The Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand

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The Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue SML-1 is a squat stand which is designed to be a combination of the best parts of Rogue’s lightweight series of racks and their more sturdy “Monster” line. The SML-1 incorporates the same heavy-duty gauge steel uprights featured in the Monster line and adds the quality hardware and Westside special hole spacing of the lightweight S-1 squat rack. This is a versatile rack which will fit perfectly in your home gym. It is also sturdy and durable enough to work in a professional weight-training facility. In this article, we will give you all the information you need of the SML-1 stand so you can make an informed buying decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It is very compact with a small footprint and not too tall

Includes heavy-duty J-cups to hold your bar and protective plastic covers

The 1,000-pound weight capacity


It does not include a pull-up bar.


The Rogue Fitness SML-1 squat stand is built at their headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. They are focused on building a quality team there with the entire company together in one big building and jobs which help to enhance the local economy. This company which started in the founder's garage now sells its products worldwide.

The SML-1 is a compact unit which is perfect for a user with limited space for equipment. The footprint is 49 inches by 48 inches, and the rack is 72 inches tall. It has 3x3 inch 11 gauge steel uprights with the Westside Hole Pattern.

It also comes with the Rogue Fitness Monster Lite J-Cups. They have UHMW inserts, which stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and is durable hard plastic. These will keep your Oly bar from getting dinged up from repeated racking. Unfortunately, they are the only accessory which comes with the SML-1 rack.


Rogue Fitness constructed the SML-1 using quality 11-gauge 3-inch steel uprights which are laser-cut and three tubes made of durable steel which gives it the optimal stability. The rack has diameter holes which are laser cut and bolt hardware which is SAE grade 5. The SAE grade assures great quality and durability. The black powder-coated finish is designed to protect the stand from nicks and scratches for years to come.

Every laser-cut and weld on each product manufactured at this company is individually inspected at every step during the process for the appearance and integrity of each product. After the powder coat process, they are inspected again for finish and quality. Then the whole stand gets one more check for quality assurance before the company ships it out. Once you receive it, Rogue guarantees it for life.

The SML-1 offers 11-gauge steel uprights that are black powder-coated and measure 3 inches by 3-inch. It also has a base that measures 2-inch by 3-inch, which makes them not only look sleek and tough but also makes them extremely durable. They set the bar high for squat racks. Rogue Fitness competitors try their very best to copy them. When it comes to Rogue, you will never question the integrity of the company or ever have to worry about having a rack that is unstable or of poor quality. Another positive that comes along with this rack is that it is easy to put together and the stands are built to withstand a lifetime of extreme workouts and abuse.


The SML-1 is the most compact member of the Monster Lite Squat Stands. It will fit easily into your home gym or garage gym, or into any tight corner of a large training facility. All of the Rogue Fitness models offer a 48-inch x 49-inch footprint which makes these squat stands the most compact stands available today. They fit quite perfectly into pretty much any home gym regardless of how big the area is or how small the area is. This model happens to be the shortest stand and most compact. It is perfect for those who have a small gym area, such as an office or spare bedroom. It stands only 6 feet tall and only weighs 122 pounds, so it's easier to maneuver.


When you own the Rogue Fitness SML-1 stand, you can customize your system with the addition of compatible tools and accessories. There is a wide range of choices. You want to add a weight bar, a bench, and weight plates to your order. You can customize your stand with a set of spotter's arms for your safety, wheels to help you move it around easily or a pair of mounting feet to stabilize it. A Single Bar Holder attachment would also make a great add-on for storage.

A great reason to go out and get a squat stand is so you can train properly and safely while you are alone. But in order to do that, you need a stand that comes equipped with spotter's arms for safety. The spotter arms used with the Monster Lite stands are called SAML-24 and are probably some of the best spotter arms you will find on the market. The only thing is, you have to buy them separately. They are a little spendy, almost half the cost of the racks themselves. This means some already expensive equipment will cost even a little more. You get what you pay for though. When you receive the squat rack you will understand what we mean. The workmanship is the ultimate quality, and it is guaranteed for life. This is unmatched by any other supplier you will find.

The SML-1 is set up with Westside hole spacing on the uprights. This means there is a 1 inch spacing in the area where your bench will be, which lets you put the spotter arms at the exact height you need for your benches. The rest of the holes on the uprights have a 2-inch spacing. This is actually a nice little touch by Rogue Fitness, and its value cannot be overstated. It is extremely annoying, not to mention dangerous when you cannot get the spotter arms at the right height for your benches.

In addition to the spotter's arms, there are a bunch of other accessories available you can purchase to make your SML squat stand even more effective. There are Dip Arms which give you the tool for doing dips, one of the best exercises using your body weight that there is. A Wheel Bracket Set will give you more portability so you can roll the stand out of the way when you are not using it. If you are not worried about portability, you could get the Floor Mounting Feet to bolt your stand to a floor or platform. It is handy to have a Single Bar Holder. If you have a couple of bars, one of them can sit on the J-Cups and the other one on this bar holder.

There are also short or long plate storage posts available. They come in pairs and give you a convenient place to store your steel plates or bumpers. When they are loaded up, your rack will be even more stable.


This squat stand is very versatile. You will be able to do squats, seated OHP, bench press, floor press, or rack pulls. There are many variations of these exercises you can do using this rack. The SML-1 allows for everything you would want or get in a larger power rack except it does not come with a pull-up bar. If your ceiling is tall enough and you want to use a pull-up bar in your workout, go with the SML-2 or SML-3.


We have said it a million times before, and we will say it again. When it comes to fitness equipment, you get what you pay for. Yes, the Rogue Fitness products are expensive, but if you have the budget to afford these products, you are going to get something absolutely top of the line.

What is SML

The SML stands for Stand Monster Lite. They are the perfect mixture of value and sturdiness. They are a combination of the squat stand in the S-Series and the squat stands, called Monster, in the SM series. The S-Series are lightweight stands and while the Monsters are beefy and heavier-duty squat stands. This makes these stands much lighter. They are affordable enough that you can get one for your home gym. They are also good and solid, enough to stand up to the abuse of a full-scale gym.

Squat Stand Or Power Rack

Why would someone buy a squat stand instead of a power rack? There are two typical reasons. The first one is your budget. Yes, a squat stand will cost you less money than a power rack. However, if you are planning to get a squat stand that includes pull-up bars and safeties, the price difference is not going to be all that great.

The other reason someone might choose to look for a squat stand over a power rack is that they do not feel they will have enough space for a full rack. Actually, the fact is that a squat stand can take up more space than you might think, or you could say that a power rack can take up less space.

There are lots of reasons to prefer a squat stand over a power rack for some reason or another, but you do not want to automatically assume you have to settle for one just because you are working with limited space. There are definitely some smaller power racks and half racks you can check out before you commit to a squat stand.

The Final Word

The Rogue SML-1 rack is a great combination rack for users who do not have room to accommodate a full-on rack but still want the full intense workout that comes with the label. You can customize it with what you need so it has the perfect potential to be the highlight of your home entire gym. The only downfall is that it does not come with a pull-up bar.

This rack is the perfect basic equipment to start building your gym. Rogue Fitness is a well-known quality brand and is durable enough to last. It is a rack you will be able to get accessories for and add on to later. So if this sounds like the equipment you have in mind, the SML-1 will be a great choice for your home gym.