Total Gym Fit Review

The Total Gym Fit is the newest model in the Total Gym range. It was released toward the end of 2017, offering the most levels of resistance of any of the models. You get 12 ladder rungs with this machine, 85 exercises and a limited lifetime warranty. In this article, we’ll get up close and personal with the Total Gym Fit, comparing it to the other models in the range and a popular competing model.

Total Gym Fit Specifications

  • Max Weight: % of bodyweight
  • More than 85 exercises
  • Glideboard Seat
  • Weight Capacity: 45 lbs
  • Length: 93"
  • Width: 18.5"
  • Height: 44.5"
  • Foldable: Yes
  • 12 resistance levels
  • Auto-Lock Height Adjustment
  • Workout Muscles: Legs, Abs, Arms, Back
  • Exercise Guide: 6 Workout DVDs
  • 6 DVDs
  • Frame Warranty: Lifetime
  • Parts Warranty: 2 years
  • Payment Options: Flexible
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment
  • Leg Pull Accessory
  • Detachable Bracket and 2 Ankle Cuffs
  • Reinforced Slide Pivot Assembly

Total Gym Fit Features

home exercise machine

The Total Gym Fit has marked out its unique selling point in the fact that it provides you with double the resistance level of the other products in the range. You get 12 levels with the Fit, compared to a maximum of seven on the other models.

This makes the Total Gym Fit a far more hardcore training device.

  • 12 Glide board settings
  • 85 exercises
  • 6 DVDs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Squat Stand

Bodybuilders and people who are advanced trainers have previously been limited by the resistance levels on Total Gym machines, but now, with this, machine, that problem is solved. The increased resistance is thanks to the extra number of rungs on the glide board ladder.

Exercise Range

total gym fit machine

The Total Gym Fit allows you to perform around 85 exercises. Thee include all of the big lifts that you would expect to do in the gym such as squats, pulls up and the bench press, as well as variations on moves that allow you target muscles through a full range of motion with the pulley resistance system.

With the Total Gym system, you are also able to work both sides of your body unilaterally, which has been shown to bring greater benefits. As an example when you are doing the bench press, you are pushing a separate pulley handle away from your body with each hand. This isolates each side of the pectoral muscles and also brings into play the small, synergistic muscles that assist the movement.

Low Impact

When you exercise on the Total Gym glideboard system you get an extremely joint friendly way of working out. That’s good news for the millions of people who try to exercise despite suffering from bone and joint issues. It is especially beneficial for people who are suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as the elderly and people who are recovering from injury.


The Glideboard on the Total Gym Fit is well padded and covered in top quality vinyl that has been double stitched. It features settings that allow you to adjust the amount of bodyweight resistance that is being felt in every exercise that you perform.

The Glideboard on the Total Gym Fit features a sleek new design in black with white and yellow striping. Overall, it is the most impressive looking of all the Total Gym glide boards.

Solid Construction

total gym fit strength

The Total Gym Fit is very solidly built unit with a solid frame and top quality pulleys. The glideboard is the best in the Total Gym range. Even the complete unit weights just 66 pounds, it sits solidly and does not move around when you are using it.

The Total Gym Fit can be folded for easy storage. Even when unfolded it has a compact footprint with measurements of 18.5 inches by 93 inches by 44.5 inches. When folded this shrinks to 18.5 by 50.5 by 8.5, making it easy to slide the unit under a bed or store away in a cupboard.


Your purchase of the Total Gym Fit comes with the following accessories . . .

  • Ab Crunch Accessory
  • Two-Piece Wing Attachment
  • Leg Pull Attachment
  • Squat Stand

Extra attachments can be purchased separately. You also get a lot of support material with your purchase of the Total Gym Fit. Your new home gym comes with the following 6 DVDs . .

  • Total Gym Basic Workout with Rosalie
  • Rosalie’s Core Cable Flow
  • John Carleo’s Six to Eight Minute Workouts
  • Todd Dirkin’s Beginner DVD
  • Get Started DVD
  • Pilates Training DVD
total gym workout dvd

You also get a complete nutritional program and meal plan with the Total Gym Fit. This plan is very comprehensive, having been put together by top celebrity trainer Dan Isaacson.


Total Gym provide purchasers of the Total Gym Fit with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two year warranty on the parts. We do not think that two years on parts is good enough and would have liked to have seen it stretched out to three or four years.

Total Gym Fit Compared to other Total Gyms

There are four Total Gym models featured on the company’s official website.

  • Total Gym Fit
  • Total Gym Supreme
  • Total Gym XLS
  • Total Gym GTS

The Supreme is the budget model in the range and the GTS is the elite model. A big point of difference within the range is the number of exercises that can be done. As an example, you can do around 65 moves on the Supreme, but more than 200 exercises on the GTS.

The XLS is the most popular model in the range. It is a medium priced unit that allows you to do around 85 exercises and comes with a number of accessories.

The Fit is the newest kid on the block. It has about the same number of exercise capability as the XLS and similar accessory provisions. However, its big point of difference is its greatly enhanced resistance capability. It has 12 resistance level settings, compared with just 6 on the XLS. For that reason, we believe that the Total Gym Fit is the better buy.

Total Gym Fit VS Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

The Bowflex system, with its patented Power Rod resistance method, is a direct competitor to the Total Gym system. The Bowflex system provides you a lat tower, a seat, leg extension and pulley handles. The power rod resistance level is 210 pounds, but can be increased to 400 pounds with extra purchases.


The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE allows you to do about 75 exercises, which is not quite as many as you get with the Total Gym Fit. Many of the exercises are the same, except that on the Total Gym Fit you do them on a slant board.

In terms of resistance, the Bowflex allows you to select your resistance up to 210 pounds, going up in lots of 5 pounds. However, the power rod system gives you a changing resistance throughout the rep.

The full resistance level is only felt during the last one third of the rep. The Total Gym Fit provides you with a true resistance that is based on your body weight.

Many people also do not like the feel of the power rod system. In addition to only giving you a true resistance for the last one third of the move, you do no get any negative resistance on your repetitions.

Overall, primarily based on the nature of the resistance, we prefer the Total Gym Fit over the Bowflex Xtreme.


  • 12 Glide board settings
  • 85 exercises
  • 6 DVDs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Squat Stand


  • ​Parts Warranty only 2 years


The Total Gym Fit is the newest model in the Total Gym range. It is the also the model that provides you with the greatest range of resistance. If you are a serious trainer who is looking to get stronger and bigger, this is the model for you.

Total Gym Fit

Our #1. Recommendation

​Total Gym Fit

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