Best Weight Bench Review 2018

updated June 6, 2018

Today’s best weight benches are compact marvels of engineering. They push the limits of materials and form while maintaining a visual appeal that makes you want to test yourself on them.

In this weight bench review we’ll look at what we feel are the best benches available today starting with our three absolute favorites and then expanding outward from there into best benches reviews for all the top brands. For each brand we’ll choose a favorite as well.

Our Favorite Weight Benches

We’ve chosen 3 categories for our favorite benches. “Best in Class” is our choice for best weight bench. Period. “Best Overall Value” is the bench that gives you the most bang for your buck and “Most Affordable” is the bench we’d buy if we had a $100 budget to work with.



adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

The Powerblock Adjustable Bench is a classic FID bench that’s compact in size, thoughtful in design (especially the seat back which doesn’t cramp arm motion like some benches can), easy to move about due to its built in wheels and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Overall, it’s a pleasure to use, very comfortable, easily adjustable, stable, solid and attractive. If you get the urge to splurge and want to accessorize later on, no problem.



XMark Adjustable FID Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7630 is perhaps the best weight bench for a home gym and our hands down winner for Best in Class. The XM-7630 looks like it was designed by crane engineers and forged in a steel mill and its 1500 lb carrying capacity means that you will never be able to push the bench’s limits. The firm, comfortable saddle provides 21 possible lifting positions.

Toss in a lifetime warranty on the frame and built-in wheels for easy portability and you see why this top rated weight bench is our Best in Class.



Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench will take any workout novice where they want to go and also makes a nice addition to the garage gym of any dedicated lifting vet due to the fact that it's easy to set up, comfortable, well built and fully FID adjustable. The seat back is nice and wide for larger folks but you don’t sacrifice any stability in the process as the feet are broad and hungry for floor. The fact that they’ve managed to pack all this into a really affordable bench makes it the best budget weight bench out there and our choice as “most affordable.”


Top Brand



XMark’s the spot where function and form coalesce. No time or attention is given to superfluous touches that don’t serve the larger purpose of creating a bench that exceeds your expectations by several degrees of magnitude. XMark benches are here to work.

XM7630 Adjustable FID Weight Bench

Take a seat on the firm Duracraft upholstery and settle in for an experience. Start with a vertical military press and work your way down to the most extreme decline position. Throw in some ab work for good measure and keep things going with quick and easy adjustment. The 7630 will accept whatever you can throw at it without skipping a beat. Features include:

  • 11-gauge steel frame
  • 1500 lb total carrying capacity
  • 7 position adjustable seat back and 3 way adjustable saddle

If you'd like to learn more, check out out XMark Weight Bench review where we go over every aspect of it.



Powerblock was founded almost 25 years ago and began as a maker of innovative dumbbells. Since then they’ve branched out and today make some of the best adjustable weight benches available.

Power Block Sports Bench

The Powerblock Adjustable Bench is easy to assemble and easy to use. For those reasons it’s one of the best weight benches for home a gym.

It’s thoughtfully engineered from the shape of the seat back to the adjusting mechanism and the way it hugs the ground. Features include:

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • 550 lb total carrying capacity

We've put together a comprehensive Powerblock Bench review where we touch on all aspects of this fantastic bench, we highly recommend you take a look.



Marcy has been around a long time. Back when lifting was considered an odd thing to do Marcy was there doing the research, improving the product. Today Marcy is well known for their affordable, high quality benches as well as their line of fitness gear.

Marcy Flat Utility Bench

Marcy Flat Utility Bench

The Marcy Flat utility Bench is a very solid and durable simple flat bench that comes in at a very sharp price point. It supports up to 300 pounds of bodyweight and up to 600 pounds of combined weight. The height from the floor is 17 inches providing you with a serious workhorse that won’t let you down when you’re lifting heavy. The padding is not as dense as you’d find in a high end gym bench, but it is both comfortable and functional. You will be hard pressed to find a more affordable solid and reliable home gym flat bench.


CAP Barbell

While CAP Barbell hasn’t been around as long as Marcy they’re not exactly wet behind the ears. With 25 years experience making and selling free weights, benches and more they’ve learned to do a lot of things right.

While CAP Barbell hasn’t been around as long as Marcy they’re not exactly wet behind the ears. With 25 years experience making and selling free weights, benches and more they’ve learned to do a lot of things right.

CAP Barbell Flat Weight Bench

The CAP Barbell Flat Weight Bench is a solidly performing flat bench made from powder coated solid steel. It features a thickly padded boxed stitched pad which provides a comfortable but not too cushioned fit. The recommended weight capacity of this bench is 300 pounds. It stands 19 inches from the floor and has a width of 18 inches.



Hammer is not for the budget lifter, however, as their benches often run well above $1000. Still, if you have the capital you won’t be disappointed.

Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench

Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench

The Hammer Adjustable Strength Bench can be partnered with all manner of Hammer strength racks and cages to create the ultimate garage gym.

It’s an excellent commercial adjustable weight bench that never wobbles under pressure and will still be providing you with worry free service when your kids are old enough to use it. Features include:

  • Simple, easy to handle adjustability
  • Computer Aided Design mean close tolerances
  • Pro version can be screwed directly to the floor

Get to know more reasons why you should buy this Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench through our detailed analysis. We suggest you to have a look!



Ironmaster makes 1 weight bench: the Super bench. They seem fine with that and the quality of the Super Bench speaks to the notion that maybe they’re on to something with this single bench focus.

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable weight-lifting Bench

The Super Bench is versatile, built of 12-gauge steel and comes ready to perform right out of the box.

If you’re looking for the best bench for a home gym you have to seriously consider the Ironmaster Super Bench. Not least because it can be easily tripped out as well. Features include:

  • 1000 lb total carrying capacity
  • Adjustable to 11 different angles
  • Total weight of 64 lbs makes for ease of portability

To know more details about this great super bench, we recommend to read our Ironmaster Super Bench review. Know more about its capabilities. 



Like Marcy, York Barbell has been there from the beginning of the fitness movement. Today there is virtually nothing related to strength training that York doesn’t manufacture, including some of the best affordable benches on the market.

York Adjustable Fitness Bench

York Adjustable Fitness Bench

The York Adjustable Fitness Bench is a multi angle bench that provides you with 5 different angle adjustments. This unit is constructed from heavy duty tubular steel and box stitched foam padding. Wheel rollers and a handle make it a breeze to move this bench around your home gym. It also features a rack on its underside to house 3 dumbbells. The bench can be adjusted to 90 degrees to allow for upright shoulder presses, with adjustment between angles being quick, easy and reliable.



Legend fitness equipment has been made in the USA since 1977 and today manufactures a full line of fitness equipment from their base in Tennessee.

The Legend weight bench is considered a best gym bench because of its customizability and ease of integration with the company's other products.

Legend 3 Way Utility Bench

Legend 3 Way Utility Bench

The 3 Way Utility Bench is tough as nails, adjusts to 21 different positions and is always easy to spot due to its customizable look.

Beyond aesthetics though the bench is overbuilt and, as a result, incredibly stable. All that redundant strength means it also clocks in at the top end of the price spectrum. Features include.

  • Fully customizable look
  • 11-gauge 3x3 steel framework
  • Full integration with other Legend products

What's so special about this bench. Read our Legend 3 Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench review to know more about its features.



The Life Fitness Signature series is the stuff of (good) science fiction. Compelling, beautifully engineered and unapologetically forward-looking.

Multi Adjustable Bench

Life Fitness Multi Adjustable Bench

With the Multi-Adjustable bench design, materials, profile and attitude all work together to create a piece of fitness equipment that embraces what’s best about today.

Versatile, attractive and extremely well built the Multi Adjustable Bench is mechanical craftsmanship at its best. You’re going to pay more for it but Ferrari’s aren’t cheap. Features include:

  • Rubber ‘feet’ for optimal grip
  • Voracious stability
  • 10 year warranty

Why this amazing bench is known as "Ferrari of Workout Benches. Read our Life Fitness Adjustable Bench review to have a closer look at this Multi Adjustable Bench.



The Powertec brand comes out of the vibrant body building culture of Southern California. They’ve been around almost 20 years now and their equipment has reached a certain level of maturity in that it looks great and there’s plenty to appreciate under the surface.

Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Workout Bench

Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Workout Bench

The Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Workout Bench is more a full on home gym that simply a workout bench. Along with a high end adjustable training bench, you also get a workout tower that includes lat pulldown, chest press and squatting platform. This bench is suitable for Olympic weight plates. The multi adjustable seat is adjusted by simply sliding the seat assembly on its sealed bearing carriage. The backrest can be adjusted at different settings while providing added stability.

The Iso-lateral bench press arms can be used independently or locked together for bilateral movement. This machine comes with a host of add-ons to extend your exercises options to preacher bench curls and leg extensions / curls.

  • Multi angle bench
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Bench press arms
  • Unilateral arm movement
  • Squat platform



Nautilus as a company needs no introduction. But many may not be aware that the company has branched out over the years, acquiring other fitness-related companies and diversifying their own portfolio.

Universal Flat Bench with Dumbbells

The Universal Flat bench with Dumbbells is a reliable entry level weight lifting bench. It comes with 2 sets of dumbbells which are housed under the bench. The weights of the dumbbells are two pounds and four pounds. The stabilizer levellers on this bench ensure that you will have a stable base regardless of the type of flooring that you are working out on. The maximum user weight on this bench is 250 pounds.



Fitness gear benches are probably best known as entry level gear for novice lifters, but there’s plenty here to appease die-hards as well. Fitness Gear benches are built to last and to leave a few bucks in your wallet.

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench Review

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench Review

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is a fully functional FID bench that will allow you to ramp up your workout routine and handle any weight with confidence. Stable, effective fitness tech for all levels of enthusiast. Features include:

  • Adjustable to 8 different positions
  • Integrates fully with Fitness Gear racks and cages
  • 600 lb total carrying capacity

Know more about these high quality - low price through our Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench review, comparing three of the best benches from Fitness Gear.



Rogue’s flat benches are purpose built for maximum stability, comfort and utility during your dumbbell routines. They may seem like they’re missing something, until you put them to work.

Rogue Fitness Monster Utility Weight Bench

Rogue Fitness Monster Utility Weight Bench

With a frame forged from 3x3 inch 11-gauge commercial grade steel the Monster is ready to serve you for the duration.

  • Powder coated steel framing
  • Lightweight yet incredibly sturdy
  • Interchangeable bench pads

Read into details about the best flat bench in our Rogue Utility Weight Bench review. A detailed side by side comparison of the Rogue fitness benches.



Precor is one of those fitness tech companies that’s not very well known by name but is well represented in fitness clubs everywhere. They make everything from highly-sophisticated high-tech treadmills to the simple Multi-Angle bench featured here.

Precor Six Position Adjustable Home Bench

The Multi Angle Bench is a solid FID bench made to integrate with other components but which works just fine as a standalone. It provides the full range of FID motions and presents a spare profile.

That’s because the designers know that bells and whistles do not make a great bench. Features include:

  • Full range of FID positioning
  • High-grade structural steel
  • Ultra light weight: 55 lbs

This makes you think why every other bench is so overbuilt. Read our Precor Adjustable Bench review to know why this is the best possible bench from the least possible material.



Body Solid weight benches are innovative in their design, convenient in the way they fold for storage, easy on the eye and come ready to go. Oh yeah. They’re also affordable and can carry insane loads.

Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

The Body Solid GFID225 is a breeze to set up and a pleasure to work out. Rated to 1000 lbs the GFID225 has what it takes to satisfy even the most experienced lifter.

A serious bench that’s easy to work with from the moment you slide it out from under the bed. Features Including:

  • Lifetime in-home warranty
  • Low, rock-steady profile
  • Double-stitched upholstery

A detailed one on one analysis in our Body Solid Adjustable Weight Bench review will help you which weight bench suits your fitness regime best.



Bowflex burst on the scene some 30 years ago with their resistance training equipment. They still make and sell lots of those machines but they’ve also branched out into more traditional methods of strength training i.e. free weights and free weight benches.

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

The 5.1 has a handsome articulated seat back and a clean, no-nonsense overall appearance. The 5.1 demonstrates the Bowflex designers are hard at work making their benches not only functional but easy on the eye too. Features include:

  • Frame carries 30 year warranty
  • Adjustable to 6 incline/decline positions
  • Leg restraints for ab work and decline presses

Confused which one of the 3.1, 4.1 or 5.1 bench from Bowflex is best for you? Read our side by side comparison of the Bowflex Weight Benches review and know the utilities of each on of these.



Possibly the most recognizable name in strength training Weider benches have a lot to live up to and for the most part do an admirable job. A Weider bench is maybe the best weight lifting bench for novices due to their combination of affordability and consistent performance.

Weider Pro 255 L Slant Board/Ab Bench

The Pro 350 is a great all-around bench that allows you to effectively target the major muscle groups of the core.

The saddle is wide enough to accommodate larger lifters and the whole thing stores away easily in your closet. Features include:

  • Adjusts easily to classic FID positions
  • Scratch resistant Duraguard vinyl upholstery
  • Nice wide footprint for exceptional stability

These are the pro benches that you always wish to buy. Read more here at our Weider Incline Weight Bench review and know why they are most popular and trusted line of weight benches.



Universal is another manufacturer known for creating high quality, entry level equipment for novices and part timers. Universal is also a Nautilus product so you can be reasonably sure it’ll live up to that company’s high quality standards.

Universal Flat Bench with Dumbbells

Universal Flat Bench with Dumbbells

The Universal Flat bench with Dumbbells is a reliable entry level weight lifting bench. It comes with 2 sets of dumbbells which are housed under the bench. The weights of the dumbbells are two pounds and four pounds. The stabilizer levellers on this bench ensure that you will have a stable base regardless of the type of flooring that you are working out on. The maximum user weight on this bench is 250 pounds.


There are three basic kinds of home use weight bench:

The Bench Station - the bench station is designed specifically for the bench press exercise. It comes with a pair of upright for you to rack the bar. Bench stations come in either flat, incline or decline options.

The Utility Bench - Also known as an FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench, the utility bench allows you to work your chest from a range of different workout angles.

The Standard Flat Bench - The standard flat bench is your basic flat bench that you are most likely to use for exercises such as the dumbbell bench press and the flat bench fly.

Benefits of the FID Bench

Adjustable Weight Benches

An FID (flat/incline/decline) is the best weight bench to target the largest number of muscle groups possible in order to achieve a balanced look to your new, sculpted body. Whether you’re going for big and bulky or trim and cut a great FID bench will get you where you want to go. Many FID benches also incorporate a leg restraint system that allows you to bring your abs directly into the workout. The FID experience is different than that of the classic Olympic lifting routine and is more focused on creating all around strength rather than brute force. Click here for more.

Best Adjustable Ab Bench

Once you’ve got your incline/decline routine up and running you’ll likely want to add exercises that will help give your new body a more well rounded aspect. Ab routines are a great place to start. As mentioned many FID benches come with a foot restraint feature for ab work but there are other benches that bring far more concentrated focus to the abdominals. Click here to read our thoughts on the three best ab decline benches.


Adjustable benches are not about expressions of brute force like Olympic lifting. You get an adjustable bench because you want to sculpt your body into something both fit and attractive. By the same token you’re not going to be doing 400 lb Olympic deadlifts in your bedroom but there’s no reason you can’t set up your folding adjustable FID bench there and get in some dumbbell work while you watch the game on TV. With that in mind here are a few things to look for in an adjustable bench:

  • Size - Space is a primary consideration for most people when it comes to having exercise equipment in their home. Take careful measurements of the space where you plan to set up your equipment and then make sure your bench (and accessories) will fit.
  • Portability - Is your home gym going to be a permanent fixture or something that comes and goes when you need it? If you plan on setting up/breaking down on a regular basis make sure you get a bench that folds down and stores away easily.
  • Price - You can pay as much as $1000 or more for the top adjustable benches. But do you really need to? While there’s no doubt those benches are great kit, it’s also true that you can get some tremendous equipment for a fraction of the cost of the most expensive benches. Check out our page on the best affordable FID benches.
  • Weight Rating - Weight lifting benches all carry a rating in accordance with the maximum amount of weight that they can handle. This max weight rating is a combination of your own bodyweight and the amount of weight that you are lifting. A 180 pound guy who can handle 70 pound dumbbells will have a max combined weight of 320 pounds. Obviously he wants to increase the weight lifted, so he should be looking for a max weight allowance of at least 400 pounds.
  • Bench Height - You do not want a bench that is either too high or too low. A bench height that is too high will make it tricky until your feet are flat on the floor. This will prevent your ability to exert maximum power by having a solid base push from. The positioning will also prevent you from getting the ideal lower back positioning while doing exercises like the dumbbell bench press.

On the other hand, if the bench is too low you will not be in the ideal position to perform overhead presses.

  • Bench Width - If the bench is too side, it will ilmit your range of movement on a number of exercises. Your lats will be restricted, preventing you from being able to fully stretch them out when doing chest flys. A wide bench will also impede movement on pressing movements when you are lying flat on the bench. As a result, you will not be able to lift as much weight and you will not get the ideal level of muscle stimulation.
  • Padding - While you might think that the thicker the padding on your bench, the better, that is not the case. Just the same as you need solid, hard heel to push from when you are squatting, you also need a firm base to work from when you are working from a weight bench. That means that the padding needs a balance between comfort and firmness. When you press your thumb into the padding, you should not be able to push right through to the base board.

You can also read more on our reviews for the best and most affordable portable benches.

Best Weight Bench Review 2018
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