Rogue RML 390-C Power Rack Review

Updated January 1, 2019

The Power Rack is the most important piece of equipment in any serious home gym. With a solid rack you’re able to perform all of the compound exercises for strength and mass safely and without a spotter. Rogue are world leaders in supplying hardcore power racks to both commercial gyms and home users.

In this article, we take a close look at the Rogue RML-390-C Power Rack to discover if this is the best option for your garage gym.

The Rogue RML-390- C Up Close

Rogue RML-390-C

The Rogue RML-390 -C is an extremely high quality unit which features very sturdy 3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel uprights and 5/8th inch hardware (nuts and bolts). The room within the cage is 3 feet by 4 feet which provides you with plenty of room to move on all exercises.

Rogue RML-390- C cage features the Westside hole spacing design where you get a one-inch hole spacing through the bench press region and two inch spacings through the rest of the upright. This allows you to more precisely customize your bar placement on exercises like the bench press and squat. This unit is the color version of the Rogue standard power cage. It comes in your choice of ten custom Rogue semi-gloss powder coats.

The unit bolts together easily. It stands very sturdily and is unmovable when you bolt it to the floor. With an interior depth of 24 inches (or 30 inches by custom arrangement) this unit provides a good middle ground between the Rogue Monster and the Rogue Infinity Series power racks. Your purchase comes with four band pegs, a 43 inch fat / skinny pull up bar, Monster Lite j-cups and a pin / pipe safety set.

On the downside, this rack does not provide spotter stands for added safety on big lifts. Nor does it come with plate storage pegs to keep your workout area tidy.


  • 3 x 3 inch 11 gauge uprights
  • Fat/ Skinny Pull Up Bar
  • 10 colors to choose from


  • No spotter stands
  • No plate holders​

Rogue 390-C Alternatives

TDS Power Rack

The TDS Power Rack is a budget alternative to the Rogue 390-C. This is a compact unit that is still impressive enough to be able to support a maximum user weight of 1000 pounds. If your home training area has a low ceiling, then this unit, with a max height of just 72 inches, will be an ideal fit. One the downside, however, the limited height does tend to restrict your range of movement on overhead pressing exercises.

The chinning bar that comes with this unit has been professionally knurled, making it very easy to grip. There are also 25 numbered holes on the uprights, making it extremely easy to find your way. The holes are each spaced two inches apart. One inch steel safety pins help to keep you secure.


  • Max weight of 1000 pounds
  • Numbered hole system
  • Compact height


  • Limited height for overhead pressing
  • Paint chips easily
  • Bolts on the base jut out​
XMark XM-7620

The XMark XM 7620 is a solid unit that is made from 11-gauge steel framing. Unlike the majority of racks out there, this one comes with four pairs of u-shaped bar catches. One of these is on the back inside, two of them are on the sides and one is on the front inside. There are 24 adjustment holes with two inch spacings. This allows for user heights from between five feet and six feet, eleven inches. This provides for the needs of the vast majority of users.

The grey scratch resistant powder coated finish of the XM 7620 is very stylish, completing a very tidy unit. As additional extras you get adjustable pull-pin safety spotters, triceps dip handles and a split grip chin up / pull up bar. Optional extras include a lat pull-down and low pulley row.


  • 11-gauge steel framing
  • Four pairs of u-shaped bar catches
  • Suitable for people up to 6’4”


  • No Westside hole spacing
  • No plate holders
Powerline PPR 200X Power Cage

The Powerline PPR200X Power Cage is a solidly constructed cage with inside dimensions of 44 inches in width by 82 inches in height by 46 inches in depth. That makes this a very versatile rack that will accommodate all body types, while still providing plenty of room to move.

Powerline PPR 200X Power Cage features two heat tempered lift-offs as well as a pair of saber style safety rods. You get 18 hole positions, spaced two inches apart. It comes with a straight pull up bar complete with knurling. The max user capacity is 600 pounds.

The rack does tend to give you a little movement when you are using real heavy weights. You can counter this by placing weights on the base. However, if you are planning on regularly lifting weight in the 700 pound plus range, you will probably want to go with a Rogue rack.

This power rack comes with a 10-year frame warranty.


  • Safety Rods
  • Lift-offs
  • Plenty of space inside the cage


  • Max weight limited to 600 pounds
  • Some movement when lifting heavy
  • No Westside hole spacing


The Rogue RML- 390-C is a mid range unit in terms of the Rogue line-up of power cages. It provides you with a very sturdy 3 inch square 11-gauge steel frame, Westside hole spacing and a cool range of custom colors.

You can find solid units at much cheaper prices, such as the TDS Power Rack, the XMark XM 7620 and the Powerline PPR200X Power Cage. Of the three our favorite is the XMark XM 7620 which provides you with four pairs of u-shaped safety catches.

Rogue RML-390-C 

Our #1. Recommendation

​Rogue RML-390-C 

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