Rogue R4 Power Rack

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Rogue R4 Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue R-4 Rack can be considered the bigger brother to the R-3. It features a bigger footprint and a more generous walk-in space, giving you plenty of room for an intense workout. Like all Rogue Fitness products, it is made from heavy-duty steel framing. This rack is ideal for professional athletes and home gym trainers alike. This one will require a little more space in your garage than the R-3, but you will be rewarded with greater functionality in the end. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Rogue R-4 Power Rack. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It comes standard with a single skinny pull up bar and a fat/skinny bar

Comes with J-Cups, Band Pegs, and Pin and Pipe Safeties with optional plate storage

Features a roomy footprint at 53 inches by 53 inches


It does not come with hardware for mounting it to the floor


The Rogue R-4 Power Rack is step up from the R-3. It provides you with a larger footprint, at 53-inch x 53 inches. This gives you a great foundation for all of your power training. The framing of this unit is made from 2 x 3 inches, 11 gauge square steel uprights. The nuts and bolts are ⅝ in diameter. This bench is not as thick as the Monster series, or even the RML-490, but it still provides you plenty of grunts when you are going heavy.

Rogue R-4 Power Rack features the Westside hole spacing system, where you get one-inch hole separations through the bench press area. Below and above that area, the spacings are two inches apart. This makes it very easy for you to get a customized fit when setting up the bar for squats, the bench or deadlifts.​ You can put them precisely where you want them.

The R-4 is compatible with the full range of Rogue accessories. That means that you are able to add to its functionality with the Matador, Landmine, Vertical Bar Hanger and Multi-grip Crossbar. You also get two pull up bars, 43-inch fat/skinny bar, and a 43-inch single skinny bar.

The Rogue R-4 Power Rack is a floor bolt-down unit. However, you do not get the mounting hardware as standard. You can purchase this as an extra. This unit carries the Rogue life-time warranty.​


The Rogue R-4 offers a larger footprint. The rack is 53 inches by 53 inches square with an inside depth of 43 inches. That gives you plenty of room to get a good work out, even using an Olympic bar. Whether you are using it in your garage or in a more professional format for strength and conditioning. The R-4 adapted their design of the R-3 power rack with more depth inside and a more expanded footprint. The R-4 is still the same height, but having the bigger depth lets them include the two sets of pull-up bars, a fat/skinny pull-up bar on the back and a single skinny on the front of the rack.


The Rogue R-4 features four 2 inches by 3 inches 11 gauge steel uprights. They are 90 inches tall with ⅝ inch laser-cut holes drilled in the Westside pattern like the other Rogue Fitness racks. They are one inch apart through the bench and clean pull zone and then two inches apart above and below that area. The rack is held together with heavy-duty hardware. The Rogue black theme looks sharp. You can get your rack in other colors but it will probably cost more. The black powder coat on the R-4 is very resilient. It will not chip easily.

At Rogue, the welds and laser cuts are all inspected at every single step of the process to make sure they are strong and will look good. Once the powder coat process is complete, each part is then again inspected for the perfect finish. Then the whole package gets one more final complete check for quality assurance before it is shipped. Once you receive the rack, you will not have to worry about anything because there is a lifetime warranty on the R-4 by Rogue.


The R-4 comes already equipped with two different pull-up bars. There is a 43-inch single skinny bar across the front of the rack. On the back of the rack is a 43-inch fat/skinny pull-up bar. The rack also comes with a set of pin/pipe safeties, Infinity J-Cups, and Band Pegs. Once you get the rack, you can customize it with a wide variety of tools and accessories.

You can not only add the bar, bench, and plates to your gym set up, but you can also expand the entire power rack too. The Rogue Infinity Matador is a very popular choice. It gives you the versatility of having a secure dip station which is fully adjustable. The Matador is made with 7 gauge steel and has welded joints and an anchoring system that locks in to create max stability. It also has comfort grip handles. The Matador weighs 26 pounds and is easy to install and stow away which makes it very useful as an add-on. You can mount the Matador at their preferred height to create a customized dipping station.

Another popular alternative is the Vertical Bar Hanger. It is available as either a single or triple bar storage accessory. This accessory is made from thick formed steel and a protective plastic layer lining. Instead of having to slide your barbell sleeve first in a floor tube, this hanger allows you to set up a hanger mounted to your rack or the wall which can store your bars above the ground. The lining, made of UHMW plastic, helps to prevent harsh contact with the collar when you set it on the hanger. Another plastic layer is on the edge to keep each bar stable and secure while you are not using it.

The Multi-Grip Crossmember is the perfect accessory if you like to change your grip when you are working over your head. It has a wide-neutral grip that is the best for your pull-ups which target the mobility and strength of your upper body. The narrow-neutral area can do the false-grip muscle-up position which always needs work. The dead hang can be done with the traditional grip. These and so many other available accessories can help you to personalize your rack to get exactly what you need out of it for your workout.

What is All Included

The R-4 Rack package includes all of the hardware and parts that you will need in order to have a quality power rack in your home gym where you can use it any time you want. It comes with the rack of course, plus all of the necessary bolts and fasteners. It also comes with a single pull-up bar mounted on the front of the rack and a fat/skinny pull-up bar mounted on the back. It also comes with two J-Cups that have plastic covers to protect your bar, pin and band pegs, and pipe safeties.


The R-4 is sturdy but it is meant to be anchored down. It will help you feel very confident and safe during your workout. Because it needs to be anchored, this rack has feet that reach out past the uprights to give it a wide footprint. Inside the uprights, it is 43 inches square so there is plenty of room to enter the rack and move around with the barbell.


The Rogue R4 will cost a little, but it follows the old saying about getting what you pay for. This equipment is top quality, made with the very best materials and put through the highest quality assurance. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you are definitely making an investment in your fitness future.

Benefits Of Using A Power Rack

A power rack is a backbone of any serious home gym or commercial gym. They have many benefits for your set up. Having a power rack lets you train alone in your gym while still being safe. You can move the safety hardware so it is lower than your range of motion. That way, if you are lifting and accidentally drop the bar, the safety bar will be able to catch it before it lands on your feet. The rack will also allow you to work with heavier weights than you would normally.

You can choose to use dumbbells instead of a bar for your upper body workouts if you want. You can also use the power rack as a squat rack. The power racks are perfect for heavy partials to help you develop your strength while you are testing heavier weights in your workout sessions. You can also use it for functional isometrics. A power rack is just a wonderfully simple exercise machine, but it will be versatile enough to help you with your goals safely.


Having a quality power rack like the R-4 will provide you with a way to get an effective workout. Once you add a bench, a bar and weights you are ready to work out every part of your body. You set the bench and the J-Cups at the exact position you need to get the best lift. You have a choice of pull-up bars at the front and back to use for different exercises, and when it comes to specific muscle workouts you have a huge list of accessories available to target specific parts of your body.

The Final Word

The Rogue R-4 is a fantastic product. Having the highest quality power rack for your gym is going to be worth every penny you invest because it will quickly be the highlight of your gym. You want one which is going to last and the R-4 has a lifetime guaranty. Rogue Fitness makes this rack with the highest quality of materials. It is spacious and durable which plenty of accessories to give you exactly what you need.