Total Gym Supreme

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Total Gym Supreme Review Facts

The Total Gym Supreme is the budget model in the Total Gym line. This puts it in the low to mid-range of the home gym market. It provides you with more than 60 exercises using the unique gravity-based bodyweight Total Gym system. In this article, we’ll take a close look at what this model offers, including several attachments that work different parts of your body and come standard with your order. 


The promise of the Supreme, and the other Total Gym models is that you can get a quick full-body workout, without a lot of extra equipment, in just twenty minutes once a day. The exercise is low impact, too, ideal for the elderly, those new to fitness, or anyone with joint pain. The low impact nature makes the Total Gym Supreme ideal for injury recovery. In an improvement over previous models, the Total Gym Supreme includes a squat stand attachment. Previously, there was no way to emulate squats on the Total Gym.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Significant cost savings versus other Total Gym products

Comes with training DVDs

Quick, effective, low impact full-body exercise

Standard attachments include a squat step

Unit is portable and folds for storage


Not useful for anyone more than six feet tall


The Total Gym Supreme gives you the ability to perform more than 60 exercises. You can get a full-body workout, hitting every major muscle group, in just twenty minutes. The number of exercises is fewer than you would get with the Total Gym XLS, GLS, or newest model Fit, but the number of attachments you get may make up for it. The attachments include a squat step; the Supreme is the first Total Gym to offer the squat capability.

Although anyone, of any fitness level, can use and enjoy the Total Gym, it is especially inviting for those who need low impact exercise. The Total Gym Supreme offers an effective heart rate and strength building experience, without the joint and bone strain associated with many weight-bearing exercises. The resistance bands, ankle and hand straps, and padded Glideboard all add up to a comfortable ride for someone with arthritis or anyone coming back from a sidelining injury. The Total Gym is a great way to introduce or reintroduce physical activity and fitness.

With its built-in features, effectiveness, comfortable ride, and capacity to do squats as well as crunches, the Total Gym Supreme is a highly effective and useful piece of equipment that we think will get a lot of use in your home gym.


Your purchase of the Total Gym Supreme comes complete with the following DVDs:

Total Gym Basic Workout with Rosalie
Rosalie's Core Cable Flow
John Carleo’s Six to Eight-Minute Workouts
Todd Dirkin’s Beginner DVD

These four DVDs will provide you with plenty of training options to take you well into the first few months of your training.

You get seven accessory attachments with the Total Gym Supreme as follows . . .

Ab Crunch
Wing Attachments
Leg Pull Accessory
Dip Bars
Press Up Bars
Large Stability Mat
Squat Stand

These attachments extend the exercise range to allow you to do some foundational moves like squats and dips.

For many years, a glaring problem with the Total Gym was the inability to perform squats, which are generally acknowledged as the most effective single exercise that you can ever do. That problem has been remedied with the inclusion of the squat stand attachment. This attachment now allows you to perform squats effectively and safely for better overall development.

Ease of Use/Durability

The Total Gym Supreme comes to you fully assembled. It can be easily folded to reduce its footprint when not being used. The unfolded dimensions of the Total Gym Supreme are 15.5 inches wide by 93 inches long by 43.25 inches high. When folded for storage, these become 15.5 by 50.5 by 8 inches.

Total Gym has a reputation for providing high-quality products. The budget model in their range is no exception, being made from high-grade tubular steel and quality double-stitched padded glide board. You will notice that the glide board on the Supreme is not as thick as the other three models in the range but it is still good enough for you to sit and lie on in comfort.

The warranty on the Total Gym Supreme gives you two years on the frame and one year on parts. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, if you pay in full for your purchase, rather than paying it off on their installment plan, they will provide you with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Types of Exercises

We looked at a lot of reviews to create this one, and we didn’t find much information about what you will actually be doing with the Total Gym. It isn’t like buying a weight bench, where you know you will be doing bench presses, dumbbell flys, seated presses, and leg curls or extensions if the bench comes with a leg developer. Many of our readers have never even seen a Total Gym unit in person, much less used one. So we decided to describe just some of the exercises you can do, by large muscle group, with a brief description. If you know the machine’s capabilities, you may be more likely to make a purchase decision.

Chest: The Total Gym Supreme lets you do incline push-ups, which make the exercise a little easier for beginners or those with injuries while also targeting your arms and chest. You can also do a chest press, lateral fly, or seated fly with any Total Gym.

Abdominals: The traditional crunch gets a makeover, letting you lie on a padded board rather than the gym floor, and with no pins to tighten or roller pads to adjust. This exercise is a perfect example of why the squat pad is important--it connects to the bottom of the Total Gym and keeps your feet still while the glide board moves back and forth. You can also do a regular sit-up or a cable sit up using the lower pulleys and the upper handles.

Low Back: Using the wing attachment and lying prone on the Total Gym, you can pull your body up with the glide board. The wing attachment lets you use your own body weight for resistance, like with a conventional pull-up. You can also do a front pullover and a spine strengthener called the Iron Cross. Doing the Iron Cross looks like making a snow angel by lying down in the snow and spreading your arms like wings. With the Total Gym version, you make the angel wings by holding tight to the handles and pulling your arms against the cable resistance.

Tech Specs

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
Length: 93"
Width: 15.5"
Height: 43.25"
Foldable: Yes
12 resistance levels
Arrives Fully Assembled
Padded Pillow for extra comfort
Frame Warranty: 2 years
Includes Total Gym Workout Tools and DVDs
Parts Warranty: 1 year
Auto-Lock Height Adjustment Knob
Tri-Grip Shaper Bars
Ab Crunch Accessory
Leg Pull Attachments
Squat Stand
Leg Pull Accessory
Flexible nylon strap handles

Not So Fast

As much as we like the Total Gym Supreme and as much time as we’ve spent praising the other products in the line, we do have some gripes.

The glide board on the Total Gym Supreme is not as long as on the other three models in the range. As a result, it cannot handle people who are taller than the average. If you are over six feet tall, you will struggle to use the Supreme.

The warranty of two years on the frame doesn’t compare very well to the other models in the range, with most of them offering lifetime frame warranty. We know that this is the budget model, but their confidence in the frame should have prompted the Total Gym people to at least provide a 10-year warranty on it.

We think that the parts warranty, at one year, is also too short. This should have been at least doubled to two years.

The Final Word

The Total Gym Supreme comes standard with a leg pull attachment, ab crunch pads, a squat stand, and tri-grip shaper bars. The bars are designed to extend your grip for greater comfort and to target more muscle groups during rowing exercises. The unit ships fully assembled, and you also get four workout DVDs including a beginner program and a DVD with 12 very short workouts for when you are pressed for time.

Rounding out its features, the Total Gym Supreme has flexible handles with a comfortable nylon strap, a 275 user weight limit, and height adjustment via a knob. The unit has a small footprint, at just over four feet long when folded. On the negative side, the Supreme is not suited for users taller than six feet.

You also only get a little over 60 exercises. We say “only” because the Total Gym XLS, the mid-model between the Supreme and the FIT, offers over 80 exercises. It’s a bit of a trade-off, fewer moves for less money, but the Supreme also offers squats with no additional equipment, and it comes at a cost savings over any other Total Gym product. We are confident recommending this product as a quick, effective, pain-free way to get in strength and heart rate training on a daily or almost daily basis.