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Total Gym XLS Reviewed and Compared Review Facts

The Total Gym XLS is one of the most popular models in the Total Gym Range. In terms of that range, it is priced somewhere in the middle. In terms of the overall market, it sits in the upper mid-price range. The XLS provides you with more than 85 exercises, a user capacity of 400 pounds and great back up support. In this article, we provide you with an in-depth review of the Total Gym XLS and helpful information you can use in your purchase decision.



Editor's Pros & Cons

Offers 6 levels of resistance training so you can slowly develop your fitness level

It has a 400-pound weight capacity to develop stability and strength

Has a padded glide board with a head support to keep you comfortable during exercise

This product has the capability to do over 80 different exercises


There is only a six-month warranty on the parts

Bodyweight Based Exercise

The Total Gym system is founded upon the concept of utilizing just your bodyweight in conjunction with the patented glide board and pulley Total Gym system. That is a major bonus, doing away with the need to have to purchase extra resistance.

The Total Gym system allows you to increase the resistance beyond that of your physical body-weight by having you exercise on an ever-increasing angle in order to make the exercise harder. This is achieved by way of a ladder with runs to which you attach the glide board.

This system makes working out a lot more joint-friendly. You do not get the problems that are associated with working out with weights. That makes using this system a good idea for the elderly as well as those who have joint problems.

Exercise Range

Total Gym XLS allows you to perform more than 80 exercises thanks to its pulley system, glide board, and accessories. You are able to do all of the basic moves that you would expect to find in a commercial gym. This includes the ‘big’ moves like squats and bench presses. However, you can also do a wide range of angled moves to allow you to get a full range of motion to isolate different muscle groups.

The XLS also comes with all the tools you need to learn the options you have at your disposal. You will start things off with the "Start It Up" guide. There is also a DVD called "6-8 Minute Workout" that has twelve different work-along workouts for both women and men who may not have a lot of time to workout. The Smart Training Workout included is an efficient and effective workout that employs slow, precise, and exact movements that target certain muscles. There is also Body Makeover that comes with the Total Gym which is a high-powered, high-energy workout that gets your cardio going strong. It also includes an easy to follow wall chart that contains 35 different exercises you can do with this machine. So you have all the tools you need to get the most out of this bench.


The XLS comes equipped with lots of accessories to allow you extended exercise capability. You will be able to target your major muscle groups, build your endurance, and give your workout routine a little variety. There is the wing attachment which is the perfect tool for isolating your back muscles and biceps. The leg pull accessory is to help you develop your quadriceps and hamstrings. There are also ankle straps and a squat station so you can do squats without needing another piece of equipment. There are also pulleys to assist in various lifting exercises. You can even create a customized workout with the help of a training deck of cards that can be combined in an infinite number of varieties. An additional bonus extra that comes with the Total Gym XLS is the complete nutritional guide and meal plan for weight loss and healthy eating. This has been produced by Dan Isaacson, who has been a trainer to the stars for a quarter of a century.

Quality Materials

The glide board on the Total Gym XLS is of high quality, with plenty of padding. It provides you with a head support to provide added comfort and ergonomic positioning when you are lying down to do exercises like the bench press. The bench slides smoothly when you need it to as well. This is a very well built machine. The frame is very solidly constructed from high-quality tubular steel. As a result, it can support a user weight of up to 400 pounds. The glide board is also well made, providing you double stitching on the covering and thick, comfortable padding.

The system has been upgraded include a new pulley and cable system with nylon strap handles that are flexible and an improved squat stand. It comes with the handy accessories as well that help add a new dimension to your workout. The leg-pull accessory, strap handles, and wing attachment are designed to accent your workout and to last through any intense workout.

Easy To Use

The Total Gym XLS is designed to be easy to use. To start with, it comes completely pre-assembled so you do not have to worry about trying to put it together correctly. It also comes with instructions and exercise videos which are very easy to follow. It comes with great exercise videos which work for beginners to advanced athletes. The videos are easy to follow and keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.

When you are done with your workout, the XLS is easy to fold up and scoot out of the way. We do recommend that you put the safety pins once you have it folded so it does not fall open and pinch a finger. Going the other direction, it is also easy to pull out and set up for a quick workout.


The glide board on the Total Gym XLS is high quality with plenty of padding. It provides you with a head support to provide added comfort and ergonomic positioning when you are lying down to do exercises like the bench press.

It has 1,000-pound vinyl-coated cables and soft rubber padded handles with an ABS swivel and a nylon webbing for good hammer grip action. This bench is a perfect rehabilitation tool for several reasons. It has a smooth, gliding motion which is easy on your joints. The various levels of height make it comfortable for every fitness level. The padded glide board gives you excellent support for your back. It has 1.5-inch high-density foam padding on the glide board for extra comfort.


The Total Gym XLS is perfect if you have limited space and need a piece of equipment which you can move around easily. You can get a complete body workout and when you are finished, the board folds up to be about the same size as an old fashioned ironing board.

You put the safety pins in to make sure it stays closed. Then you can easily roll it out of the way with the wheels on the base. It will fit into a closet or unused corner and is easy to bring out and set back up.


One of the biggest benefits of the XLS is its versatility. With this one piece of equipment, you can do over 80 different exercises. This means you can do a lot more with your workout with a lot less space. There are exercises which will help to develop your cardio. You can enhance your strength training with exercises for upper and lower body major muscle groups. It is also good for circuit training. There are exercises for stretching as well. And the best thing about the versatility is that the set comes with plenty of DVDs and materials which give you a wide array of exercises and ideas so you can fully take advantage of all this equipment has to offer.

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The Total Gym XLS has impressive features which make it a complete set for your exercise needs. The equipment is sturdy and durable and comes fully assembled. It includes a complete fitness program of workouts and tools to do those workouts so you can get the most out of the equipment. It has a 400-pound weight capacity so there is plenty of strength to hold your body weight and any weights you may want to work with. It also includes all the accessories you need including the pulley and cable system, squat stand, strap handles, the wing attachment, leg pull, and AbCrunch. It is designed to be comfortable and folds up for easy storage. And it has all the instructions you need to get a complete workout.

The Final Word

The Total Gym XLS is a quality home gym. It comes assembled and ready to use. You will especially enjoy the instructions and DVDs which come along with this product. There is one to get you started with the machine and three with various workouts so you can enhance your exercise routine and get the most out of that time. You will also receive an at-a-glance exercise wall chart, a training deck to help you vary your workout, and a nutritional program and meal plan.

You will also enjoy the accessories which allow you to do a wider variety of exercises. This bench is versatile, durable, and can be easily folded up and put away when you are finished for the day.