Fat Gripz Review: Why & When to Use Them

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Fat Gripz Review: Why & When to Use Them Review Facts

The Fat Gripz product handles are a way to instantly turn any dumbbells, barbells or pull up bars into a thick bar. When you add Fat Gripz to the handle, the width that you are gripping is increased by about two inches. Fat Gripz introduced the first products of this type to the commercial market that allow people to imitate thick bar training. Now there are a number of companies that offer similar products. In this article, we will tell you a lot more about Fat Gripz, the benefits of a thicker grip, and how to use this quality yet a simple product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

They are made of an almost indestructible military-grade compound

It fits all dumbbells and barbells bars so you can use it with the equipment you already have

Has beveled ends which will fit even angled E-Z bars


They have to be broken in when you first get them. They start out hard to open but do improve.


If you are ready to develop your arm muscles into something well-defined to stand out and be noticed, the Fat Gripz will help you turn your barbell or dumbbell into a tool that will help you get there faster. The patented design has won two of the biggest awards for fitness equipment. They fit any dumbbells or barbells and come in 2 inch and 3-inch versions. The ends are beveled so they even fit the angled E-Z bars. You may think the price is a little cheap for something so basic, but wait until you try them. Remember, they are definitely cheaper than a thick bar.

How To Use

If you add Fat Gripz to your workout it is going to make any exercise you do that much harder. It will make your grip, wrist, and forearms work a lot more. As an example, if you use the Fat Gripz when doing pull-ups and could previously knock out 20 reps without them, you will be lucky to get to 10 reps with them. And after your set, your forearms will be ultra pumped.

If you are using a barbell, dumbbell or weight machine with the Fat Gripz, you will have to lower the weight when you start out. It will feel as if you are holding a log when compared to a regular barbell or dumbbell. Most people find that, when working with dumbbells, they need to lower the weight by about 20% than what you were using prior to introducing the Fat Gripz. For the larger barbell compound movements, such as the bent-over row, shrugs, and deadlift, start off by decreasing the weight by 40%. Of course, this will vary from person to person and will be determined by hand size, strength, and previous grip work.

Since you can get such great effects from the Fat Gripz you may want to use them in every workout. That is definitely NOT a good idea as it will lead to severe overtraining of the forearms. You will not be able to hold a pen outside of the gym if you use these things every time you train!

When you start out, you should just use Fat Gripz when you are training your arms. Then, after a couple of months, add them in when doing Pull-Ups or Chin Ups. That will be enough to get great results in terms of increased grip and forearm strength to translate into all of your non-Fat Gripz exercises.


Fat Gripz is the original product designed to thicken your bar and improve the strength of your grip. They are an affordable way to immediately give any exercise a greater grip and forearm focus. This tool is constructed of an almost indestructible military-grade compound. Although there are a number of competitors that have come onto the market, you cannot go wrong with the original, which is available in a standard and an Extreme version. The money you spend on Fat Gripz will definitely be one of the best home gym investments you make.


Fat Gripz is a small tool which can make a huge difference in your workout. Putting these on your bar activates more muscle fibers, so your muscles grow with each rep. Lifting weights with fat bars, or using Fat Gripz, completely changes the effect your training has on the muscles in your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and upper arms.

The more your muscles are activated during your lift, the better the results. You will improve your muscle strength and size. The thicker bars are made to stimulate and activate your arm muscles much better than lifting with just regular bars.

The problem with the thick bars is that most gyms do not have them. If you are considering buying a set for your home gym, you will be stunned to see just how expensive these bars are. However, instead of paying a small fortune to purchase thick bars to enhance your workout, you can buy Fat Gripz, a tool that brings the same effect for a small fraction of the cost.

Fat Gripz will also help with joint pains and problems from weight lifting. They do this by taking the pressure and stress off your joints and putting it on your muscles by increasing the surface area of your targeted muscle.
They also help by imitating the way your hands naturally work when they are lifting heavy or awkward objects. The thicker grip trains your hands, forearms and even your fingers at all angles. During bench pressing, the thickness trains your hands and your forearms in a completely different way than if you were doing chin-ups.

Easy To Use

Fat Gripz is very easy to use. They have a slit the full length of the grip which you can pull open and then slip it around any dumbbell, barbell, or any bar on your equipment. Using it will help spread the weight evenly across your muscles which will actually help ease the pressure on your joints. The wider grip takes the stress off your elbows, wrists or shoulders. They also come with a video guide to building muscle so you have everything you need.


Fat Gripz work because they are durable and thick. It is not uncommon for your forearms to feel extremely sore after the first use, so don't be alarmed. Before you know it, you will notice a major difference when it comes to your overall grip and in your forearms. Get ready to get to hear many compliments. While using the Fat Gripz, you will be able to pay more attention to getting a slow burn with negative movement. This is a great accessory for adding a little extra attention to your arm routines.

It is very effective. After using the Fat Griptz for a while you will notice a difference. You will be able to do things like catching a football better and you will especially notice your forearm muscles getting bigger. Your bench press and deadlift will show signs of improvement since you will be able to grip the bar with more power and strength. Even if you use less weight than you normally would while you are curling, when you add the Fat Gripz to your dumbbell or barbell, it will be worth having to do less weight but the same. More and more you see them in gyms and weight rooms because athletes and trainers are also seeing the effectiveness of using them.


At first glance, you may get the impression that the price point is a little high, but after seeing the usefulness and the results you get with using them your opinion will change. They will become an invaluable part of your gym equipment. Think about the amount of money you spend on supplements to help you build muscle. Compared to that, the Fat Gripz are a great steal. Supplements run out so you have to keep worrying about buying more, but theses grips are durable and will last indefinitely while being an effective way to get definition in your arm muscles.


Fat Gripz can be used by any athlete serious about developing their arm muscles. It has been used by a wide variety of professionals for the same purpose. Many NFL players and champion bodybuilders use them, as well as UFC fighters. Athletic trainers use them and they are even used by Special Forces soldiers. They are an ultimate enhancement to any work from lifting to farmers walks.

A Few Fat Gripz Tips

Be careful to limit your heavy upper-body pulling exercises. Compound exercises are important in a good program because you can build your strength in more than one joint, but it can be too stressful on your joints. The grips can push you over that limit if you let them. Keep the intensity on the upper body exercises low when using the thick bars. Just listen to your body.

Focus on high reps or finishers. The forearms respond well to this. The time under tension gives forearms and upper arms a full look. Limit the weight on fat-grip exercises and focus on higher reps and longer time under tension. This is a much safer approach.

Use Fat Gripz to balance your grip approach. Some lifters think the grips are all you need to build maximum arm size and strength, but the smarter choice is to have an overall approach including several elements. Grip training is important with exercises like rack holds or farmer’s walks. They will build maximum strength and make other grip related tasks easier. Open hand training is also good, the exercises in which your hands are not completely closed around an object. These help to build finger strength. There are also a range of motion exercises like wrist curls and reverse curls. Most of them require the lifter to just hold an item while the wrist is stable, but taking your wrist through the range of motion is important to maintain muscle growth.

The Final Word

Fat Gripz is a basic, simple product which will provide you with a multitude of benefits. You can build your upper body muscles by just adding them to your current barbells and dumbbells. You can build your finger strength, your wrist strength, and you can build those hard sculpted, impressive arms you are always desired.