Best Deadlift Jack and Dead Wedge Reviews 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The deadlift is one of the best things you can do in the gym to pack mass onto your frame. It’s also a great exercise for power, allowing you to quickly be hoisting impressive poundage from the deck. That presents a problem - loading and unloading the bar can be a major hassle. A deadlift jack - or a dead wedge - can make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s check out the best on offer.

A Quick Snapshot of the Best Deadlift Jacks and Wedges

The best deadlift bar jack we came across is the Rogue Deadlift bar jack. This jack is a heavy duty beast, able to handle some huge poundages with ease. It is also very easy to operate. We also love the Rogue Mini Jack, which allows you to work on one side of the bar at a time.

Our third favorite piece of deadlift equipment is the Dead Wedge by Evolutionize. Here’s a very clever alternative to a full scale jack that allows you raise the bar with ease and hold it securely while you change the weight. It’s simpler, more compact and cheaper than a deadlift jack.

We’ve rated the 6 best deadlift barbell jacks on the market in terms of price and durability and then provided an overall rating out of 5. This makes it easy for you to compare and choose the device that’s best for your home gym. In the following section, we provide in-depth reviews of each product.​

The Top 6 In Depth

#1. Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

Deadlift Bar Jack

The Rogue Deadlift bar jack is made from 2 x2 inch, 11 gauge steel. It has a quarter inch thick formed steel cup with a protective UHMW protective cover. This makes sure the knurling on the bar is not damaged in any way from the lifting process. The jack is made in America at Rogue’s start of the art factory in Ohio.

The Rogue DIY deadlift jack is very easy to use and durable. It will lift any standard barbell from the floor with ease. The length of the base is 42 inches, with a width of 9 inches. The handle length is 34 inches. This device is solid and durable and will allow you to control any weight you care to handle.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Made in USA


  • Bulky

#2. Rogue Mini Deadlift Jack

Rogue Mini Deadlift Jack

The Rogue Mini Jack is an abbreviated version of their Deadlift bar jack. It consists of a single side compact jack that you simply slide under on one end and pull back in order to lift the weight from the floor. It is made from the same 2 x 2 inch 11 gauge steel as the full sized version.

The Rogue mini jack has a footprint of just 19 inches x 4.5 inches. It is very solidly made and features a plastic cup to prevent damage to the barbell. This a very handy piece of equipment to have in your home gym, especially if you are working out on your own. It is less than half the price of the full-sized model.


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Made in USA


  • Only jacks one side

#3. The Dead Wedge by Evolutionize

Deadlift Jack

The Dead Wedge is a barbell jack alternative that allows a similar result for a whole lot less money. It is a brilliantly simple deadlift wedge which is placed alongside one 45 pound plate at the end of your deadlift bar. It has been tested on weight up to 900 pounds with no problems whatsoever!

The plate can be easily rolled up a slight ramp to lock into the loading groove of the wedge. You are now able to load or unload the elevated bar. Finally, simply roll the bar back down the ramp and you’re ready to go. The width of the wedge keeps it under a single plate and out of the way when you’re training.


  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Easy to Use


  • Not packaged in pairs

#4. OneFit Wonder Mini Deadlift Jack

Mini Deadlift Bar Jack by OneFitWonder

The OneFitWonder Mini Deadlift Jack is a single side deadlift stand that allows you to easily add and remove plates while the bar is on the floor. It is constructed from 2.25 inch square steel 11 gauge steel, and comes with its own built-in 7 inch handle. This barbell loader makes it easy to lift the bar when switching over the plates. A padded hooking grip is also included to protect the bar from scuffing and scratching.

The OneFit Wonder deadlift lever is a great addition to any home gym. It is compact, lightweight and practical, making it easy to use and then store away for next time.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Padded hooking grip
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Does one side only

#5. Deloadz Barbell Jack Alternative

Deloadaz Rubber Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative

The Deloadz Barbell Jack Alternative is a hard elastic rubber wedge with sits under one end of a loaded deadlift bar. You are then able to easily take plates on or off. It comes in a range of colors and has a hole on the end to allow you to hang it up when not in use. It is also comes with its own string tie carry bag.

Resembling a large door stopper, the Deloadz jack alternative totally stabilizes the bar when it is in the air, so that it won’t move around when you are loading or unloading the weights. You’ll need one of these for each side of the bar, but it will still be a lot less expensive than a dead lift jack.


  • Thick elastic rubber
  • Carry bag
  • Stabilizes the bar very well


  • Only comes as a single

#6. Lift EZ Deadlift Wedges

Deadlift Wedge LIFT-EZ

Lift EZ Deadlift Barbell wedges consist of two heavy duty molded wedges which provide a gentle slope for the weight to roll onto. The plate then gets caught in the groove where it sits securely while you change the plates over. Your purchase includes a pair of two wedges.

These wedges are longer than others on the market, allowing for a more secure and rigid hold on the bar while you are changing over the weight. They comes in a striking lime green color. This is a simple device, that is cheap and it works!


  • Come as a pair
  • Longer than other wedges
  • Inexpensive


  • Bulkier than comparative models

Deadlifting is something that you need to be doing in the gym. But, before you begin you’ve got to know the correct form. This clip will give you some key pointers . . .


Our favorite deadlift jack is the Rogue Deadlift bar jack, which is constructed to Rogue’s exacting specifications to produce a solid and strong device that is simple to operate and yet easy on the barbell. We also loved the Rogue mini jack, which is less than half the price and allows you to work on one side of the bar at a time.

​The Dead Wedge by Evolutionize is an innovative alternative to a full on jack which allows the same result with a fraction of the cost and space requirements. It is our third favorite deadlift bar changer.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

Our #1. Recommendation

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

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