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The Ironmaster Super Bench Reviewed Review Facts

The Ironmaster Super Bench is popular when it comes to benches on the market. This is a sturdy, versatile bench that will give you forward, incline and decline capabilities, giving you the best possible workout for any body type. It does that in an easy to use, compact format. This bench is sturdy, rated at 1,000 pounds and has a strong platform. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Super Bench to discover if it deserves to be in your basement gym.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes fully assembled except for the feet which are easy to attach

11 lockout angles with patented foot lever

Comes with lots of attachments


Does not have a way to keep your feet in place when you are in an inclined position


Probably the most impressive feature about this bench is the huge array of angle adjustments available. There are eleven angle adjustments in 5 to 10 degrees increments up to 85 degrees. It offers a wide variety of exercise options with forwarding, incline, and decline adjustments. The seat also reclines in three positions. The bench sits on a strong platform so you can be extending your body or using weights and be confident that it is going to be stable and hold the weight. The bench also comes with a wide variety of attachments so you have enough exercise options to switch up your workout and still get the job done.

Range of Exercises

Say your dumbbell bench press max is at 80 pounds. You’re doing this at a 0-degree incline. Now if you tried to do a dumbbell shoulder press with the bench angle set at 85 degrees, it is pretty unlikely that you could do even a single rep with that same 80 pounds. However, when you have this many angles to work with you are able to progressively increase the angle, bit by bit, as you get stronger. So, the first week you set the angle to 10 degrees and press, you progress week by week, adding 10% to your angle adjustment until around three months down the track you are doing a shoulder press with that 80-pound weight.

This bench will also let you do decline work. This is great for working the lower part of your chest. However, be careful not to slide down the bench though as there is nothing on the bench that locks your feet in place. This equipment works for bench press, incline bench press, overhead press at different angles and military press as well which is great for your upper body.


The Ironmaster Super Bench is definitely effective at helping you attain your fitness goals with a complete body workout. It does this by offering a three-position seat so you can do incline and decline exercises. It has 11 different lockout angles so you can use the one which is perfect for you and then advance it as your fitness level improves. It also comes with a number of attachments which help to provide an even bigger variety of exercises to help you switch up your session, reach every muscle group you are working on, and give you a varied routine to keep you interested and motivated.

Solid Construction

The Super Bench lives up to its name when it comes to construction quality. The framing is made from 11 and 12 gauge steel and the bench in the flat position is rated to 1,000 pounds. In the incline and decline positions, the max weight is 600 pounds. Good luck hitting those numbers. The bench comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Super Bench has a very solid and stable base. This is obviously very important as you need to have total confidence in the platform you’re using when you’ve got some seriously heavyweight hovering over your head. Regardless of what position you have the bench in, you always feel solidly positioned. The bench height when flat is 20 inches. This is about ideal. Some benches are lower than this and, as a result, you cannot get ideal body positioning and you end up with your knees above your hips. Those that are taller than twenty inches, may not allow you to drive your heels into the ground. The result will be that you won’t be able to lift as much weight.
The footprint of the bench is 18.75 inches by 41 inches. This provides you with a relatively compact footprint, making this bench a good choice for confined spaces. The bench, though solid, is lightweight. It doesn’t come with wheels but you won’t need them when the whole thing weighs just 64 pounds.

Easy To Use

This bench arrives fully assembled except for the feet. You will find these are easy to add on with only a few simple tools needed. It has a solid, sturdy base which will give you the confidence you need to work out with your full body weight and extra weights. The seat has three positions and is covered with thick padding. It is tapered so you can sit on it without cutting into your legs. It is at the perfect height at 20 inches.

The angle adjustment has been made simple with a patented adjustment system which you can operate from either side of the bench. It is designed to make your workout as convenient as possible so you can just focus on getting the quality exercise. If you have limited space or want to change the position, these bench is easy to lift and rotate without collapsing or unfolding.


The foam padding on the back pad is thick as well as firm. You will not see it compress easily like cheaper pads. The pad is both supportive and comfortable. The seat is made of the same firm foam, so it is also very comfortable. The shape of this seat is compact and will not interfere with your leg positioning. It is still large enough to do its job. The angle created by the seat combined with the pad is perfect and it feels very secure in all incline positions.

The pad of the Super Bench is covered in stitched vinyl upholstery. The corners have a one-inch radius so they add to the comfort level of this pad. The Super Bench pad is also made of a single board. There is no gap between sections on this bench, which is a huge advantage both in terms of comfort and safety.


This bench has a wide variety of attachments you can use to enhance your workout, increase your fitness levels, and keep you motivated. The pull-up bar attaches to the tipped up bench so you can perform pull-ups and chin-ups. The dip station works the same way and is height adjustable. The preacher curl attachment has thick padding. There is also a crunch sit-up attachment which is well padded and will keep your feet comfortable while you are doing your exercises.


The Super Bench frame is made with a steel tubing that is a combination of anywhere from 11, 12, or 13-gauge steel. They have taken great attention to detail with critical components being even more sturdy. For example, the notched adjustment wheel is made with 2-gauge steel and the support post at the top, which is the back pad pivot point is made from 000-gauge. Lighter- gauged components are only used when it is deemed safe enough for use.

This bench is rock solid. It will not wobble, twist, or tilt while you are using it. The stability is extremely important because you need confidence in your equipment to be able to get your very best workout. This bench is also extremely strong. It has a max capacity of 1000 pounds when lying flat and when it is in the incline positions it has a max capacity of 600 pounds. This large difference in overall weight capacity could be due to how the weight is dispersed at the higher angles on the frame.

The Final Word

The Ironmaster Super Bench is definitely a quality product you will want to consider when choosing a bench for your home gym. It has forward, incline, and decline adjustments and many more lockout angles than most similar benches. It has a strong platform and is durable, rated at 1,000 pounds in the flat incline position. It also comes with plenty of attachments so you can vary your exercises and get a good quality workout with just one piece of equipment. You can do barbell exercises, machine or cage presses.

You will get an effective workout with a wide range of exercises at different angles and positions. This helps keep your workout interesting, you can reach all the muscles you want to develop, and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. This bench is also well made and durable so it may be a bit of an investment, but it is going to last you a long time. It is comfortable and easy to use from assembling when it first reaches your home to the easy to lift and store aspect. The angle adjustment is easy to reach and can be accessed from either side. Definitely put the Ironmaster Super Bench on your “To Be Considered” list.