400 dollars. This makes it ideal for beginners and intermediate users. But the price point should tell you what you can expect from it. It's not going to have the right features for advanced users, and if you need more stations or more features, you will have to pay more for a different product. There is also no way to add different pieces of equipment on this gym, so you're stuck with what you pay for. All in all, we do believe that the XR55 is worth the money, and you will get more than what you pay for!

The Final Word

The XR55 is a home gym with an amazing price, and it does have to offer a lot, considering it costs as much as some benches do. The XR 55 has an excellent, sturdy construction that is sure to last you a long time, and it weighs over 300 pounds, so you know it's going to be secure and stable. It has a total of six workout stations to offer, where you can do about 36 different exercises. It can support up to 300 pounds. These numbers are just right for inexperienced users, but if you're a seasoned athlete, you will need a home gym that can give you what you are looking for, and the XR 55 is not one of them. There's also no way to increase the total weight the gym has. All in all, we believe that the XR 55 is an excellent low-range home gym that will satisfy most beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts!