What’s the Best Gymnastic Hand Grips / Crossfit Gloves for Pull Ups

updated January 1, 2019

In the following article I have written about the best crossfit gloves that are currently on the market, as well as written a few reviews for other different options. Enjoy!

The Best Gloves for Crossfit

While general weight training and bodybuilding make use of fingerless training gloves, when it comes to CrossFit, hand grips do the job more effectively. Typical hand protectors Hand grips consist of a leather or synthetic leather covering for the palm. They are used mainly for bar based exercises, like pull ups, muscle ups, and basically any Crossfit WOD.

We have scoured the internet for the best hand grips on the market. When we discovered the crossfit grips from Emerge fitness we knew immediately we had found a winner. These are, hands down, the best crossfit grips by a LONG SHOT.

The Best Crossfit Gloves in detail

#1. JerkFit WODies Workout Gloves

Wrist Support for Weightlifting

JerkFit WODies workout gloves are the original three finger gloves with added wrist support to provide you with a high level of grip and wrist protection when you’re lifting. These gloves have been made by Crossfit athletes for Crossfit athletes. Each glove has been hand-made in the USA from high quality, hypo-allergenic latex free woven neoprene like elastic material. They will provide you with a natural glide on the bar that absorbs friction n, unlike many competitors, lays flat to prevent punching and pinching.

Jerkfit gloves are made with a special GRIP-RIDGE TECHNOLOGY consisting of tiny ridges that hold more chalk for even more grip, increased comfort and durability. The glove is available in four sizes, from small to XLarge. 

#2. Emerge Hand Grips 

emerge fitness

Emerge provide extremely comfortable black callus guard workout protectors. These protectors are fully breathable, and made from very durable textured synthetic leather, which actually molds to the bar you are holding. They feature four neoprene finger holes for comfort and full callus protection, and secure double attached wrist wraps for extended wrist support.

Unlike the one size fits all options that lesser grips provide, Emerge grips come in a range of sizes to allow you to get the perfect fit. You can check our easy fit size guide below to help you to choose the right fit for you."​

Size Guide

Size Guide

The grips come with a rigid wrist support. This is designed to protect the wrist when performing exercises that place the hand in a compromising position. The wrist support is by way of velcro strip which can easily be secured in place by the user.

Emerge Fitness Workout Gloves are also machine washable. They provide a tight fit that is not uncomfortable and will not impede your ability to naturally hold onto the bar.

#3. Emerge Pull Up Fitness Gloves

Emerge Pull Up Fitness Gloves

Another great choice from Emerge - The Pull Up Fitness Gloves. Emerge Fitness are deeply immersed in the fitness way of life. They know Crossfit inside out, with everyone who works there being a devoted CrossFitter themselves. That means that they don’t just make products from a design concept; they create the gear that they would love to train with. qqThe Emerge Fitness standards are quality, durability and reliability.

#4. AEOLOS Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips

AEOLOS Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips are made from premium quality leather to provide you with a soft grip, form fitting grip experience. This grip provides great wrist support and stability, while also protecting your fingers and palms from calluses and tears.

AEOLOS gloves perfectly encircle your wrists and can be easily adjusted for comfort. They have been ergonomically designed to minimize pressure, reduce wrist strain and remain steady throughout even the most grueling workout session.

AEOLOS grips provide full palm protection. You also get a free carry bag, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Other Crossfit Gloves & Grips to consider

If for some reason the Emerge grips are sold out here are a few other 2nd place options. 

#5. Profitness Cross Training Gloves

Cross Training Gloves

Profitness Cross Training gloves provide you with an abrasion resistant minimalist gloves and integrated wrist wraps. It offers full palm protection while also provide open back globes and fingers to enhance your natural feel an grip and preventing sweat build up and odor. The silicone grip gives you a superior hold on the bar that is secure and comfortable. The nylon glove body is extremely breathable while the flexible velcro closure provides you with a very secure hold.

Profitness workout gloves are ergonomically designed to provide you with a high level of flexibility and hand ventilation. This is a very effective glove for both beginners and seasoned weight trainers. Palm calluses an skin will be thing of the past when you wear these gloves.

#6. Mava Sports Cross Training gloves

Pull up grips

The Mava Sports Cross Training glove is a minimalist hand and wrist support that is made from top quality neoprene nd with a thin leather padding. A unique silicone padding design provides you with advanced level of comfort and support. The adjustable velcro wrist strap allows you to adjust your level of wrist protection and holds securely throughout every rep of every set. The open and breathable design of this glove provides you with a sweat free and airy level of support. 

#7. Fit Active Sports Crossfit Glove

Weight Lifting Gloves

The Fit Active Sports crossfit glove provides full palm and wrist protection. It fully covers the entire palm while keeping the fingers open. The thumb is also protected. The glove is made from silicone printed neoprene, material which is water resistant and extremely resilient to ensure durability and tear resistance. Wrist wraps are integrated into this glove with a secure velcro wrap around enclosure.

The pen hand design of the Fit Active glove ensures that you get maximum comfort and breathability, as it allows your fingers to move freely without impediment. The high degree of ventilation also ensures that these gloves are completely odor free.

#8. Steel Sweat Workout Gloves

Workout Gloves

The Steel Sweat workout glove is a full workout glove that covers your entire hand and fingers up to the middle joint. This glove makes use of StretchAir performance material that allows for a flexible fit, enhanced ventilation and moisture wicking properties. As a result your hands will stay dry during your workout, regardless of the temperature in the gym. The grippy palm pads that are built into this glove provides you with a very secure, yet comfortable, hold. The gloves features durable double stitching to ensure durability. These gloves may be machine washed to keep the odor free and clean.

#9. Gladiator Gym Gear Workout Gloves

Weightlifting Pullups

Gladiator Gym Gear workout gloves are made from neoprene with protective leather palm padding. The open back design provides a good level of breathability around the hand area. The pam side of the glove provides complete covering up to the mid finger joint. The reverse of the glove features an open back fingerless design which allows for more flexibility and breathability. The glove features an integrated wrist support to enhance your level of support when going heavy on your lifts. Secure velcro straps ensure that you get a tight fit when you need it. The gloves is available in four colors; pink, green, gold and red.

#10. Bear Komplex 2 CrossFit Grips

Bear Komplex 2 CrossFit Grips

The folks at Bear Komplex are intimately acquainted with the pain that comes from workout induced torn hands and calluses. It’s what drove them to create their super cumfy grips. They’re made out of highest quality leather that actually molds to the bar.

The wrist strap includes a design that will stop the buckle from digging into your wrist, which is a problem with many brands.

The Bear Komplex callus guard and CrossFit grips come in a range of sizes and two color options. Bear Komplex also offer either two or three finger hole grip options.

Do you really need grips to get in the most effective workout?

I believe that the answer is an emphatic yes. Here are three compelling reasons why -

  • Enhanced grip - when you are in the throes of a heavy workout, sweat will be dripping from your body. Much of it will end up in your palms. This will make it increasingly harder for you to maintain a firm hold on the dumbbell, barbell or pull up bar. Crossfit gloves will allow you to maintain that firm grip on the bar.
  • Comfort - Not wearing gloves or grips as a sign of manliness is a childish, immature concept. There is nothing wrong with comfort, and palm protecting workout gloves make you more comfortable when you are training. This will allow you to work harder, longer. And, let’s face it; no-one enjoys hitting the shower with gaping open wounds all over their hands.
  • Wrist support - Often grips and gloves come with extra padding, straps and wraps to provide support for the wrist. This can be very valuable when performing Olympic Lifts. Pain associated with pronation of the palm during snatches and clean and jerks can be largely eliminated with such wrist support.


Blisters and tears on your palms are no fun during your workout. They’re even worse when you hit the shower afterwards. A good quality pair of hand grips will, not only, prevent your hands from tearing up during muscle ups, they will keep moisture away from your hands and strengthen your gripping ability, allowing you to hold on for longer.

The best CrossFit bar grips that we came across were the Emerge Fitness USA callus protector and workout grip. These grips are ultra comfortable and super moisture resistant. They will allow you to train harder for longer. They will also ensure that you don’t walk away from your workout with torn and blistered hands.

Investing in a pair of grips by Emerge Fitness will prevent your hands from ripping up, allowing you to rip it up during your workout. 

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